Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Combat Battle System Gameplay (PS4)

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Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Combat Battle System Gameplay (PS4)

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GamesHQMedia says:

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Kyreem Powers says:

This gameplay plays itself. it is not traditional enough. I want Turn based
RPG. The gameplay sucks! I can’t wait for kingdom hearts though. That has
great gameplay! Why can’t FF XV have great gameplay. I will continue to
disregard it plays just like Kingdom Hearts. I hate that the game plays on
auto pilot. Bring on Turn based. That game definitely doesn’t play on auto
pilot. It is not like I click a button and it does the actions for me.
There can never be a place for both Turn based and Action rpg games. How
dare Square Enix ruin Final Fantasy. It is not like they created an
ENITRELY NEW franchise That plays like the original Final Fantasy games. In
fact it is a Final Fantasy game under a different name…. Let me whine
whine whine……Oh and let me disregard this is the beginning of the game
and judge the entire gameplay experience when your character has very
limited abilities. WAh wah wah…. Prepares for “You’re a fanboy” comments.
I just like that this is essentially an even darker and more mature version
of Kingdom Hearts but….

Aidan Dussault says:

This looks to hack and slash i like ff 1-7

KelzMassacreMusical says:


That’s the final fantasy I know and love. Do the fans really want this
gameplay and just one playable character?

Frigid319 says:

The sword animations are too big and distracting. Not the actual sword, but
all the “mist” swords flying around and doing damage. Same as when the
shield? came up. Too big. Took up 90 percent of the screen and it was hard
to see through. 

ilham permana says:

just tell us the release already !

Fistribution says:

wtf is this shit, this isent FF….

xin0 says:


looks too easy man:/

i know they are catering this to casuals as well, but must the gameplay
combat really be this easy? just one button presses:/

Thiago Consolaro says:

This looks interesting, but FF 12 is my favorite so far because it had the
best Combat Battle System.

medo SAMA says:

Combat system is looks like action

It’s still good and gamers will like it but FF real gamers will like the
action-based system.

Still this game looks good and the character is awesome…BUT!!! I still
(as FF gamer) like FF15 and all its games. Specially lightning ♥♥.
Also lightning returns was the best game in the series!!!.

Rhey Marc Albalos says:

This is the reason why Japan is very important in the gaming industry. They
make the best games!

Link The Love says:

It’s funny how some fans think that this game is too casual. Look at all
the ff game before it, especially the ones that are turn based. You select
one of the options like attack or magic, and it automatically does it. Easy
as shit. Now imagine real time movement, but the execution is like real
time action based, as in you press attack and you auto attack. It’s the
best of both worlds. Not an action rpg, or a turn/active based rpg, but in
the middle.

Mitch Orry says:

No character switching has to be the lamest thing about this game so far. I
hope they know what they’re doing.

Preston Ray says:

Looks like it can get very repetitive

WarriorsOrochiRules says:

Are they trying to bite off the tales games with hack and slash from like
dynasty warriors?

Altide Lodav says:

We want summons doing big explosions, this is to Devil may cry.

CamsEyeView says:

I like the combat so far. I am a little disappointed that the behemoth
doesn’t seem like it can move between areas very well. I say this because
when the player teleported to a lower level to kill a soldier, the behemoth
just walked against the rim like there was an invisible wall

Rifaldi Swandi says:


dsfGuest says:

so… Devil May Cry then.

iamjoehill says:

My thoughts on how this game will control..

Right Analog Stick = Movement

Left Analog Stick = Camera Movement

X = Guard (Counterattack with Square if guard is successful)

X+Analog Stick = Dodge Roll ( Upgradeable to Warp move)

X (Hold) = Auto Evade (Consumes MP)

O = Jump

Square = Attack (Hold for Charged attack)

Triangle = Assignable Magic or Summon

R1 = Lock on (off) to enemy

R2 (Hold) = Warp reticle

R2 (released) = Teleport

R3 = Center Camera Position

L1 = Cycle through locked on enemies

L2 = Alternate Controls for Face buttons ( X = Phoenix Down, O = Cure,
Square = Fire, etc;)

L3 (Press down left stick) = assignable

Then there’s the Dpad which could be used for special attacks or switching
AI move set (for AI party members, customizable in menu) weapons etc..

…and on PS4 there’s the touchpad that could be utilized somehow.

allotheabove123 says:

Those dashes look so gooooooooooooood

jakocr7 says:

waaaaajajajaja xenoblade x —————– ffxv

LightShooters says:

This is definitely gameplay of a high level Noctis. The gameplay is faster
than the one at E3 2013.

Pl33z_pr3ss_st4rt says:

Ok good. It looks really fast paced like KH except now you can warp
everywhere. I was really afraid the game changed a lot from before

cHickzc says:

I’m digging this combat system. KH-like, heck yes.

Jimmy Ramos says:

Combat looks better than what they showed last time. I just hope they
maintain the VERSUS XIII idea of badassery (I still want to make soldier
jam like in the very first trailer). 

Shadow Reaper X says:

is this going to be on psvita

BeatsByFern says:

YESSSSS!! 🙂 no more turn based game play! thank you Square Enix. Love the
new hack and slash feel of this combat system. 

Ty Guy says:

They should have retired the final fantasy franchise after 12. Square-Enix
is just riding on the franchise’s name hoping to make a profit off of the
name. None of the new game feels like a Final Fantasy game anymore. If SE
wants to deviate frome the core of the franchise, which is the turn base
system, they should have just try starting a new franchise. And I will
argue that the turn base system was the core of the franchise. It has been
with franchise for over 11 games. To those that are saying that the system
back then couldn’t handle hack and slash type game have never played secret
of mana, Illusion of Gaia or even Legend of Zelda. Those were the hack and
slash games back in the days. If square wanted final fantasy to be hack and
slash, they would have done it a long time ago. This just looks like a
devil may cry game with final fantasy elements with the final fantasy 15
name slapped on it. Not a true Final Fantasy game by a long shot. 

gunjydna93 says:

damn noctis is too cool. 

Nidav3 says:

Looks pretty good so far. Just hope I don’t get disappointed with it like
XIII did.

Ozan Koşar says:

I love Final Fantasy games but I really dont want to see dancing swords
around me all the time. And jumping from target to target is too
irritating. I mean too much senseless action, just gonna mess with my eyes

Frost Team says:

This looks better than Final Fantasy XIII

Reagen Lionel says:

It looks good. But the over all battle looked boring. The enemies didnt
seem threatening at all. The soldiers were just cannon fodder. And the
behemoth just hopped around roaring. The ability to teleport and have all
those swords slamming into enemies and work as a shield was cool. But he
over flashiness kind of demeaned itself when no one else was really doing
anything in the battle. The rest of the party didnt even seem to be doing
anything. Though out all his teleporting around, didnt see anyone else in
his party doing anything.

If they going to make this game as free forming as it is. I expect the
enemies to be able to keep up alot more.

BlauwFire says:

Fuck I liked the menu weapon change instead of automatic! this actually
sucks a little. what I hated the most about ff13 is that there weren’t a
variety of weapons, it was literally the same weapon for each character. I
want more weapons not only 5 or 4! but something like ff12!

Taha Abacı says:

Oyun çok iyi.Ama oynayamıyorum çünkü ben de PS4 yok.Oynayanlar benim içinde

legoyunusJazz says:


Minato hyuga says:

Ever since ff7 advent children, I’ve wanted a final fantasy game where I
can have direct control of my characters in battle and pull out some
awesome stuff. That’s why I’m so hyped about FF15. I know there are fans
that want the battle system to be turn base, but I truly think that, the
only way to fulfil the potential of these awesome characters is for the
game to be an action RPG. I don’t have a problem with turn base, my two
favourite RPG of all times have turn base battle (Shadow hearts 2 and
Persona 4 Golden), though i think the tone set for this game is what makes
me believe that, turn base will not fit it. Anyway I like what I see so far
and, I hope that the final product will at least match my expectation. 

TJae94 says:

This reminds me of FF7 Crisis core mixed with Kingdom hearts. I loved those
game so I won’t pass judgement just yet until I actually get my hands on
the game. I just hope we have another gem like FFX on our hands and plenty
of sidequests besides fighting and something like Blitzball.

DarkFrozenDepths says:

this is like KH gameplay on steroids….

fucking epic!

Robert Fowelr says:

I miss turn base. This looks far to scatter brained.

The Ghost of Sparta says:

Seems so strange seeing a FF game have no battle music, although I’m fairly
certain it will be in the final product. When it’s released in 2020.

chaz howard says:

Man if they are going to switch the gameplay around they need to at least
put more into it such as actually being able to scale the monster and climb
on him to attack like in dragon’s dogma instead of mashing a button the
whole time. The monsters are too big to not have that in the game

josef mulat says:

Looks so good

knight2battle says:

I feel like theres just no feeling.. its just a guy swinging an aluminum
stick with no inbetween animation,flashing around teleporting out of no
where…. character loooks like a cosplayer… in a B great CGI advertising

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