Let’s Talk – EverQuest Next – 4 Reasons to Get Pumped!

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EverQuest Next is a complete reimagining of the EverQuest universe — from lore to the very technical bones of gameplay. Featuring a sandbox world where player stories evolve uniquely, an enemy AI that reacts in new emergent ways, and completely destructible environments that let players choose where to explore. In addition, over 40 distinct professions (classes) will be available at launch, with a non-linear progression system and the ability to mix and match class abilities.


Multi-Classing – EQN will offer players the ability to explore and interact with the world according to their individual style of play. There are no levels in EQN, but there will be more than 40 distinct classes (or professions) at launch, with multi-tiered abilities and specialized weapon skills to collect and master. Players will even mix and match abilities from each class, creating truly custom characters that feel distinct and powerful.

Destructible Environments – No modern MMO has successfully implemented destructible environments that stretch across an entire seamless game world — this changes forever with EQN. Every piece of the world is fully destructible and players will have the ability to manipulate almost all of it. They will interact with and explore the world in amazing ways; venturing down into the deep bedrock beneath the surface and using powerful combat abilities to blow gaping holes into the ground. The EQN world will extend far into the heavens and deep into the procedurally-generated earth through 10,000 years of known lore and history.

Permanent Change – Players will also have the ability to cause the world to change around them, permanently, in dramatic ways. Through the concerted effort of the world’s inhabitants, including players, creatures, and non-player characters (NPCs), city walls will be built and destroyed, large-scale wars will be fought and won, and epic stories will unfold over months and years.

Emergent AI – In EQN, NPCs will have specific motivations and preferences that direct behavior in nuanced and unpredictable ways. Players will find themselves in a world where NPC decisions are based on core values, not dictated by static spawn points. For example, Orcs may attack opportunistically because they want an adventurer’s gold, not simply because a careless hero wanders into an attack radius.

A Life of Consequence – Finally, each character in EQN will have a unique story; they will not follow a predetermined path. Instead, they will seek out adventure, fame and fortune in a constantly changing sandbox world. The game will remember every choice and action that players make and will organically deliver increasing opportunities to do more of the things players like to do … from crafting armor and exploring the wilderness to purging goblins from the forests.

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Jesse Welch says:

“Holy Grail #1: Multiclassing”. A “holy grail” my ass, FFXI and FFXIV
have been doing multiclassing for a VERY long time now.

TheSuperNESman says:

I’d honestly rather it be subscription based, It puts everyone on the same
level so to speak.

For example they might try and sell people better gear and this makes it
unfair for people who want to just earn it in the game. The people who
spend the money get the advantage immediately while the players who don’t
want to pay are stuck grinding for whatever gold/items they need to acquire
the same item.

I do not like F2P games because they aren’t “F2P” at all. You end up
spending more money in these monetized games than you do with a
subscription half the time. 


should be on ps 4

Svensson Doitzel Kaiser says:

Game looks groundbreaking and full of vision. That being said, this better
not fucking be PAY TO WIN!!!! I swear to god I will never play a video game
again if it is.

Shadownian says:

About time somebody with a brain talks bout EQN. Everybody talk about
destructible environments or multi-classing….but nobody seems to care
about this amazing AI.
Thats whats actually going to change how mmorpgs are played. Imagine
jumping into a game and not doing the same exact quest that you know
thousands of people have done before you. Imagine a game with NO set
quests. Quests that actually come up as they are needed. I always hated
that aspect of mmorpgs. Some stupid npc in a city saying the same thing
over and over,,,having the same problem over and over…having players kill
the same mobs over and over.
You have any idea how much this will change how we play games now??
I mean…just think how much replayability that adds. Playing a whole new
game basically every time you reroll.
That to me is by far the biggest thing about EQN, and yet…very few, if
anyone seems to pay any attention to it.

Kylu i says:

music does my fucking head in. got a headache from it. constant same beat
for 13 minutes with no way of turning it off? no thanks. try doing some
mood music to fit the games. ugh.

BrineCat says:

the art style for the characters reminds me of a cross between TF2 and WOW.

olliedoesgames says:

Sword Art Online Anyone?

Ricardo Aguiar says:

this or archeage ?

PanicGiraffe says:

You know, I was too young for the first game but this actually has me
really excited. I need a change of pace! SWTOR, GW2 and TERA all feel so
simmilar, sterile and down right stale.

David Clements says:

When’s this set for release?

Tristan Begin says:

This looks awesome but I’m really concerned by the fact that it’s
free-to-play. This seems like it has a pretty big budget so I’m a tad
worried they’re going to have to monetize it to the point where it spoils
the game in order to make up their losses.

goose glabberson says:

im hella excited

Raffboy919 says:

i dont know if im a fan that the world changes permanently over time. ive
recently picked up guild wars 2 again and the main city is in ruins, wich
is confusing as hell.

Bearcrusher K says:

For those interested Wednesday 8/26/14 in Landmark, they install for the
first time for testing Weapons, Armor, and PvP fighting. Initially, 3
weapons and armors will be available for the testing

blacksunaccounts says:

Is this f2p?

TheRaven19x says:

Class system sounds similar to FFXIV.

Summonization says:

I just hope they stay on the path of ideas like destroying environment,
like bridges, walls, actually using crowd control and things etc, instead
of just Wow combat where you mindlessly press 1,2,3,4,5. EQN looks amazing
otherwise <3.

Mhlonishwa Ngcamphalala says:

holy mother of God

Amy Williams says:

Everquest next will be FTP they announced on the forums and the
multiclassing is not new HOWEVER being able to combine skills from 40 other
classes is very very new ie not just one or two other classes you could say
pick skills from every class.

Jackson Lovett says:

in the defense of the devs, in one of the panels at SOELive that year, one
question was raised about the graphics, in which the devs even said, “At
launch, it won’t be as graphical as the reveal was, it was just to be
flashy and pretty,” pretty much. I’m sure they’re going to tone it back a
little bit for the actual game coming out. 

Ian Mansfield says:

I’m sure they aren’t going to just throw players into the game and say
govern yourselves, but I hope they have some sort of progression system to
help you move through the world, traditional quests (marked or unmarked
~preferably unmarked~) help structure your experience, and some sort of
over arching story to give a purpose behind progressing your character. Oh
course some dungeons, raids, jumping puzzles, and large scale events would
be optimal as well. Being that it’s everquest and they practically designed
the “traditional mmo” I’m sure they are going to incorporate many
traditional elements because in the end they aren’t trying to reinvent the
wheel but raise the standard and complexity of mmo design 

Michael Burrows says:

I one love the idea of high amounts of damage I mean seriously! You are
fighting a powerful monster! You’re going to have a lot going on and a lot
of destruction.

Akiri000 says:

Looks so fuuun~

Cole DeLavergne says:

World of Warcraft is a nice game. That being said. Understand people, all
of WoW was created off the success and blue print of Everquest. Now EQ
next will try to expand that blueprint , the only mistake I am seeing is
too much destruction effects, and they really need to add raiding and
progression, plus why can’t we tie landmark and EQ Next together? Why can’t
you build a city , or build a farm and orcs decide to come terrorize your
land. Why can’t we sort of separate the creative and pve and pvp worlds
but put them in the same game? that to me is really the holly grail. Find a
way to package that game, maybe give it some f2p content for basic pve but
don’t open raids to f2p , give them reason to buy in without the
obligation. Idk, maybe im crazy. 

Nick B says:

Can’t wait for EQN.

povis kupas says:


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