Final Fantasy 15 – Offiical Tech Demo #1 and Gameplay [EN]

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Final Fantasy 15 – Offiical Tech Demo #1 and Gameplay [EN]
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Watch this new tech demo gameplay of Final Fantasy XV from Paris.


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Fernando Fernandez says:

Somebody knows what is the name of the song ?

dzulsffril says:

Where’s the frog ? :(

MrXxsesshomaruxX says:

I thought that was sasuke uchiha for a second there, anyways this game
will look amazing, I hope it has great gameplay as well, I think I was a
little kid the last time I played a FF game, I can’t remember which one it
was but its been a long time, I will be buying this one.
Its open world?

EggRolls4Me says:

wow, pretty damn amazing! wish the video quality was better though :/

tony mark says:

Ps4 look more real then Xbox one 

Eric Matinez says:

Leave it to square Enix to make it look perrty 

Scrach Edwards says:

When it comeing out plz can someone tell me

Michael Cobbs says:


Game, Mangas et je ne sais quoi says:

look amazing . I like a lot the “water geometry” (the rain making water on
the ground).

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