25 Minutes of Final Fantasy Type-0 Gameplay – TGS 2014

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Get a taste of the gameplay you’ll be experiencing in this PS4 and Xbox One title.


Karin Amano says:

This beautiful Japanese masterpiece is what you call a *video game* people!
lol @xbots and their Titanfall; dudebro BS.

I absolutely can not wait to play this!!

Hermione Granger says:

I’ve come to accept that FF is a dead franchise. Square Enix, please stop
fuckin’ making new shitty FF games, it just makes me hate you more for
ruining a good franchise. 

Thi Henry says:

Graphic look like shit for xbox1/ps4 

dulphis rant says:

please tell me this isn’t the game play for that final fantasy XV game!? is

Mr. Popo says:

How many god damm final fantasy games are there. What the hell is the FINAL

baylaust says:

– Type-0 comes out, is best reviewed FF game in years, doesn’t come out in
– People bitch for years for it to come out in the west
– Type-0 finally gets an HD remake for PS4 and Xbone, coming out in west
– Everyone says it looks horrible

It’s never good enough for you guys, is it?

P4TTL says:

Combat reminds me of Ni No Kuni, looks quite good might buy it for the

Arturo Lopez says:

Hopefully this game plays better than it looks but regardless I’m getting

Hyan36 says:

FF Type-0, the FF we deserve; FFXV, the FF we need. This is looking real
awesome, to bad fans always find ways to be retarded and bitch about
pointless shit.



SoNGY8888 says:

off screen? what is this? 2007?

fzero65 says:

This might not be as bad as i thought, but not buying it at a 59.99 price
tag. People outside the US have it worse as far as video game prices go. I
know they reworked a lot of this game, but the price is still too hefty for
an old psp game, and i don’t think they’re adding any new bonus content
with this, so it’s still the standard psp game with better graphics and
localization. I don’t know all the details and i could be wrong on some of
it, but i might wait for XV instead, if it releases next year that is.

MasterAqua Keymaster says:

All that Square Enix is working on is FF type 0, FF15, and KH3. FF type0
releases in March with a demo of FF15 which probably means FF15 comes in
May or June…giving the entire Square Enix team the opportunity to work on
KH3. I dont think they will need more than 6 months at that point but I
don’t think they’ll make the september window which kind of stinks because
it couldve been exactly thirteen years after the original. However, I’m
not going to complain. Either way its released for its 13th aniversary.

ACPlayer619909 says:

Tons of jrpg goodness

Yu Narukami says:

This game needs to be on Vita.

Thespeedwaygamer says:


Bananin Face says:

JRPG………… Meh.

MiKE says:

this is a true question, guys, what is up with the final fantasy titles?,
whats with with the Type-0 and what not? does it mean something?

TreasureBoxReviews says:

The visuals are vastly improved, but the audio still sounds like it’s from
the handheld version.


How to ruin one of the best games ever sigh. Terrible backgrounds again and
linear gameplay, oh ff7 etc what have they done to you.

DBZfan380 says:

if only the developers knew what the word “final” ment:l

Tigerspaz says:

Does IGN not have a capture card? lol wth is this crap

Alex Serrano says:

Is this on ps4 only

Jacoby Sloan says:

how would you guys feel if I told you I have the other version to this game
on my iphone already

cosmo6871 says:

This… kind of reminds me of RWBY.

War624 says:

Do you people not know this an HD port of a PSP game? How much better do
you expect it to look. And honestly, I’ve been playing this on the PPSSPP
emulator with the english patch and it looks great.

Nick Baysingar says:

The camera (in-game) is fucking terrible. I hope they plan on improving it
before release.

Arjun Agawin says:

Godamn, as someone who has finished this game on the PSP, I get annoyed
when I see the guy not taking the enemies’ Phantomas XD

Btw, HD panty shots! 

carlos c says:

I wish square would release the International version of final fantasy 12
in north america, with all that extra goodness that only the japanese got.
Even if it was just as a DLC.

This game looks pretty good so far, I know nothing about it though.

mario jenkins says:

it sounds garbage in english

Kyandre Jackson says:

They brought back FF 12’s Combat System… YESSSS

Xhere Rongestzu says:

Screw you SE for screwing vita owners!! Screw you!!! R.I.P. F.F

MrSammersELsoho says:

The animations are terrible the space is too large for how many enemies on

TheEverlastingMortal says:

wow people actually believe this is final fantasy XV or 15 game play? lol

Drew Collins says:

What is this on, PS2? Looks terrible. 

Sayakito Chi says:

The camera is pretty bad I don’t know why they didn’t give more depth for
the player to see the world around him, it seems that they didn’t bother
changing the game too much from the psp version in terms of gamplay just
better graphics which is meaningless to most JRPG fans….

Regie Ferrer says:

are you actually hitting something?
coz it looks like your teammates are the one doing most of the killing

Bishop45acp says:

I can only play these games with jap. voice over, english ones are

Carter Jackson says:

Haven’t played any of the Final Fantasy’s yet but this looks amazing!

Kio Genesis says:

They didn’t even localize the original in English. It shouldn’t even be
called a remake since this is the first version we’re getting. Also, I’ve
played this game and it requires a lot of the grinding that the FF series
has trademarked.

mateusz dudzinski says:

I have it on my pso and this game is a mess

JakRizen2 says:

Not gonna lie, I’m getting bored watching this. I never played the PSP
version of this game, and in fact only heard about it recently, so I got
two questions for fans of this game. One: Does this game sell on the PS4 at
full price? Two: This game looks fairly linear, is there any kind of free
roaming or exploration in the game? 

vernon col says:

Add A fucking jump damn this ain’t ff mmo

aizenps3 says:

This is what you call remastered in HD…. not that Gow’s remaster or Mgs

Renkai Noctis says:

-alrdy played it, its amazing. ofc : obvs troll is obvs

elvis marinho says:

final fantasy XV and type-0 is the same?

Knight says:

So what I’ve gathered from this is that Final Fantasy has turned into a
corridor infested hack and slash that severely restricts the amount of
magic you use and pairs you off with incompetent AI teammates that stand
around thumbing their butts more than actually helping. Thank you, IGN, for
posting this video. Now I know not to get this game. I hope to god that
FFXV doesn’t fall symptom to this…but unfortunately, hints of these
issues can already be seen in gameplay footage, even with all the flash and
flare they put into the combat system in an attempt to wow and dazzle the

Darth Gabriel says:

I hope this doesn’t have anything to do with FF15

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