EverQuest – Classic 1999 Tutorial

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This is the original EverQuest tutorial from 1999. It was a separate .exe from the game. It was full of bugs and crashed all the time. As you can see here there is a game stopping crash towards the end of this video when you memorize the spell. I have tried playing that part on multiple PCs with it crashing at that same spot. It is impossible to get past that point.

This tutorial was barely functioning through early 2000s and was completely replaced in 2005.


Marc Goss says:

Aw, I miss Soandso! lol

FourTwenty says:

good old Everquest! i miss my Druid.. Snare, Root, Dot – Enemy dead! xD

john taylor says:

Man l use to love this game, l went from UO to EQ and to me what graphics
what a game, back then. l had so much fun playing with friends, spending
hours and hours. Dying was tuff back then too, you had to run without armor
to get your body. Lots of memories.

TomaloTube(MOVED) says:

When I first played, the skeleton sound scared the living shit out of me.
The first time I played the tutorial, I actually thought it was that dwarf
calling for help lol

JonWashburn says:

Think I still have this (solo version) somewhere.

Josh A says:

Holy shit, this is awesome. I was just thinking to myself before I started
the video, about how I used to play the tutorial when I couldn’t log on, or
when my mom was on the phone and I couldn’t sign on AOL (lol). this game
truly was amazing. 

Edouard Imbert says:

Thanks for uploading this. God I miss this game.

Joker67Tny says:

http://www.twitch.tv/dbv78 For some Everquest 1 live gameplay. These
streams are actually good, so atleast check some out. This guy seriously
needs some views. 12 years playing Everquest, High level Powerleveling!

50195876 says:

My first Everquest experience and it was amazing. I had never seen
something like this before. It was May 1999 and I was 11 years old and
full of hope for the future. Then I found CR runs and a gun has been in my
mouth every day since.

shawn ozbun says:

Having only played the Mac version, I’ve never seen this :P

Kacey Coughlin says:

Having only played the Mac version, I’ve never seen this :P

ThumbsUpBrah says:

At 1:58 the NPC looks directly at the person as he moves around..I dont
ever remember that, was it just a tutorial thing?

Misterdave5555 says:

flood of memories

Krozar TAL says:

They’re right. P99 is less buggy than Live. There are some issues such as
walking sharks and fish, shitty boats (worse than back in the day), etc.
But a lot of that is because core functions of the game were built with
DirectX features that no longer exist and thus have to be entirely rebuilt.
That changes how things look and feel.

fullicat says:

Shut up and download p1999! It is absolutely brilliant, close to 1000
players on many nights and I suspect the number increases further after
I’ve gone to bed due to my different time zone. Velious is being released
probably within the year, so there’s that to look forward to. Bug wise it
really isn’t that bad, merely occasional graphical glitches and heck how
accurate an emulation of the classic experience would it be if it didn’t
have any bugs atall?


i remember jumping down that pit when i was in like 2nd grade

Chrushev says:

Clearly you have never played on P99

fullicat says:

Agreed. It was a cruel world out there, so you had to survive it together
which ensured team work and created a real sense of community. Ask a
question and you can guarantee someone would help you out. This is why I
can’t play modern mmo’s like WoW, no doubt they’re brilliantly made, but
they just lack any real risk/reward system as they are aimed at people
looking for instant gratification, thus you can port to all corners of the
world in a heartbeat and death means nothing.

Chrushev says:

Dont remember for sure. But I believe yes it was tutorial only.

Kenneth Jones says:

It is not the same exp rate is way slower

7mean7bunny7 says:

I remember this so well from my young teen years, Id give anything if Sony
would release a classic only server that didn’t go past the first 3
expansions, hell I’d even be happy with Planes of Power. I want a live
server because it doesnt come with as many bugs as the emulated servers out
there, not to mention a much larger community now that the game is F2P.

NightBear01 says:

Oh – this tutorial was THE WORST! I played it in 2000 and most of the
information was already outdated then.

edt089 says:

i almost can’t believe how much time I put into this game when the graphics
still looked that way…I’m by no means a graphics whore but I actually
quit around the time the new graphics update and Scars of V. came out. Then
remember going back to Kunark years later when checking the game out again
and Lake of Ill Omen was completely 100% dead. They killed this game with
instanced dungeons and the like.

Tovahna says:

ah good times. I miss evercrack classic

FUKC GEWGLE AND YT. keptemailsfrommetill i joined youscumbags demanded that i join u says:

yea they fucked up the pvp server. no1 plays anymore. i tried to stay as
long as i could. i actually havnent played anything since lol. im jus
waiting for d3. id rather play nothing than go back. the blu server stil
has 200+ so if u want non pvp its decent

Jeremy Barnes says:

Yeah sadly I am late getting to it. I imagine Velious will be out soon
after I get in. I was really hoping for a pre-Kunark start myself but I was
too slow!

Chrushev says:

Actually there are less bugs on the emulated server (project1999) than
there are on the live server. Same with population. It is higher and the
game itself is like it was in classic days. Its actually quite amazing how
perfectly emulated it is.

Krozar TAL says:

Instances, dungeon finders, and death having little meaning (repair bill in
WoW) turned the MMO gamers into wusses. Servers were pretty tight-knit back
in the day with all sorts of ethics and societal rules. It was a true
online world.

Deathrydar says:

EQClassic will be out soon enough. They are using the ORIGINAL trilogy
client, while projects like project 1999 (no offense) used the titanium
client and worked backwards to “make it feel classic”. They did a pretty
good job, but they did never get it right. You have one more chance to play
Everquest the way it was meant to be played.

Susan Platter says:

I used to play it on my G5 iMac but then eventually found that I could no
longer log on. That was when I was directed to the new download page and by
then I had a secondhand Intel iMac. As with the Windows version, I’m taking
my time to level, not rushing at it, but badly need better armour for my
poor little 18 Bard.

FUKC GEWGLE AND YT. keptemailsfrommetill i joined youscumbags demanded that i join u says:

@Tovahna eq1 is back in action!! look up project 1999. theyve had a blu
server out for awhiel now, and jus recently madea pvp server! come join!!
everquest 1 is back and lifes never been better… til u die and lose exp

James M says:

This made me so nostalgic I threw up into a puddle of tears.

Variasam2 says:

Prumpy Irontoe! 😀

jackson0knollwood says:

check out project 1999

dmeagle1 says:

Oh man this brings back memories

drelk5546 says:

lol i missed the like button anywho i remember playing this is there a
place we can download this or what?

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