EverQuest 2 Gameplay – First Look HD

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http://mmohut.com/free-trials/everquest-2 for EverQuest 2 reviews, videos, screenshots and more.

EverQuest 2 is by Sony and has a 14 day free trial with only minor restrictions.

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Daniel Itov says:

so is this game F2P or its free for just 2 weeks FFS if its for 2 weeks it
means its not F2P and this whole video is pointless waste of time

Ryan T says:

Retard this isn’t a first look. There are plenty of examples of it NOT
being a first look. 

katzuna says:

when I try playing everquest 2 it says Launchpad unable to connect when I
try opening the game

SerbanSpireify says:

Thumbs up if you are watching this in 2014!

Greenguy4221 says:

everybody needs too start playing everquest2 again! see you on oasis

Penguin Meister says:

i wish mmo’s this days would be as complex as everquest… so many races
and classes.. the whole Good/netural/Evil thing is really cool

Also some of the animations of this game looks better than wow’s tbh

Ben Thomson says:

wat the fuck is with you freak dudes playing with chick characters??
soooooooooo weird and disgusting your a guy why play the role of a chick
you sick twisted fucks

Armored Jacket says:

Just a question but i hear this will be Free-to-play.. It look good and all
but does that mean you will be locked from lots of content while you must
either pay your way to become the best geared and play in explicit content?
i just would rather pay my $60 for everything then be barrierd by money

Igor Lima says:

this game is shit! COD Ghost better!

wolfboyft says:

I’m developing one with 69 classes 😛

Meh, why am I saying this? Ehhh…

Yasin Mumin says:

and the new expansion cost money

shakespeare Gamer says:

But… Everquest II is free , right

MiniV2423 says:

Everquest is free to play no catch now on steam

Yasin Mumin says:

Ben you could be lying about your girlfriend, could be ur mom

IpostyFun says:

Animations.. meh

Seanos Wins says:

This game is no longer worth playing. I have 25 max level characters.
Although it does have many interesting quests, it does not follow very well
on its story lines. I’ve quit because while it does have many things to do,
it is the most time consuming game in existence. lol

buddha ireland says:

the mathematical implications of 3 within geometry
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no meaning to us, nothing from that is supposed to be in this world, theres
will ALWAYS be its equivalent in the world of naked eye details that is
more important to find. – sealm7!bonao

Rez 5o1st says:

Wait, so this game is super free forever you can play with friends online

buddha ireland says:

“yogis of everquest 2, what can you teach us about mathematics?” – limra
and freyalanche

“A Mystical root? the mathematical insights themselves,, seem to be whats
causing mystical/psychedelic experiences. Rather than a specific material,
it seems to be math insight (jnana) combined with proper meditation which
truly elevates one unto the heights of consciousness.” – an everquest 2

Runni666 says:

If you haven’t tried out Everquest II yet check it out.
It’s a free to play and pretty awesome.
Join through the link and get a free Welcome Kit

Assassino says:

racist game

Paul Miil says:

Check out my recent short on The MMO Gamer

DarkWolfGaming says:

Wait…so I only can play this game free for 14 days? What´s the point

BesomarSRB says:

1:20 is that nipple? :O

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