Everquest Landmark Gameplay #3 – Terraforming My Claim Getting Started

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Music by Blizzard and ErikSkiff.com


Neil Hamersly says:


Davecombine says:

Im kinda hoping the release comes with a singleplayer version. Maybe that
would relieve most of the stress whether people can get a decent claim or
not, whether people will be dicks and whether they can find rarer resources
before others. The thing with multiplayer anything is that there is almost
always a sense of competition between others, and singleplayer might seem
lonely but potentially more rewarding and less stressfull.

Iexael Arbirio says:

in this game all u do i build ?? or have pvp too , like minecraft , cuz is
a 3d version of minecraft

Xena Zon says:

I could definitely just sit and listen to your accent all day. The alpha
looks deadly boring but your voice is entertaining. lol. How will they fit
tons of people on a map? The universe will be infinite. 

MandaloreIV says:

i think that the claim high in the air was server generated to keep people
from making extremely tall buildings or something

Blaze Blue says:

are you afraid that the game being free to play will ruin it? i mean, the
potential of hackers ruining this game is absolutely disheartening…

Stefan McShane says:

are u from N.Ireland

Martijn Potman says:

FYI you cant mine next to the portal.

Marco2G says:

Do you get the materials from the stuff you erase with the deletion tool?

FelixTyrone says:

I want this game soooo bad

Tyler Rulz says:

@ marco yes

Eva Bloodnight says:

can you make caves?

Weverton Mauricio De Oliveira says:

i should buy the beta pack

Aphexon says:

It is early alpha, stop be so negative.. Im sure they have plans for make
it better.. Plus more servers are coming..

Riley Stewart says:

Is this the actual music from the game? It really is quite beautiful!

Tectize says:

Well the reason they took so much for the alpha in the first place might be
so they can actually host enough servers for this to not being an issue?

WolfySnackrib666 says:

You poor son of a bitch, you need selection tool.

Tris Sadowski says:

I wish this was on xbox one

gfrog1111 says:

It’s an alpha, you should plan on things being broken (such as the claiming
system) and know that this is a work in progress. To say something like “If
the game were to launch with the system like this it would be broken” is
pretty much common sense and obviously they won’t be launching the final
product with the same problems from the alpha.

The worlds are going to be a lot bigger than they are now, claims will be
able to be made deep underground and there are going to be many more
servers at launch.

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