Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Open World Gameplay (PS4) (HD)

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Final Fantasy 15 gameplay shows Open World footage (PS4) (HD)

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Final Fantasy 15 gameplay delves into the vast open world in the upcoming action role-playing game.

Final Fantasy 15 is due for a launch during 2015.


GamesHQMedia says:

Tech demo – Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV – Tech Demo (HD)

Kanakou92 says:

Fack dat song, mute it and put skyrim soundtrack lol


please dont be like gta v with absolutely squat to do out in the open

Gabrielle Hoyte says:

Uh, any thing to actually do in this world? Are their random bounties,
random discoverable missions, hidden gags? No sense in having an open world
if all you get to do is just look at it

Feasible Weasel says:

lol bald land with patches of grass..

JPeoplz says:

I don’t think they’re gonna throw everything they have into the open world
for a tech demo. Think they’re just showing us the open. I’m sure they’ll
have their crazy Autobots and decepticons flying around in the final
product. Please square, take us back pre FFX, no more FF13 type shit. I
need Shiva to not be a Gundam. Please I beg you. 

81GhostSlayer says:

1- Big empty open world ..

2- Enemies attack you from no where ..

3- Repetitive Music while exploring ..

It said in the beginning its a work in progress , i think they meant
completing the full game nothing else , i am sure they will not make any
change what we saw in the video , trust me , i know how Japanese developers
think ..

Kratos says:

Is this ps4 exclusive?

itztheGitz says:

Wtf is this gay crap 

Taylor Gee says:

wtf is this shit……. ARE YOU KIDDING ME SQUARE?

cHickzc says:

Is there a chance this releases in 2015?

Dazom says:

Looks really tedious to get from place to place.. Couldn’t finish lightning
returns cos the fking wildlands map took ages to get around…….

cheater21211 says:

Takes place in Britain?

Dinzel Walker-Smith says:

all ps4 no pc

Rodrigo Sosa says:

its cool! soundtrack its good too but its so repetitiveeeeeeeee! fix that
before the launch please!

Ahmad Syazer Syazer says:

i masturbe look 4 boys in Final Fantasy 15

Tharindu Rajakaruna says:

i hate hack and slash games without blood and gore, its like LIKE LIKE
playing Call of duty (except treyarch games).

Zoo logico says:

0:45 This song is beautiful. People can say whatever want of this game but
the Artistic, Concept and Music apart is just perfect. So detail in every
aspect, that is hard work.

Asphel12 says:

Pretty sure thats natsus voice actor in the last 10-15 secs

Carlos Monteagudo says:

Nice walking simulator.

M ghostDOG281 says:

Ps4 Downgrade awaits

NonPerfection says:

First impression was awesome. The combat style is cool, but FFXII’S combat
style was better. You can choose one target or switch between. The open
world looks magnificent, but they need to add some more architecture in the
final release. Also, we need the quests back from FFXII. You can’t have an
open world without killing the shit out of monsters and getting rewarded.
We also need an arrow to show us where we need to go, like if we’re doing a
quest, and not keep looking at the map. Speaking of map’s, we need a
fucking mini map!

XJet1982 x says:

That fucking music. Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!

BionicElements says:

What hardware really needs to work on now is depth perception rather than

Leonardo Di Leva says:

dat graphics

Jenema2 says:

GTA with better graphics and story

Muthafckerjones says:


Epic Eric says:

the world looks quite small

der Dennis says:

Boygroup on tour. They should use music from nsync, backstreet boys etc.
Would fit.

Sora says:

Im spechless…. WoW realy i think i must crying now….

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