Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Gameplay Demo (PS4) (TGS 2014)

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Final Fantasy 15 gameplay demo from the Tokyo Game Show 2014 [PS4]

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Final Fantasy 15 gameplay demo shows an extended look of the RPG’s gameplay.

Final Fantasy 15 is due for a release on PS4 and Xbox One in 2015.


GamesHQMedia says:

Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Open World Gameplay (PS4)

GamesHQMedia says:

Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Combat Battle System Gameplay (PS4)

GamesHQMedia says:

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Robbie Keith says:

Yay, now we get to play as Kabukicho host club members. Square really
knows their audience….

That was sarcasm for “this game looks really stupid.”

oguzhan perktas says:

The graphics are beautiful but noctis looks like an emo now why would they
change him in such a bad way???!!!!

Andrew Butcher says:

I’m so happy we don’t have the turn based combat anymore. This is gonna be

Dinglie Danglie Doodle says:

Looks like it’s going to be an awesome game; too bad I’m not into their
J-pop culture.

yousefeno says:

and they say that the ps4 can’t do shit 

theFareulookinat says:

finally its not a stupid turn based but the whole thing with the weapons
just appearing in your hand then dissapearing looks dumb

randomnamex1 says:

so the game that was a :

-turn based
-open world
-either customizable or class-bounded chars
-deep character build
-interesting stories
-traditional open map – transport tiers
-optional quests and stories

Turned from FFX slowly into (not counting FFXII which was great but false

-Linear story
-boring story
-Light characters
-minor character build
-action based
-closed maps
-irrelevant mini games (just 1 on FFXIII…)
-“optional” “quests” (kill the lizard, kill the Amathist thing, kill kill

No more finding out things
No more planing battles
No more mysteries through maps

I have this fear of losing all of the old features on this game, FF never
needed to change so much things, they wanted to attrack a bigger audition,
but they lost the old fans in the proccess, you people are happy with the
changes? good for you, sadly not everyone are fans of linear action based
games, if that were the case i would be playing an actual action game
instead. JUST hope this game is at least good on it’s own, but for me what
i knew as FF is already dead 7 feet under, i’ll just take this game, as i
said, on it’s own, and judge later.

Jaren Holmes says:

What the fuck happened to my game?

Cloud Strife

goodgalbadgal says:

Everyone’s saying they look jpop, but so does.every ff character.

I can imagine cloud, Zack, Tidus, squall being in a group.

Why r we complaining about it now? alsoThey look manly to me.

Chriz Rangel says:

Graphics look like mine craft, what Is the Chinese obsession to make
characters on games and TV shows look like emos

GForceIntel says:

The game is 55% complete can you people believe this, after 5 years of
development and that’s all the achieved I think why might get this on ps5 

much0J says:

I’m gay now … not saying it’s bad, but I’m gay after this …

Akrablak says:

Total disaster,FF need to be turn base,that is essense this game.
And this is some rat crap Action japanese disaster,fuck graphics.

XBONER says:

the whole time I was just sitting here like dufaq is this dufaq am I
watching the half on the videos they were just standing around looking at
the graphics and effects come on japan if u expect this game to sell make
it look good don’t just stand around like wtf am I doing

DeviantSyndicate says:

Frog is the leader of their group

Fodimin Layton says:

They got rid of the hallways from XIII? *INSTANT SUCCESS*

Unforgiving, Unforeseen says:

The Gameplay is so lame and without any aim or action whatsoever! Graphics
look good though, perhaps because the characters presented here are not
doing anything, only the surroundings are moving round about them.

Henry Drake says:

This, mgs V, and kindom hearts are taking away my social life…

sega310982 says:

They better use the classic music themes in XV.

Eriq Beard says:

i realized something about the goblins they show. they do remind me of the
old school ones

Hatsune Miku- Sassy Jade says:

XDD examining the frog XD

Dinglie Danglie Doodle says:

I was planning to surprise my 10yr old son with this game when it comes out.
Now, my son who pays taxes, and alimony can buy his own.

dooshtoomun says:

Hair doesn’t get wet…

Shawn Contreras says:

“This is a fantasy based on reality.” Giant dog, goblins, transporting,
magic, giant swords. I’m on board for your version of reality, Square.

Michael Manotas says:

Hey look! It’s Sasuke!

Bones s says:

its like Devil may cry now .. no more RPG style,. 

Joshua Green says:

gay… I thought this was online

FIBBZZ says:

is it turn base?

Miguel Locutus Borg says:

+David Martins Ahora si, en HD

RolodexEnigma says:

As much as I like Final Fantasy this game looks absolutely awful (not
talking about graphics). The Kingdom Hearts battle system is one of my
favorites but here they make it look so fucking slow and boring. And I’m
not one of these FF purists with the whole “Turn Based or die” attitude
either. This just looks like shit.

Amai Yummy says:

По ходу это единственная отоме, в которую я поиграю в течение ближайшей
пары лет.
На ютубе. 

SkyTheStarhero says:

Wait so is the frog a playable character? I don’t understand Japanese.

Imz Deodex says:

If you listen to the background sound effects carefully… You hear
explosions and gun fire. This is probably within the kingdom of lucis under

MetalHearts100 says:

1:06 Jesus, this motherfucker has bigger titties than my girlfriend.

Dhawk says:

I wonder how the battle system is going to be. In a few battle trailers, I
could only see one “attack” button. So you gonna just press the whole time
“Attack” and thats it?

CokaineCowboy Davie says:

If you’ve heard the recent news about XV you’ll see that Tabata is wanting
to make the game more casual, so that the battles are essentially like XIII
– “one-button battles”. Sign this petition to hopefully let SE know that we
don’t want our games to be dumbed down:

AZNkeeenu says:

I hope they recall why FFXIV was initially a complete flop. They had spent
too much effort detailing things no one seems to care about, like
I don’t think many care about frogs…

Witch The night says:

They style hair look alike KPOP and JPOP stats ❤️

Aaron Garnett says:

Will North America get the demo without buying FF type Zero

Anthony Valle says:

REMAKE FF7!!!!!!!!!!!

warrior of light says:

this is final kingdom hearts….not final fantasy anymore. Final fantasy is
gone after 10th one…final fantasy is born as a turn-based combat style
and cool characters. Turn base games add more tactic to the games,instead
of an-action rpg where the only thing to do is just attack and run,attack
and run. FInal fantasy became legendary because of the masterpieces of the
past which are remembered even today. Even people who prefer action-style
use “cloud” or “squall” as emblems of the series,and they don’t understand
that they are talking of the PAST which was better. if final fantasy would
have been born today starting with this cahpter,it wouldn’t have been a
MASTERPIECE but just a “buy-for-the-period” game ,just like it is now…

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