Everquest Next Landmark, Building Gameplay, Episode 1

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Everquest Next Landmark, Building Gameplay 1
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EQ Landmark Gameplay: This video of Everquest Landmark gameplay covers building in the game using landmark building tools to create a mining cabin! This gameplay video is not really a landmark building tutorial but I cover use of the tools enough that it may be presented as a tutorial from time to time… if that makes sense 😉

This Everquest Next Landmark series will cover at least 3 to 4 episodes, or enough episodes to cover the building of a cabin for the purpose of acting as a tutorial of sorts for me. I’m basically wanting to learn how the building tools work and how building in general works in landmark. From there, I will gauge interest in continuing the series – your interest as well as my own.

I actually played Everquest back when it was brand new in the late 90’s. I had been playing Ultima Online and eagerly awaited the arrival of EQ. At the time, gaming magazines were THE place to get info on games like Everquest while it was in development, and I bought everything I could find. I wish I still had them!

Back in February, I played Everquest Next Landmark after buying into the alpha, and created a video for it. It didn’t run all that well for me on my aging computer, and there wasn’t much to do anyway, so I ended up only doing the one gameplay episode at the time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this EQ Landmark Gameplay series for as long as we run with it. Please leave me a comment if you would like to see an element of the game or a tutorial of some kind. Additionally, leave a like and/or a comment to let me know if you would like to see more of this series!


Joseph Cichon says:

when it has the dials where you can move it left right up down if you click
alt or tab or shift something it changes it to another option where you can
extend they made the options for moving and adapting the blocks easier.

Minecraftplayer1239 says:

Thank you for posting this! Hope to see more and have you tried that game
on steam it’s free it’s called face of mankind amazing game it’s really

That_Gaming_Guy says:

Yes yes! Keep uploading these videos they are really cool!

zakor52 says:

instead of using the corners to extend a selection you can grab a face to
“extrude” it, to grab the opposite face press ctrl when you grab it

Falcon Lover says:

Weem, How do u keep ur FPS high?
Mine keeps at around 20 fps but i freeze while playing

lorik kaba says:

i love it keep it going
Alos love your vids

ckhayne2 says:

Tip: Crafting ALL of the tools first, really helps with building. Speeds
things up and makes it much easier. 

Dawn Zlin says:

Thanks so much for covering Landmark, it’s one of my favorite early
access-type games! On updates coming in the next two months, they are
supposed to add damage/death and a few monsters (yay!). The game is fun and
certainly playable now, but I can’t wait to see where it’s at in a year or

RBLE RainingHavock says:

What did you use to record?

weemcast says:

Let’s build a cabin – It’s Everquest Landmark!

The Pumpking says:

I subscribe you!
Please play Growtopia!

Bob Sears says:

Keep it going! I’m seeing the light with your guidance:-) Thx

kangourouuu1 says:

First time you played it, I was “meh”. And when I saw your new series about
Planet Explorers (never watched the first one, to much episodes in^^), I
was more impressed by that.
But now, gotta admit the devs have really improved the game. Very

shabranigdo55 says:

Look Weem is Ming the Merciless!!!!!

Piquet2 says:

Hi Weem! Great video as always. I’m so glad you decided to give this game
another chance. I’m struggling a bit with the tools as well, but getting
better all the time. Looking forward to the next video. 🙂

Don’t know if you watched the SOE Live Landmark keynote or even some of the
panels, but there’s some pretty impressive stuff coming soon, starting with
combat, PvP and platforming elements (teleporters, flingers and moving
platforms) on August 27th.

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