Everquest II Gameplay – First Look HD [Free to Play]

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http://mmohut.com/review/everquest-2 for EverQuest II reviews, videos, screenshots and more. EverQuest 2: Extended is a free to play 3D Fantasy MMORPG by Sony Online Entertainment.

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Ryan Presly says:

…i don’t know. I might play… :D

Sammy Wortman says:

I got.like.4 years in this game 3 lvl 90s and a lvl95. It got boring only
doing warfields

Rahul Nath says:

Omerr and Spunkify are assholes. they left the almighty MMOHuts for fucking
mmobomb. bitches

KWIZ says:

Best F2P game without a doubt.

Billy the skyrim guy says:

R.I.P Omair AkA remotay

Asia Evans says:

Oh SHIT its Omer!!!!!
I can’t remember the last time I heard his voice.

Nick Hyde says:

Not that this game is any good but why isn’t it on the ps3 (unless it is
and i haven’t seen it) maybe then it’d at least get more recognition 

Tim Bauer says:

how can i close the riff?

Centurion King says:

That guy in the background at 7:41 :D

TheVladatron says:

Im still playing Lord of the Rings Online, but i think from watching this
video that im gonna get Everquest II on my PC! Thanks MMOhuts!

tystat says:

The reduced the restrictions by alot. Good Job SOE

123grit says:

I used to play the original back when it was a browser based game and
fucked up my internet explorer, perfect gateway MMO

iOnRX9 says:

i guess i may make a half elf in eqn

King Brett says:

how do u know which direction 2 go for ur quests?

Ratko997 says:

i hear that theres no more class restrictions only for 2 classes is that

yolee aku says:

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Sandy Sand' says:

Everytime I hear “Hey guys, it’s Omear from mmohut.com..” I KNOW it is
going to be an awesome first look. :D

hawkwietlol says:

the only thing WoW owns is their storyline (something i truly truly

Leonhardt says:

LOL are you kidding me, everquest 2 blows, WoW is the best mmo, no one has
even heard of ever quest 2 rofl

Nathanael Gardner says:

if you hated wow, then why did u play it for 6 years?

Anton Lindebjörk Draggsy says:

wow no wonder wow owned this game back in the days, this game is fucking

m1n34 says:

you are wasting your own time by watching his vids, get lost if you don’t
like anything

harshserf2 says:

Cloak physics > my breastplate looking like its made of cloth.

MrGolanu21 says:

Lol YOu are an idiot !

Jacob Ancell says:

Found this dusty old version of EverQuest 2 in my cabinet, about to see if
it’s worth installing! lol

MakoRuu says:

No one can say MMOhut dot com like Omer Altay.

Anton Lindebjörk Draggsy says:


Grendel Wolf says:

Only thing I hated about EQ2 was that once you hit lvl 10,there are higher
levels camping the starting area ganking you over and over again preventing
you fro completing alot of quests. That is why there should be penalties
for ganking anyone 10 levels below you, like a debuff that makes you as
useful as a ten pound bag of shit for 5 minutes.

DemiDude35 says:

your a fucking goof kid grow some balls and go get a girl friend or
something. and dont even comment about my age im 17 and id kick your ass

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