Everquest Classic Gameplay in Walls of Slaughter

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Everquest Classic Gameplay in Walls of Slaughter


HwarangXia says:

Don’t get why they improved textures for all the new stuff yet still same
old avatars… Anyway EQ *ah ,those where the golden days of mmos :/ and
the trinity took real team work…

Ryun Bingham says:

this is not original eq mann i play original all the time………..this is
better visual different window look…………….xd

Chad Myers says:

Want to play EverQuest 1 just like it used to be? Go to project 1999 (dot)
org, play for free and relive the good ‘ol days!

TommyDaGreat says:

Where is Walls of Slaughter? I am pretty sure that doesn’t exist in EQ2 yet
anyway 😛

GlassDeviant says:

There’s just something freaky about a cleric soloing, even light blues, and
especially two at once, including a named (mini-boss to some people).

Connador says:

@GlassDeviant Exactly my thoughts, back when I played this guy could one
shot me.

Rawda57 says:

Hi, what level are you? 😀 and just wondering if you are still playing? 😀

rovaira says:

Loooks pretty awesome. Any idea what year this area was made? I’ve been
playing Vanguard lately, but looks fun. I have SOD as my latest epansion,
but hvent tried it yet.

Reasonprogress says:

This makes me waana play

thesleeps says:

@MrCreams69 retarted? is that when you take the jam out of a confectionary
and put it back in again to fill it?

Holammer says:

Classic gameplay? I don’t recall soloing those back in the days. heck, adds
could result in a dash to zone. 😛

MrCreams69 says:

Jesus christ are half of use fuckin retarted, its so obv he meant the first
everquest as to not confuse it with the 2nd on, sooo shut the fuck up with
stupid’ this is not classic, classic was way back when i had no pubes on my
balls!’ Shut up!

TheDiulasing says:

How is this classic, omg….

jdestef says:

@stephano214 See above. I meant classic as in “original” everquest. Not
EQ2. 🙂

Sorynislol says:

@GlassDeviant It’s a paladin… The cleric class icon in the inventory
screen is a censor.

jdestef says:

@vycon88 I just meant classic as in NOT everquest2

griffonstink says:

@stephano214 herp derp

XTaronyuX says:

hey i was in that guild for a while 🙂

vycon88 says:

lol i mean if you consider this classic to me classic is 99-04

JranEQ says:

Ah, Verant. That name brings back so many memories… oh EverQuest, I would
travel back in time just to be young with you again.

Stephan Olsen says:

No offense, but classic is classic, this isn’t. Back in the Verant days of
EQ, that what most people consider classic. They were by far the best years
of Everquest.

MrNocturnalseve says:

why the FUCK are there dislikes!? I’m playing WoW right now but that doesnt
mean im a toolbag zombie sheep that wonders the earth wondering what
everyone else is playing so i can also play that. THIS game was/is a TRUE
mmo. I’m playing WoW because I just started…Yeah 8 years and its new to
me, its not bad a little too easy and grouping is a joke but ALL my friends
play it =/ . But I do however have an appointment with EQ. BTW they FINALLY
updated the armor lol. There are a ton of armor skins.

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