EverQuest NEXT Combat and Gameplay (Early Stages)

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Here is some footage from todays REVEAL of EverQuest NEXT! Game looks amazing, combat looks good, this is EARLY EARLY STAGES!

Sign up for the Beta Here : https://www.everquestnext.com/beta-registration


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spyyder976 says:

it looks fucking stupid-it ranges from extremely easy to ridiculously hard,
and if you can destroy the environment, how the hell does it get built back
up or does it just regenerate itself? it is going to be MORONIC because
the whole fucking planet will be destroyed and there will be holes in the
ground EVERYWHERE!!!

Chris Williams says:

if you guys want to relive a classic everquest experience check out Project
1999. currently in the kunark expansion with velious in beta. 100% free to
play with no locked content. go to http://www.project1999.com reply here for more
info and i can answer any questions.

Linkjoy123 says:

If this is going the way of EverQuest Landmark, I can’t wait to see all the

Looan Dooers says:

Your commentary pasted over a trailer. This is NOT GAMEPLAY.

BlopPeRzz says:

If its going to be free to play than it will also probably be pay 2 win,
and that kinda sucks :/

Rahul Nath says:

would a nvidia gtx 660 be okay to run this? i also have a 2 terabyte hard

JeromeGid says:


Jonas Pascual says:

aaaaand fus ro dah HAHAHA

Grobee says:

That lion – man does not look badass, at all. Not even a little bit.

alexander duzon says:

Does it have the same combat system as the one Tera has?

MakoRuu says:

I fear that a fully/partially destructible environment would be a great
cause for griefing. 

Hunter Page says:

If they make this on both Xbox and Playstation, even though it’s a sony
game, they could out class ESO.

John Pearce says:

No leveling? If that’s what i heard than that seems kind of bad tbh. I
enjoyed leveling a character because it seemed like you earned the
character instead of just being at the same level as everyone else. I
played Everquest for 13 years and I have always loved the game and the
leveling was one of the best parts to the game.

Obeyance DeKat says:

Karrens are felines similar to house cats/bobcats. Why the shit did they
have to kill off the vah Shir which WERE the big cats like this, being
Tigers, lions, Linx, panthers ect… My most favored race in any video game
ever… and SOE killed them by blowing up the moon….

Kris VanWagner says:

Fap fap fap looks outstanding so far!

zafdragon says:

what the fuck’s up with that lion’s face? it looks like ‘baby’s first
zbrush sculpt’. the anatomy is fucking awful, even for a stylized game.
just because this game is painterly and soft, doesn’t mean you have to make
your character models look like they were carved out of silly putty.

I hope that isn’t the final model.

modellers? google a fucking lion. Please. It’ll do you some good, and it’ll
do me some good because I wouldn’t come away from this video feeling like I
just got play doh rubbed in my eye sockets.

Miguel Floriano says:

This game is probably going to very addictive like everquest 1 but
hopefully they make it to pay to play i hate pay to win….

BSGNZ says:

My video card had a coronary watching this. :-(

Joel Kalin says:

No lvl system and you can change classes? R.I.P Everquest :/

ramtin tim says:


xxxPOWERKIDxxx says:

I want them to have a non target based combat system, somthing that
requires actual skill and not just spamming 3 all day

Revulsion06 says:

Has the beta launched for this game yet? I know the building part did but
wanting to know if combat,classes etc are in yet

Rax says:

They are canceling free realms for this”?!

Taylor Simon says:

i hope they dont go overboard on the microtransactions

Josh Ramcharan says:

anyone know when this is coming out?

TheSuperNESman says:

I’d rather just have a subscription, F2P usually means in game purchases
with real money and the potential to give players who do pay unfair/earlier
advances than people who decide not to. At least with subs everybody is on
the same playing field.

Besides 15$ is really nothing if you even have a semblance of a good job.
Its also a more steady flow of income for the devs to put out new content.

Teetha Shaquan says:

Only to be held back by crappy hunt & fetch quests, poor presentation,
little-to-zero NPC interaction to drive the story, and all those generic
MMO elements.

AlexDaGamer says:

Only thing I personally dislike about this game is Characters art.

David Clements says:

Is it coming to steam or is it going up for download on its own website?

MewTreasure says:


Grom Hellscream says:


Swindle Swashbucker says:

F2p? Freaking sweet

agriperma says:

I do have a question regarding the “destructible world” aspect, most
players will be destroying a lot more than building, so wont the world be
completely destroyed in no time, for example the clip where the bridge is
blown up, if I was to go to that same place, the bridge will be gone, I
can see where the landscape will be flattened in no time, there must be
something that resets zones or areas to some degree.

medo sam says:

wonderful game, but it need more classes, i have a suggestion 

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