EverQuest Next Gameplay Footage & Discussion

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Taking a look at the gameplay footage from today’s reveal of EverQuest Next.

EverQuest Next Official Website:

Force Strategy Gaming:


Srg.I'mGoingToOwnYou says:

This game doesnt need like a “SUPA COMPUTA” to play right?

Darkycd5 says:

The fact that the world respawns just… lowered my expectations.

Ryanrulesok says:

I have tried the beta for eso and I can gladly say that im looking more
forward to this….

Jan Dolme says:


SingerinEX says:

Cant wait to hear nore news about this, and not just landnark

Crimson Claw says:

i know this stupid question but is EverQuest Next and EverQuest Next
landmark the same i am confused 

pyro parakeet says:

You just edited the original vid asshole

dknight xs says:


will walker says:

It’s coming to ps4 it’s been confirmed today

KingZthe2nd says:

I freaking love the art direction of this game! It tickles my insides maybe
a bit too much!

Haywire5714 says:

Graphics look much better than Wildstar; and the combat is much more
intense which I like. If the questing is as good or better than
Neverwinters; if the combat system is as good or better than Neverwinters
and the dungeons/raids have interesting, challenging and fun mechanics like
WoW and Wildstar, then this could be a really awesome game.

Don Brozz says:

Meh. Looks like WoW and Free Realms had a bastard child.


Gryphon Domailne says:

My only complaint so far is how floaty Charcters move while in the air. I
liked that in EQ, there was far more realistic movement in jumping, being
in the air, and so on. No super/double jumps and all that jazz.

In all actuality, and this sounds, and is both easy, and very difficult,
all they need do is achieve another EQ, like they (With Verant as main dev
team) achieved in the beginning… If they can achieve that, they’ll have a
monster on their hands, if not, they’ll be in for a whirlwind of grief. I
don’t think the MMORPG market will even come close to accepting a new EQ
that ends up being mediocre, or even on par with the rest of the games out
now. The market will state to remain skeptical, but it’s in my opinion
really just quietly expecting/hoping for the next EQ, to be an Epic

mystery2ful says:

is it free D:?

Nikolaj Kroken says:

Looks amazing and just bought founder pack.And is everyone so god damn
cheap that they cant afford 12 euro a month?

Rojoo D says:

0:08 the face when she sees my dick

Targeted Individual says:

The characters have a Walt Disney look to them.

Trill Dee says:

Cant wait for this !

hodgoo says:

Typical response for someone who knows they lost the discussion
Disappointed, expected more

Aegon Targaryen says:

I think both games look good. Why can’t we all just enjoy both?

jason wright says:

ya their graphics are crappy looking

chappy090 says:

Going to be guild wars 2.5, fun for about 3 weeks… 8 skills just makes
for repetitive bland combat

Manshack says:

Lost what? You resorted to calling me an arrogant douche so I responded in
kind, in fact I know you got trounced, not only was my response more
eloquently put, I also implied you were a homosexual in a rather subtle
way. If you wan’t to keep headbutting the wall in an attempt to beat my
superior intelligence please carry on, but you and I both know who is the
victor here. In case your monkey brain didn’t work it out yet, it isn’t
you. 🙂 /face

Dennis Kelley says:

How are you supposed to not know if you don’t like it if you don’t read it?

I'm not crazy I'm a MALINOOIS!!!! says:

Hello. I agree with you. WoW nowadays isn’t as fun as the old expansions.
Anyway, can you tell me good MMORPGs for a little dated rig? I’m looking
foward to play Everquest. Looks awesome, just hope my pc can run it 🙂

C2Tuts 2D Game Development says:

and yet people still play wow haha.

ZiGi says:

No. That was just what they were showing

GameFan753 says:

🙁 my pc wont be able to handle such a butiful and amaizing game

Dexyu says:

I think the brought pandas in to badly and lets face it wow had a grate run
but it had to die out a bit after awhile

BisonAffinity says:

WoW has to die first moron….

khalifah thompson says:

it can more than potentially be on the ps4 but not on the xbox one because
this game is from sony online entertainment

Dexyu says:

I think its time for WC4 ^^

Jay Gatsby says:

your a moron

MrBrooks444 says:

Something wrong with Asians?

C2Tuts 2D Game Development says:

I would wanna play this with a controller.

abkurus says:

2.5 millions disagree whit you. Game full of content, many people enjoy it.
You hand rule not you gear, living story is great and content patch 2 times
is 1 month. You always have things to do. And grinding is for kids whit no
life. But you can grind in GW2 too, try to make legendary weapon.

Aegon Targaryen says:

What a very single minded approach to games you have…

SirPixelKnight says:

It may be possible but I highly doubt it.

ArgentumEmperio says:

“Killed”? WoW’s still alive and kicking so I don’t get where the hell you
got this idea from… Sure, WoW at its peak had 13 million active
subscribers and now its “just” 8 millions. So what’s the big deal? Cata was
the first step out from the already known Warcraft-universe and MoP was a
great expansion in that form. All games have thier peaks – admittingly WoW
have had one of the largest if not the largest peaks – but all games have
’em but they don’t die after them…

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