Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV Trailer/Gameplay

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Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV Trailer/Gameplay

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James Hardman says:

I have always looked over the final fantasy games until now…SOMEONE

Kane Enyo says:

I’m so confused as fuck right now like what is even going on in this? I
know it has something to do about the last crystal and all that so I take
it its gonna be save the city before everyone in it is sacrificed and turn
to a crystal? I’m disappointing at the fact that its gonna be another
action Final Fantasy though I must say yes the first XIII was Final Fantasy
of Hallways but the next two XIII had some decent strategy in it. Anyway
getting back on the point…I feel though they are finally running out of
good story and game play to put into this. Yes it dose look amazing but it
dose not remind me of Final Fantasy.

Alpha Werewolf says:

I wish they could just move to the past with all the nature and stuff, this
future stuff is just so flashy. The only FF i have played is IV and that
was really fun.

Nagasumi San says:

I wish it was for ps3 :c

I'll deck you in the schnoz, ᵇᵘᵗ ᵈᵒᶰ'ᵗ ᵗᵉᶫᶫ ᵃᶰʸᵒᶰᵉ says:

The nostalgia idiots in here just need to get a life…

Tilen Čurin says:

I want strategy.

Not action.

This franchise went to hell…
Makes me wanna stab myself. 

666StormKing says:


tedtsu says:

I seriously fell for good cg games. And now I’m in love with Noctis’s
looks.. Haha okay l and I saw a comment said that this is going to be like
Dynasty Warriors ….. Well I’m a big fan of DW so I’ll have to try this

IHasVideoGame says:

My first ff game i played was x then x-2 and that’s it. I just can’t get
over the sentimental feelings i have for those 2 games idk why :/, but if
anyone can recommend me another ff game i would highly appreciate it 🙂 (i
want to play all of them but since the stories don’t connect in anyway
unless it’s _-2 or _-3 i would like to start first below x then after above
x-2) Thank you :D

Domagoj Kersun says:

This Final Fantasy is a disgrace to a series, please Square start doing
awsome Final Fantasys again or put the whole series to a rest!!!!
I wish Sephiroth uses Super Nova so he can destroy this disgrace!!!!!

Camila Cuevas says:

What is wrong with you people, you all just want to stick to the past and
spam the A button until you kill an enemy?. What I love abour FF is that it
has evolved in both gameplay and plot without taking away the RPG battles
that gives this franchise it’s escence, stop whining because it has “too
much action” (which is equally retarded) these masterpieces takes years of
code and work from a crapton of people just so you all can go ahead and say
“dood dis akchun escenes r buring pls delete”.

If you don’t like it don’t play it an leave geez…

Luigie Jebulan says:

Only a certain amount of people like strategy where you just click and
attack. So yeah don’t be nostalgic about anything.

Aaron Stuffwell says:

This franchise need this change. Turned based and that shit they had in
FF13 wasn’t cutting it. The combat reminds me of Kingdom Hearts. I’m pumped
for this and from what I read online, the story is gonna be awesome too.

ResurgamRoseRangers says:

*UPDATE OF THE DAY:* Final Fantasy XV demo confirmed for 2015. Final
Fantasy Type-0 HD will contain a voucher for the FFXV demo.

#finalfantasyxv #ffxv

GeneralSpikes says:

People are talking about strategy? To be honest I prefer this awesome
combat system over spamming the enemies to death because of unfair random
encounters forcing you to grind instead of leaving it a choice, and they
say strategy FF has been dead, wait a sec, doesn’t FF13 count as strategy?
It has the best “strategy” combat system in the franchise and yet people
are saying it’s been dead for a long time, WTF?!
I’m very hyped for this game, and it’s combat system!

Lissa T says:

Lol you people are sad and stuck on the past. FF13 was the best game of
them all. There was nothing weak about the characters story or game play at
all. The cieth and Lcie creativity is genius. There was nothing genius
about FF7. Two rivals. Two girls wanting the same guy. The guy having
internal issues. Its like a chick flick it was the worst game it had no
sparks to it at all. FF13 at least had a man fighting for love , a woman
fighting for family, friendship, the aeons were AMAZING and the battle
system was advanced I loved it. Im sorry but those who liked FF7 and that
boring simplicity you can all go play pokemon on gameboy and stop saying
FF13 was a bad game you sound ridiculous lol.

trippyay says:

this is a fucking travesty, bring back yoshitaka amano for character
designs. this j-pop emo bullshit will not stand. we already saw how much
of a fail that was with 13. the next time i hear vanille or anyone like
her i swear to god she’s getting the rusty hammer to the face. whatever
happened to awesomesauce like Kain or Rydia? i can stand characters
like fran and balthier, with their obvious western pandering, but this is
asking too much.

Midou Jocker says:

Hey there guys . I want to ask you i have never played a final
fantasy game so i m wondering wich one is the best to start with , please
reply i really need ur help

PS: i m playing it in PS2. :3 

youngsexynerd1 says:

LOL Nomura trolled us so hard at the beginning… “Its been awhile since we
updated you on Versus, there is no time for that today but we will have
news to come at a later date” haha then he went on to show us the most bad
ass Final fantasy trailer EVER and Kingdom Hearts 3! That was one of the
best events at a E3 I have ever seen.. So many man tears,.. SO MANY!!

Matthew Yan says:

Final Fantasy 15/Final Fantasy XV Trailer/Gameplay i want this game so
badly -__- (need ps4)

zizmuffin1551 says:

Um, yeah, this isn’t a Final Fantasy. This is Dynasty Warriors meets God
of War.

Anyone who buys this expecting to have any idea what a Final Fantasy is
like is going to be SORELY disappointed.

Want a good game? Go play Final Fantasy IV and VI.

unreals500 says:

I’m amazed it actually looks like it might be good, probably the first
final fantasy to be worth the hype.

Judy Bluff says:

1:47 ok are we totally going to ignore the fact that that man is Genesis
from FF7 Crisis core!? I’m mean come on!! He has a freaking BLACK WING on
his jacket!!! And the same hair color/style!!

Guds Skyfall says:

So this is the plastic, jpop crap that the former glorious FF series has
turned into? I want to kill someone.

Tom Leask says:

$10 bucks on this not being the FINAL fantasy, they’ll probably go to FF XX

DiamondNation says:

is this for the ps4 or xbox one

Bong Valdez says:

who’s gonna be first, derrick rose return or the release of this game?

Mpho Nhlapo says:

Either way,from what i see the old battle system wouldnt work with the way
the game is.Running on walls n climbing Titan like beings..?

Riki Kage says:

only reason i bought a PS4 over an xbox ONE is because FF is a playstation
game, its like playing halo on PS. just isnt the same

Rachel Lea says:

This looks amazing. Final fantasy finally made another game that looks
playable by adults, as in, significantly less cheesy. Here is hoping that
they get voice actors that don’t sound like cartoon characters for the
English version.

Sergio M. Urbizu says:

First time I’m interested in a FF game!

Sonsuz Yürek says:

sorry this is bullshit total machinael not fantasy pfff the best ff is
9-10-11-12 rest bullshittt for me thx square enix you dead FF for me really

Sergio of Clans and Doublings says:

1:49 ¿¿¿MARLUXIA???

Full Heart says:

1:32 /DEAD!/

FairZack234 says:

……what is wrong with you….

Tom Smith says:

I’ve never played a final fantasy game In my life but o’my gosh this looks
amazing, can’t wait for ps4 to come out and this game

lifeloverNorris says:

Action RPG.

MasterKey Productions says:

Noctis while I respect what you said please use proper grammer and spelling

TheHamishX says:

Final Fantasy… there’s nothing final about it.

IDotApplePubes says:

well no one gives a shit about your shitty opinion

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