EverQuest II PC Gameplay *HD* 1080P Max Settings

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EverQuest II PC Gameplay *HD* 1080P Max Settings

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Resolution: 1920×1080
Graphics: Max
FPS: 60

EverQuest® II is the epitome of massively multiplayer gaming – the ultimate blend of deep features, heritage, and community.
Explore an enormous online world where friends come together for adventure and community. Immerse yourself in the game’s exciting locales, mysterious lands, intense battles, exciting quests and amazing achievements. Featuring breathtaking graphics and a vast, beautiful and dangerous game world to explore, EverQuest II sets the standard for MMORPG online gaming. Now, you can experience EverQuest II Free to Play. Your Way!


● PC Specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K 3.50GHz Overclocked @ 4.5GHz
GPU: 2x MSI GeForce GTX 760 Twin Frozr OC 2GB Gaming Edition SLI
PSU: 750W OCZ ZS Series
Ram: 8 GB DDR3 1333 Mhz
HDD: 2x 2 TB Seagate Barracuda ST2000DM001 (64 MB/7200 RPM SATA III)
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

This video is exclusively for educational purposes and is all done in fair use.


CoolFootSnook says:

Omg…the memories…

Zyder LIVE says:

Looks like WoW on minimal

Mark Davenport Jr says:

Nice EQ2 looks great with that 780 should look awesome with my 760 tonight
ugh should have done the download this morning lol. 🙂 

buddha ireland says:

*Loving Kindness for Arcanum*

buddha ireland says:

*Loving Kindness for Quest for Glory*

buddha ireland says:

*Loving Kindness for Baldurs Gate 2*

Kirill Kotov says:

what FPS in a raid?)

buddha ireland says:

*FULL MOON* – cheat codes activated

mackuss says:

I wish I had gotten to experience this when it started but man this looks
boring as fuck now, haha.

buddha ireland says:

today a zen spell to have never had sex suffered or raved or have never
tripped before… was coming through my mouth like an open door, to the
noob nothing is poor, everything is holy forever more, some things are
folklore, i leave roleplay, on lifes dancefloor, i dance with heaven,
prayers at the core, meditation is a bore, why do we spell before? if you
only ask why you realize that it cant truly be, this is how its been in the
future now and all history, you only think you have but you have not.
mystical luck (i haven’t done it already, i just knew to cast it before i
did, all these poems have only been silence, all these spells have only
been erasers) i still havent had sex, fuck yes! I HEART THE UNIVERSE!!! *the
nondual nonconformist craft of peace* 420 til i die! 7777777

buddha ireland says:

the druids in africa (nonmasonic) they worship an antelope god, this god is
thought to be the predecessor of cernunnos, but among the tribes of africa,
usually s/he comes and reveals a secret name to each individual worshipper,
each is encouraged to honor the antelope god in their own way, not in
someone elses way, in this way, change is kept constant in the world and so
is improvement

buddha ireland says:

*loving kindness for drow elves, there are lots of good ones, the drow
elves use a lot of mushrooms, their culture is based on the sacred
trickster, and interplay of light and dark not as good and evil but as yin
and yang, male and female incomplete without other, drow elves and sun
elves usually live side by side accompanying eachother in dreams, as their
other half, in meditation the cultures are one, incorrect to say one is
good or bad, elves prize wisdom and expect folk to be able to sense for
themselves, but yes, the drow have many teachings and can be found
throughout norrath, usually they are peaceful, keeping nonviolent ways and
sowing acorns with the spirit of chaos by their side*

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