Final Fantasy X HD Remaster – Part 1 – We called it “Sin” (PS3)

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Final Fantasy X in High Definition Part 1 for the Playstation 3. Single Player, DLC. Will feature every Chapter, from intro to ending with commentary. Walkthrough, Playthrough, Let’s Play, Gameplay, Guide.

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DavetheUsher says:

It’s Tydus kids. 🙂 You can go Tee-off with Tee-dus.

Tommy SilverTail says:

You sir, have earned a subscriber :D. You keep it interesting, your
voice is nice and you overall seem excited to play this :3

Dylan Conroy says:

in this walkthrought are you gonna show us how to get the ultimate wepons
and aeons how to break the 9.999 damage ????????????? please reply

Chiko Tembo says:

‘these ones dont matter, we cut through!!” hypes me up all the time!!

Ciowan says:

“I call him TIE-DUSS, and therefore I will always call him TIE-DUSS.”

Heh, can’t argue with that logic! ;)

Roxas935 says:

♥ Final Fantasy X/X-2 – Tidus Clarification♥ TEEDUS! :P

Andy Write says:

Fighting sin was the hardest thing I ever had to do in this game, I think I
might buy it again just because it’s the first one that I’ve ever played. I
enjoyed playing it very much to. It was a bit confusing playing it as a kid

Slaughter Games says:

Zanar is my boy tho

Talbheim Gaming Channel says:

english dub version sux

Gradiant Feathers says:

Hey, Dave, I need a favor. The sound of the idle chocobo and the ridable
chocobo in Final Fantasy X, as well as the sounds of the chocobos in x-2,
can you get them?
I need these for a project I’m working on, and nobody has downloads of
them, the ones I find on youtube have music.

Thomas Lanton says:

I think this is the last good Final Fantasy game they made until the whole
series just started going downhill.

Slaughter Games says:

I’ve always said Tee-Dus and will continue to do so.

Spark21001 says:

It’s pretty cool to see how they’ve improved graphically over the years. 

2401blue says:

My goodness, people get /really nasty/ about the pronunciation of this
guy’s name. The “correct” way to say it is undoubtedly TEE-dus, it ties in
with his sun motif with the Okinawan word and I think one of the creators
flat-out stated that’s how it’s supposed to be pronounced. But it’s totally
okay to pronounce it TIE-dus if you want to, it’s kind of the way you’d
expect to pronounce it at first glance anyway.

A lot of people have a tendency to belittle or attack the opposite “camp”,
and I don’t get it. Why make how you pronounce it a matter of life and
death? It hardly matters. Call him Blond Guy if you want to, it’s basically
personal opinion. =o

Benjamin Teng says:

Does anyone know what the soundtrack is for the title screen? Right after
the Square Enix logo, the title screen when Dave was talking.

clamo6362 says:

ya I still got the original’s, don’t plan on getting the HD versions as my
pc can play the ps2 versions in HD. so just looking to see if it looks any
diff. vs. pc

Jacqueline Sadberry says:

First time ever watching a walkthrough on this channel. I’m going to
subscribe just based on the commentary alone–hilarious! FFX was the first
Final Fantasy game I ever played–I fell in love with Final Fantasy after
that. And I agree on the pronounciation…Tee-dus? Nah.

RJSnyper says:

Just a quick note you also couldn’t name the majority of the characters in
8. But aside from that spot on. love your commentary

Canifex358 says:

I have tryed some of the final fantasy games but I didn’t play for long
enough to see if I like it, I heard this was a good one to start on

Karl Queensborough says:

The guy speaking sounds like tidus lol! 

Sora744 says:

I love that Zanar speech.

Jonathan Corman says:

Good stuff.

jerri pop says:

“(blablabla)..spoiler free walkthroughs.” Thank you!

lakota303 says:

I humbly thank you for this series. I played it on PlayStation 2 but the
disk was damaged so it stopped me from playing the game. it was the final
copy in town so i was unlucky.Thank you for letting me experience this game
again and i hope to see the rest of them.

B.T. Awesomeness says:

I call him “taydus” too

Gordon Freeman says:

Why oh why did they choose to remove the old saving screen?

bravo075 says:

This was also a Xmas gift I remember, PS2 and FFX, what more could you

Kayden Skylar says:

You pronounced it right. I have two friends named Tidus and it’s pronounced

JHillLife says:

The name is Tidus! (tide,us) it is meant as a reference to water. 

Virgo Raines says:

Loved this game time to hit that subscribe button…

Avenger85438 says:

I’m just going to say that I agree with Spoony Blitzball is the most
physically impossible sport in Fiction, that rivals the trampoline Karate
thing from The Prisoner in absurdity. 

GuillermoSmyser says:

This vid is the first that comes up if you search “Let’s play final fantasy
x” Well done!

dacbiet says:

The Blitzball scene was my most memorable moment in FFX

Aiden Hall says:

Even if I didnt understand shit when playing this, it was one of the best
experiences of my life

Michael Chan says:

after the years since released, this game surely still rocks! even in
today’s standards. hoping for a gripping-story and amazing gameplay like
this from square enix in future

Robert Nava says:

The game look really nice.

Aella Terra says:

ror me this is nostagia 🙂 i baught it today so lets see what it is like
:), blesss

MitaliusTheGreat says:

You sound like Tydus…:)

Dreamavere says:

Seeing this game again makes me feel all warm and nostalgic, Final Fantasy
X was one of my favourite Final Fantasy games ever.
I have just listened to the Final Fantasy X – Will – audio drama, my
opinion: What the flute!?!?!? I guess Square Enix really have never heard
of the phrase “When you’re in a hole, stop digging!”
But to be fair, out of all of Final Fantasy X’s sequels this was the best
one: Final Fantasy X-2 was just a load of Shoopuff, even to this day I’m
still trying to erase its existence frommy mind, Last Mission made me want
to rip my eyes out and the one between Last Mission and Will made me want
to hang myself over a cliff. I can see a little bit of potential in Will,
but only a little bit. I liked the return of Sin, but I was really
disappointed with the characters reactions to it, it was like a poorly
written fanfiction, and Icouldn’t stand the new characters of Chuami and
Kurgam, made mecwant torip my ears off!
If Square Enix do decide to follow up Will with a Final Fantasy X-3then
they really need to pull their fingers out – their recent games have been a
load of shite so if they ruin the “franchise” of Final Fantasy X any more
than they have done then I’ll be majorly pissed since Final Fantasy X is
one of my favourite Final Fantasy games of all time. If Final Fantasy X-3
does take off it would be the perfect opportunity for Square Enix to redeem
themselves, I just hope they don’t f**k it up!
One scene I have always wanted to seein Final Fantasy X which never
happened was Tidus showing Yuna “his” Zanarkand: I’d love to see it in
Final Fantasy X-3 as they could use the setting of Zanarkand for Tidus and
Yunato rekindle thrir love as it would, ironically, reflect their love
scene inFinal Fantasy X…but from the way things are going that’s not
going to happen, Square Enix don’t seem to be paying hardly, if any,
attention to their fanbase.
So, for now, the remaining fans of Final Fantasy are going to have to
tolerate with the lunacy of Square Enix for as long as they continue to be
money-grabbing soul-crushing nincompoops!
Bring back Hironobu Sakagouchi! Save Final Fantasy, be a Hiro!!!

Luminayre says:

I am very happy with your pronunciation of Tidus’s name. I agree with you
on that one.

Rhys Coleman says:


Dirk Diggler says:

Is this Tidus’s playthrough?

titus Meadows says:

It’s cool cause my name is Titus 

James Reid says:

I also call him Tidus not TEE-dus, good to see someone sticking to their
guns on this.

André Castro says:

Dude you´re losing money. You have a great voice. You should make some

patrick poling says:

Thank you this was my favorite game until my sister broke my ps2

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