Everquest Gameplay

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TheZeruth says:

Thx for the views everyone 😀 If you guys wanna see anything else please
let me know and I will try to get content that you all wanna see

Frances Martin says:

Thanks for the video. Just decided to try this game and wanted a look. You
do it all nicely.

Gyva02 says:

Everquest Next is looking like such a disappointment I’m looking to jump
back into EQ. Why SOE wants to make EQN an action combat 8 button console
game for 9 year old kids is beyond me. The marketing team must have data
showing they’ll get more $$$$ in doing so…. Too bad they had to smear
this great game’s name in the process… I predict years from now a
Documentary will be made and the Devs will be interviewed saying they
didn’t want to do this and they themselves knew it was not right but the
powers that be made them do it… we’ll see…

DrBallSackula x says:

2.5 k views and 1 sub x3 ill sub

kurt heufel says:

You have a great speaking voice

cameron rudd says:


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