SOE Live 2014 – Everquest Next Combat and PvP

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Hikaro revisits the new announcments in Everquest Next and shows the footage of combat shown during SOE Live 2014.

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Music in intro and outro: Kevin MacLeod


Dakeyras83 says:

Is this showed on PS4 or PC?

SVisionary says:

While this sounds like a slightly more streamlined version of GW2 (we all
know how that turned out) I’m reserving judgement until I see more. It’s
not just the matter of tossing away with the holy trinity (the formula has
become a bit stale, I agree). It’s the F2P which always panders to the
insecure or the egos with money instead of just creating a level playing
field. It’s the building it off the backers of Landmark so they can make
the game they actually want. It’s the ridiculous amount of classes but
only so many combinations of said classes are actually going to be the best
at very specific roles leaving the rest wishing they chose differently.
Swapping gear on the fly sounds more like a hassle than fun. As I said…
I’m reserving judgement before I get too excited. 

William Jones says:

Cleric looks OP as hell… Gallows will rejoice. Wizard looks fun, more my
play style.

Scott Heagle says:

Congratulation’s you showed us what the highest Level toon’s fully geared
in battle look’s like. I played EQ 1 for over 10 year’s and HATED EQ2 and
pretty sure this game will suck as much as the rest of your game’s on
LVLing and getting gear and weapon’s.

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