EverQuest Gameplay – First Look HD

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Quinstr Steel says:

this game is so terrible!!!!!!!!!

DrAlexandrius says:

What a fucking WoW clone, Ridiculous!

Xyagom says:

Ever-quest 1 is now ftp to level 85, Although having a subscription gives
you certain luxuries

joseph brien says:

It’s free now

Greta St says:

runescape online…..

Penny Wise says:

I don’t care which came out first, we all know EQ was first and that WoW
came after, but in all common sense you can’t compare the two, 5 years is
such a big gap in gaming that by the time WoW came out everything had
changed. You know what would happen if they were both released in 1999,
you’d end up with two games that are almost exactly the same. Since
Blizzard had that 5 years they were able to use much better technology that
include things like combat, animations, graphics, and questing. I read a
bunch of the comments and people are so uptight about this subject, I
honestly think that both games were incredibly amazing when they were
released and both of them continue to be amazing.

Flavi Flavian says:

This game was release in 1999,WoW in 2004. so… it cant be a copy of WoW

Cole Train says:

I am currently playing this game now! It’s awesome and need people to help
me out so get on!

Iury Ferreira says:

EverQuest is like, the father of the MMORPGs, or should I say, the Adam?
Though I didn’t knew about this game until I played the .//hack series. But
oh well, I was still learning to write/read when this game first released.

cameron rudd says:

and its hard because if someone kills a monster that u have to kill too it
takes 10 hours to respawn its stupid!!!

Shea Parker says:

People need to stop comparing this game to WoW this game was out 5 years
before WoW so shutup.

gaminginpublic says:

The yellow bar is your stamina bro… You don’t have mana 

Michael Novotny says:

so exciting killing rats

Losky says:

hs 20 expansions now only 1 u need to pay for

Chris Ortwerth says:


Josh Roseff says:

You need to revisit this game, its been almost 4 years since this video and
it has changed so much, you should really go back and try it again, it is
now a F2P an P2P at the same time, different levels of playing like Free,
Silver, and Gold.


WoW= Everquest clone.

MsEvilone01 says:

im really getting desperate anyone got any advice for me to which game i
should play just a suggestion i was hooked up on wow for years and now i
would like another game like fanatsy based stuff

saeed saeed says:

runescape is 1999 ._.?

Beebs379 says:

lol another wow clone with shitty graphics

Fastrin Delver says:

The game’s starting area sucks balls! But after I left, I ended up in
Crescent Reach, a city that sucks even worse! D:<

Arrow Tampy says:

Brad McQuaid is in development of a new MMO. If you like that challenge and
toughness. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. It’s a classic!

Travis Marschat says:

For anyone who thinks this a WoW clone, You are sorely mistaken this game
was released as the first 3D MMO is 1999. WoW was released in 2005, Not to
mention that some of the members on the WoW MMO team are from the original
MMO team for Everquest so instead of dissing this game, Why not thank it
cus if it wasnt for this we wouldnt have WoW or alot of other MMO’s. Even
if you don’t like this game you have to respect that it was a gateway to
alot of games for the PC.

DustRaider8 says:

Are you saying that DotA has worse community than LoL?

joe m says:

i have a lvl 84 ranger i all way help lower lvl some time i power lvl them
or give some item may not be good stuff but it ok

JustCallMeRock says:

i quit wow for cod and as bad as cod can be i like it better

mogwai250 says:

wow was in dev for 5 years

cena221122 says:

If you pay for one thing, whatever it may be on steam, you no longer have a
money cap

Awesomer Ryan says:

it is now free to play

Arch Knight says:

LOL, maybe he went suicidal because he died from something that happened
in-game? Maybe his account got hacked? Maybe he dropped all of his gold
that he spent months trying to save?

clickmeforinfoEQ says:

w w w project1999 o r g – Classic EQ Emulator Server! Free!

Silamoth says:

This game is free now.


Can someone tell me whether you can talk with anyone on the chat, or is it
like everquest 2 where your chat is limited by if you pay or not?

Arin Handsome says:

Want a REAL bad community? Go play Call of Duty. You will lose all faith in
the current generation within seconds of joining a server.

Talliesyn says:

u made my night

Malthael2797 says:

Reminds me of Ultima Online. But more like if they were to have made Ultima
Online 2.

michael faris says:

spoder man pls

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