EverQuest Gameplay HD

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Anyeli Martinez says:

i miss free realms soo much!!!

WinxClub FloraFan says:

freerealms isn’t gone after all

John Lang says:

Dear God, the hours I spent playing this game, the excuses I used the next
day as to why I was late. I think my longest stretch playing this was 17
hours. It was a great game, it took a lot of learning how to play it, and
internet outages or 2am corpse runs were the worst that could happen.
Simpler times in my life! :o)

Tyler Rulz says:

Fucking free that’s awesome

Tyler Rulz says:

And it’s FUCKING FREE that’s a big yesss for me I like RPGs games

Tyler Rulz says:

Reminds me of elder scrolls or skyrim any one who says this is game is dumb
has no idea what other people play

Arrow Tampy says:

I got some good news guys! Brad McQuaid has Kickstarted a new MMO. If you
missed the early days when it was tough and groups were needed to get by
then this is it! Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen. It’s going to be great!

SuperXero89 says:

I was only thirteen.

Adam Crawford says:

Ya damn right! why does everyone who prefers newer games seem like complete
jerks? Screw it… I’m playing my N64 some more…

JanaBillova says:

This game is free to download on Steam 🙂

mcaivars says:

Hey it’s like Warcraft!

Trun187 says:

downloading it now, man cant wait to check it out again.

chris leinweber says:

I liked your video

TheFlinzinShadow says:

lol I was 8 First game I ever played.

Dok_Undead - Игровой канал DOK'a says:

Без слез не взглянешь :’ (

Xiong Ly says:

🙁 you make me miss this game so much yet i can’t go back to old games ;)-
I wish there was another mmo that make us adventure and meet new people lol

TheFlinzinShadow says:

Well i will definitely hold up your opinion.

RejectedGalaxy says:

This game is nothing like my dad described it…Besides the graphics. Been
watching vids of gameplay of this game. Played it, instantly bored.

childofbhaal says:

I’d rather have a brain stuck in 1999 than no brain like you.

Adam Crawford says:

I found an original disc and box for this game at a book store. If I was to
buy it and install it, would I be able to play it as it’s originally

TopPatriot says:

I want to thank you for posting this video. I played EQ for many years and
was in the 1998 Beta with the game. My server was Tallon Zek PVP server and
I miss every one of my old friends from the game. MINIONS OF ZEK ! WARLORDS
OF ZEK ! PANDEMONIUM ! Love you guys hope to see you again someday.

Rockeyfeb8 says:

I was 6 just playin a monk

NpS Nova says:

Lol I played this when I was five and I played Druid

abcd12345 says:

was 16 and i didnt play this.

Kal El says:

It is Everquest has come a long way since first released in 1999.

TopPatriot says:

Once listening to you, I agree. MMO’s now days are not about achieving
anything hardcore. I remember going in and taking HOURS and even Month’s or
Years to get something finished in this game and feeling as if I did
something great. Now days it’s like Blah … Word on the street SOE is
making EVERQUEST NEXT. It will be just like EQ the REAL EQ hardcore aspect
that we real fan’s and MMO grand daddy’s want out of a game.

Kal El says:

Everquest is coming out with it’s 19th expansion pack Rain of Fear in

ursm0kd says:

Worst fucking game ever. Anyone who plays this has a brain stuck in 1999.

Hugh Jass says:

Just gonna say that if you’re wondering what deities do, it determines
whether or not you can wear certain gear as well as your alignment, if your
class or race hasn’t done so already.

Dave Tranter says:

best game ever. <-- complete opinion tho 🙂

SuperXero89 says:

I’m not sure where I got 16 from. Maybe I was looking at an older article.
Either way, 19 is certainly a more impressive number.

AlbertElijahSag101 says:

This or EQ2? I’ve had some experience with EQ2 but really wasn’t big on it.

leighrex says:

I really miss everquest, I used to play it with my family when I was
younger (8yrs), Magicians xoxo

Reasonprogress says:

It was scary when at the end of the video the speaker developed an accent
out of nowhere!

arthur sz says:

It´s Free ?

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