Let’s Play Everquest II, part 54, 2014 gameplay

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Emperor Atrebe’s Labratory: The Fabled City of Kor-sha


TotalxShadowzz says:

What class you using 

Austin Carlson says:

I love. Ur armor

Way™ says:

Incoming has 1 x “m” xD

Alex Wheeler says:

dude what the hell is wrong with your eko

Slylok says:

Never understood why they went with such flashy melee attacks. Way to many
particles IMO.

buddha ireland says:

*trance free zone* – kundalini awakened area. thank you

buddha ireland says:

nonconformity in norrath

buddha ireland says:

we are a humble computer gamer nerd community… *loving kindness for all
beings* games like this help us awaken the inner hero and share it to the
world through stories with good morals and interesting plots settings and
characters! computer games are awesome! especially ones with good
storylines! blessings to the RPG world… Blessings of Tunare! good luck
guys, exit roleplay freely… but while in Norrath, do as the Norrathians
do, much is to be learned, much adventure to be had, and spoils to take
part in, and good to enact upon the realm and its forests… LOVE!!

buddha ireland says:

For Honor and Glory!

buddha ireland says:

Good morrow, my leige

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