Everquest II Free to Play Gameplay | First Impressions HD

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EQ2 was released in 2004 and provides a polished and magnificent world to explore and is one of the more popular free MMO games being played. Its hybrid payment system means you can play for free or pay for two levels of perks in the silver and gold memberships. It has multiple expansions and updates regularly to keep you hooked for life!

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Row Boat says:

Is this the game that I should play? I don’t want to pay but have
everything available like in Firefall. (Although I hate that game) I’m a
real mmorpg fan and I don’t care how old this game is unless this game
doesn’t have a lot of content or something like that. Just somebody reduce
the game to pros and cons and I would be thankful. Thanks.

Mark Boyd says:

and why does his look diffrent from mine? the begenning armor and what not

Mark Boyd says:

no we dont :/ you lied about the classes and races

Troy Martin says:

What’s the level cap on the free to play EQ2? Only played P2P version back
in 2008 and wondering cuz getting a new comp soon and looking to get back
into EQ2 but don’t want to play to level 20 and done like WoW does.

SyntheticAstral says:

The reason freebloods cost money is because you don’t have the expansion
pack for them. 

Steven csgo says:

Could you emphasize the diferences between this and wow a little more? I
don’t think you quite hit overkill yet. Just a yard or two shy. The whole
idea of reviewing a game isn’t to contrast it with another (over rated)
game. Its to experience what it does offer from a fresh perspective, hell
mention no game while reviewing.

JadeDarkness8822 says:

You shouldn’t make a review if you don’t know too much about it…

Chase Lohmeyer says:

Could have been a great game if it didn’t run like shit on 90% of computers
for a decade.

Pandq|Ephiza|MCSG says:

I bet Divergent stole Erudite from this game.

TheHunterDemon says:

THANK YOU EverQuest. Sincerely, a World of Warcraft fanboy/maniac.
I love WoW and i will love it till i die. But this doesn’t mean i don’t
respect the game that all came from. Mr. Metzen himself payed his respects
on a Blizzcon on EQ, and so do I.

MrGencyExit64 says:

The SOGA models they brought over piss me off. It’s like the Luclin models
in EQ1, I avoid the butt ugly things like Ebola.

Azyral Stark says:

This is an old game, you fucking piece of shits! Guild Wars 2 is awesome,
but gets boring once you reach level 80. If it wasn’t for this game, there
wouldn’t be a Guild Wars MMO. 

TheAsylumchild says:

OMG classic stupid noob chat of “u mad?” and “at least one of your hands is
busy rofl” OMG!

Jacob C says:

anyone else looking at the chatter on bottom left?

Zebadiah Lindley says:

OMG! dude, you mentioned WoW more then 500 times.
how the hell are you a reviewer.

Gameshunter3012 says:

I don’t get it. Everquest has amazing graphics and WoW looks like shit in
that department. I don’t understand. WoW should have graphics like this and
perhaps better, yet it doesn’t… HUH!?

Samwell Tarly says:

“The World of Warcraft of its day”… Because WoW was the first MMO, right?
WoW is the Everquest of its day…

Runni666 says:

If you haven’t tried out Everquest II yet check it out.
It’s a free to play and pretty awesome.
Join through the link and get a free Welcome Kit

foollooksatthefinger says:

Please drink more water and make sure you re plenty hydrated so that when
you talk we don’t have to hear sticky saliva sounds. Also you could try to
move the microphone father from your mouth and turn up the receiving volume
to compensate. Thank you. 

Jamez Cameron says:

For all of you haters and fanboys sons of bitches, before judging the game
u gotta know that this game is OLD so dont compare this to games today

SimplifyGreatness says:

Check out my gaming channel 🙂 sorry if this offends anyone lol

Jamez Cameron says:

For all of you haters and fanboys sons of bitches, before judging the game
u gotta know that this game is OLD so dont compare this to games today

patatas says:

is there any chance u lowlife kiddos COULD TALK ABOUT SOMETHING RELEVANT OF
THIS VIDEO? seriously u have too much free time people. You should have 2
choices either stop all this youtube nonsense already or suicide cause u
are pathetic.. Go on now rage on me and fight..

Drew Stanton says:

This game is amazing, not guild wars, not WoW just eq2

Dylan R. says:

SOoo… Google Crome…. I can see comments..but cant turn up the

Gently in the East says:

all beings are liberated and enlightened forever, nothing exist – Yahweh
Buddha Shakti Yomo Nyame Nanishta Tunare

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