Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Gameplay Demo (PS4) (TGS 2014)

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD gameplay demo from TGS 2014 (PS4/Xbox One)

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Final Fantasy Type-0 PS4 and Xbox One will receive a playable demo during March, 2015.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD PS4 and Xbox One is due for a release in 2015.



Weaboo trash…. why can’t Japan actually make a decent game that doesn’t
star either a slutty 12 year old girl or a girly haired boy…

this game will be 5/10


EMAX (boyejoboy) says:

if sony never sold their stocks at square enix, most of these games would
be playstation exclusives, just like some of them were in the past

StrykerX20 says:

U have your opinion Ash.

That doesn’t mean you have to force your views on everybody. I’ll still
play this game nonetheless.

BBOY says:

this game was for psvita it’s a remaster
that’s why the graphics not that good
i can’t wait to play it.

DeviantSyndicate says:


ياسر بأهويني says:

I can see that this game is not good the grafics isn,t clear at all .:'(

Hlowᵈᵉˢᶤᵍᶰ says:

The creators of Final Fantasy probably do not know what does the word
‘Final ‘:D

627dotdot says:

Screw this game , its no going to get localized , trust me , psp owners
knows that very well

Zyx Lamonde says:

Looks like a bad PS2 game…

Mordant Victor says:

They shoulda kept this on handhelds or port it to Android. On a console, it
looks like an indie game… which is fine I guess as long as it’s priced
liked one, but knowing square it’ll be $60

Tharja says:

all you fangirls saying that square games should only be on playstation are
fucking stupid and are noobs remember nintendo was out first then sony then
it went multiplatform dumbass kids

Brady the Defiled says:

Microsoft needs to fuck off and let Square Enix be a first party developer
for Sony. 

Snow Yuki Yap says:

It’s graphic isn’t nice, if compared to FFXV ~

GForceIntel says:

This looks weird for a final fantasy game but I just want the final fantasy
15 demo. I know it kind of looks like it but to me it doesn’t. I might like

LionCerieals says:

Sushi Sushi Tamagochi Watashi wa genki desu! Pikachu 

M Lunar says:

I’ve played the Japanese version on my psp while back. It was a REALLY good
game, not typical FF game, but definitely a great game! It sucks that I
know the ending tho……….kinda kills the story for me, but will buy for
the sake of FF15 demo! 

Bakunin says:

So did you guys have to take down the resident evil gameplay? What’s up?

George Ioria M. Uzoma says:

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – Gameplay Demo (PS4) (TGS 2014)

Eren Jaeger says:

Finally a FF game with blood.

PS4KING_82 says:

That looks just like the big robot spider boss you fight early on in final
fantasy 8. 

TX3 says:

looks not good

kaderious heyUthere says:


Tharja says:

they did the same with the resident evil HD remake that is one hell of a
nice detailed skin

Timmy P says:

FYI to anyone who cares:
Been playing this on a PSP emulator on my phone.

Its the best game to bear the Final Fantasy name since VII.

StrykerX20 says:

@Ash Ketchup Ain’t nobody got time for a sour fanboy. 

Eren Jaeger says:

So excited! Always wanted to play type 0! Put my preorder yesterday, and
the demo for 15 is just the cherry on top!

Dennis Kasteel says:

Looks bad, another FF game and another bust. 

Dennis Kasteel says:

They still got the money to create these series. But they lost it… Series
is almost dead…

rob S.s says:

look at my channel i post a new gameplay of ff type-0 with epic music :D

chao thao says:

Damn jap always make good game to bad game 

Randall Makhanya says:

The environments are pretty bland and lifeless but this still looks like
mad fun.

SonGoku544 says:

its so ridiculous that this japano game series is also avaibible on the

LetMeUnbox says:

Honestly looks terrible on next gen. This should have been for Vita for
sure! Why do you make these types of decisions, Square?

Most of us do not want Type-0 on next gen.
Most of us want it on Vita.

Most of us do not want a 3-hour demo of FF XV, if that means it’s going to
be an episodic game! (Like TWD game)

Here’s what most of us do want. It’s actually quite simple….
Final Fantasy XV to come out as a whole game (We didn’t wait eight years
for an episode). By mid 2015.
Kingdom Hearts 3 within the next 2 and a half years.


Seriously!! Square is worse at taking hints and doing what fans want than
Microsoft was about the Xbox One!!

Patrick / Thebasshuffler09 says:

i will definitely look forward to this game, since i could not play the psp

SuperFlunks says:

PS3 can show this graphic too! Why on ps4? -.-

Nucentz 412 says:

How many ff does japan need?

itissillygucci says:

Hope they improve the party member AI. 

Taxinuxs says:

This isn’t Final Fantasy

Debaets David says:

Wtf is this shit O.O’ SE you dare to call this Final Fantasy ? Have you no
shame. More like Final Fantasy type SHIT.

I beg you SE…. dont waste your and our time with games like this. Just

Fer Gutierrez says:

They really should do the same with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

kurogane2x says:

This looks generic.

59fps says:

Funny how this game’s combat system looks better than XVs

Rick Chaffe says:

this gamewill be on ps4 and its gunna kickass! its looks so good

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