Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Gameplay Trailer (TGS 2014) (PS4/Xbox One)

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Final Fantasy 15 gameplay trailer from the Tokyo Game Show (PS4/Xbox One)

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Final Fantasy 15 extended look provided in this new trailer, which confirms a playable demo sometime during 2015.

Final Fantasy 15 PS4 and Xbox One is due for a release in 2015.


GamesHQMedia says:

Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Open World Gameplay (PS4)

GamesHQMedia says:

New gameplay! – Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Gameplay Demo (PS4)
(TGS 2014)

GamesHQMedia says:

Silent Hills – TGS 2014 Trailer (PS4) (HD)

GamesHQMedia says:

Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV Gameplay (PS4/Xbox One)

GamesHQMedia says:

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer (TGS 2014) (PS4/Xbox One)

Pritam Singh says:

They need to remake Final Fantasy VII with these graphics, but the game has
to be exactly how it was. So much nostalgia for that game, this doesn’t
even feel like a FF.

caralon3105 says:

This is literally Final Fantasy’s last chance to make a comeback.
Otherwise, Square is just boned.

Sepharite says:

So will this game be a sausagefest up until the midpoint where he meets his
childhood lover/friend/secret princess/plot twist in the game/probably dies
when you start liking her? 

MetalHeadSpartan says:

Goddamn I feel so bad for PC gamers….

seriously :(

SidiousRed says:

this looks awful.. i have no objections to square experimenting and making
new games but just don’t have it be Final Fantasy… all i want is a new FF
in the classic style with awesome graphics, either take the franchise back
to it’s roots or drop it and give your new games original titles that won’t
get FF fans involved!!!

Miguel Locutus Borg says:

Tiene muy buena pinta, incluso da la impresión de ser un mundo abierto.
Pero Tras el fiasco de FFXIII y sus secuelas lo voy a tomar con cautela. No
quiero otra decepción.

Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Gameplay Trailer (TGS 2014) (PS4/Xbox

RailgunSkye says:

FF Meets GTA

Joking aside I am pumped for the demo next year

saro ban says:

Part of me thinks it could be good. Most of me thinks it looks like the
same jpop crap that’s dominated FF since X.

Strife Maximilian says:

“It’s been a long time coming… almost there.”
I see what you did there, Square Enix. XD

Feckerhead says:

I think I ahead a tear, been waiting for a appealing final fantasy game
since FF X on the PS2.

JackDaScarecrow says:

Has it finally happened??? Have they finally realized that turn based
combat systems are boring and only die hard FF nerds want to play games
like that…..

Duke L'orange says:

Well that’s not fair they should have made it for ps3 too I mean not
everyone can afford a ps4 Wii cut off services to pretty much force you to
buy Wii U now its happening with the ps4 which is not fair not everyone
unless for wealthy or have a good paying job can afford one I don’t think
its fair to have to force new game systems on anyone

jr4chargers says:

Never placed any other FF games, but would I need to plays the other ones
to understand this one?

Monkey D. Bilis says:

Is that cloud??He does reminds me of cloud but where is he sword??

DarkJaegerZaky says:

We are playing GTA with handsome guys, monsters, and superpowers… hell
yeah !! Amaziing !!

我妻由乃 says:

A boy band in an expensive car!!

Disclosure: I haven’t played any of the Final Fantasy games. I’m not
planning to, either.

Ven Thirteen says:

I prefer 2013 trailer, gameplay was more epic and characters was perfect.
But this one is so boring, slow and the graphics make characters look like
they get older. =_=

Tei chan says:

Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Gameplay Trailer (TGS 2014) (PS4/Xbox


v( ̄Д ̄)v イエイ

Aqua says:

I like how Noctis said ” Its been a long time coming….Almost there…”
there better be a collector’s Edition I’ve been Saving up since 2006

DamienYok says:

Come on!! when is the release date. Is it possible to come out before

HDVideoGameplay says:

OMG The graphics are INCREDIBLE O_o

Houkai Amplifier says:

Annnnd no PC :/ bummer

Mr.Roguec says:

is it a Kingdom Heart fighting style, where u attacks and evade attacks? or
is it FF style, where u can just auto, and watch them fight?

Mark Webster says:


Zack Palmer says:

I hear Natsu Dragneels voice actor XD

SoloVerse says:

Noctis got a bit of a Sasuke Uchiha complex going on, lol.

Malcolm Kender says:


Dylan Grey says:

been waiting for this for so long! and it looks promising! i was kinda sad
when it was cancelled for the ps3 (FF13 Versus)
but i am glad they did, now it looks much better!

I hope this game won’t disappoint!
and is that an uke i hear? :))

xHiryuLegion says:

This was supposed to be going to the PS3.. fucking square shit..

Chris Galardi says:


XxTypicalxUsernamexX says:

So I saw gun wielding medieval knights fighting a teenage boy band with one
dressed like Cloud from FF VII that were just driving a Mercedes
convertible and killing fantasy buffalo with big magic but also high tech
swords and guns after seeing a massive turtle, and were then met with
flying space ships with what seems to be a steam punk space ship in the
center and…. Holy christ just fuck it, this is goddamn stupid.

AplG7Rocks says:

Oh, man! This looks great! O.O I’m curious though. Do you get to control
the car too or just the characters?

AnimefreakHQ says:

The gameplay seems weak. It doesn’t feel like the swords are actually
hitting the characters and it doesn’t have that weight of impact. 

TheVampfox says:

so i am playing as sasuke from naruto in final fantasy as a some sort of
prince? and i drive around in a modern sports car with my bodyguards? then
we fight monsters in hideous places for …reasons? square …dont you

Bobbi Polk says:

Something tells me Final Fantasy will never be the same after this one
comes out.

zark the destroyer says:

Oh look, a final fantasy game where you play as a spiky haired skinny teen.
How nice of Square Enix to give us an entirely new and original character
for us, the player, to bond with [sarcasm intensifies].

Bewmbox187 says:

why are they driving a car, i thought ff was some kind of medieval setting

Str8Murder says:

So many dicks in that car. Is this Final Fantasy or The Hangover? Where
are the female party members? I am not interested in an all male Final
Fantasy unless the party is driving to Vegas to get wasted and spend the
rest of the game trying to find their lost buddy. 

Slovier .a. says:

If they want to get somewhere, why aren’t they flying instead?

Tristan Yun says:

I heard natsu

Toastie says:

I hope this isn’t going to be like watchdogs/destiny because every trailer
I saw for this game atm looks so good

Victus says:

“It’s been a long time coming. Almost there.”
Yeah..that’s how I’ve felt since I saw the first trailer 3 years ago.

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