Caves in Landmark | Everquest Next Gameplay

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Caves are new to Landmark (everquest next) and seeing one removed my claim I thought I would take a look and explore and show you guys what they have in store.

Caves are an excellent idea and addition to landmark and will throw up all kinds of gameplay ideas no doubt.

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ShocksWave says:

is this online?

fenbaihu says:

I am thinking to finally upgrade my Win7 x86 to x64 and try this game,
somehow this mountains reminds me of Skyrim.
What PC do you use?
I heard this game very hungry for resources.

The War Fist says:

This was a pretty cool video. I am looking forward to exploring the
expansive world of EQN.

Nochtjaeger says:

Any idea if you can have a claim inside a cave? I’d love to be able to
build inside one.

BuzWeaver says:

Its great to see that you took your claim demolition in stride. We all
watched as you put a lot of effort into recreating the delightful pub.
Enjoy your spelunking adventure.

Pitstop Head says:

Caves in Landmark | Everquest Next Gameplay

Pushbutton says:

Wth… this looks amazing! I’ve stumbled across this game while reading
about the engine (Voxelfarm Engine). This is true open world exploration
and I hope to see more of this. VR support would be lovely.

TheMerryPrangster says:

Wow amazing. I’m more and more excited about what Landmark is developing
into. Been waiting long enough. At least since Planes of Power hehe

Chris Langley says:

I have been exploring the caves, I tend to spend about an hour being lost
in them and mining. I have found several Chests with resources in them.
Have had some lighting issues. But all in all, they are fun to explore.

sepharic420 says:

You can hook yourself up to the ceiling and then mine things up there. you
can swing your pick while hanging as long as you don’t break what you are
hooked to.

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