Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Walkthrough – Part 1 English Opening Prologue & Boss Battle Let’s Play

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Opening Prologue & Boss Battle Let’s Play English North American Version (Gameplay & Commentary)

Final Fantasy 13-2 Gameplay Walkthrough! Walkthrough and Let’s Play Playthrough of Final Fantasy 13-2 with Live Gameplay and Commentary in high definition.


Jax Crowley says:

Time to relive this game. I loved the Lightning Trilogy and I’m curious
what your thoughts on this one are. 

rencarnacion16 says:

So…I was thinking about buying this game since its cheap on xbox right
now, but for a 25 minute gameplay that 20 is just plain video and 5 minutes
of just pressing a few buttons…screw this game.

Johnny Gonzalez says:

I’m no fan of anime and never played Final Fantasy but I can see its kind
of popular and looks interesting. Should I try it? If so which game should
I start with?

skybluecoop says:

6 adds in a 23 minute video….. How do I turn adds off people?!

Juz rhyme says:

Hey Cauis is Garra from Naruto hahaha

Evamaren30 says:

Thanks for let’s playing this. But I didn’t like the opening, it’s bad
story-telling. The characters spout pseudo-mystical nonsense you can’t
understand and it’s a climactical battle which would be better later in a
story arch, once you are invested in the characters. All this is is
eye-candy, without any true heart and soul. So sad that Final Fantasy
developed in that direction.

Jeff The Stalker says:

Mwhahahahahah :D

Jennifer Lim says:

praise to 720p LPs

Lightning slayer 101 says:

so this is a sequel

Minh Vu says:

Eh! It’s Bahamut! Wait, Chaos Bahamut? Meh!

ztb231 says:

Power of Chaos? Since when did Final Fantasy and Sonic come together??

john lawful says:

final fantasy 15 have to clean this mess up

motherflower81 says:

I’ve i actually enjoyed playing final fantasy 13 to me it’s amazing lol 

Ashiskuubi ETETE says:

Isint noel the little boy from final fantasy ….children

Ashiskuubi ETETE says:

And ytf are all of the female charackters so F ing sexy they arnt even real
T__T why god why

Duke Wikoli says:

Question, why does Caius have Soul Edge?

billy perry says:

actualy Jacob she is not dead but in hibernation

Jacob Paiz says:

They killed her? Wtf

Gregory Senzer says:

gotta love mrs.Lighting :D

DaleMurph says:

MY PS3 lost my save file. I was on the Final Episode too. Should I still
buy FFXIII Lightning Returns even know I wouldn’t be able to finish

ruick78 says:

cinematic actions good add. least keeps you focused when cutscenes like
this s going. 

Debby Ramon says:

Love it! 

Ashiskuubi ETETE says:

Look how beautiful that crossbow is wtf

lolze952608 says:

question nick. are u gunna do lighting returns?

shana Stevens says:

I must say I’m a big RPG fan and Gamer. I didn’t get a chance to play this
so I’m glad I found your video for this game. Oh, more thing… I like your
voice lol is that werid to say O-o 

Kevin Yee says:

Such an epic intro.

Dan Truong says:

But then again, the cinematic action looks easy to deal with for those who
played Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain. It’s like that I guess.

kevo m says:

this battle system was actually derived from final fantasy X – 2 in which
of course square-enix has the copy right to . they changed and improved it
a bit but thats were this idea came from ! in fact thats about the only
thing that was any good about that game !

Dan Truong says:

They should make a FF 13 movie. Because after seeing a lot of gameplay from
this game series in the 13th installment, i would prefer following the
story more than suffering from frustration of the gameplay mechanics.

DeusEX konner says:

Sooooo is lightning…gone :(

Dan Truong says:

don’t feel like playing FF13 but wanna enjoy the story, (already got a
FF13-1 recap) so…..

SkyeHawk89 says:

What kind of game is Final Fantasy? Is it like Mass Effect and The Elder
Scrolls types? I don;t like game were you have to use RTS type, I like
controlling the character and killing theiur targets, I’m not into tactics.
I like what TES and Mass Effect are.

jesse ray says:

so am i like the only one who enjoyed XII

Vaga Bond says:

its a continuation of final fantasy 13.

bstar6017 says:

aloedai was such a pain first time for me

Lax Leo says:

Yay a final fantasy game with my name as a main character :3 Noel

Mikandelus says:

It’s the same voice actor. His voice is so awesome!

Dragon Mouse says:

Veteran100gamer u could make it Veteran Gaming

Brand New Jamz says:

This game needs to be an action rpg like kingdom hearts.

Isidor Savic says:

What you need is a brain…

cookiewaa says:

it’s sad. how far final fantasy has fallen.

Erin Forbes says:

15 original 2 MMO’s and Lots of remakes or spin offs

Alec Mann-Bruni says:

With this Anime-type game I don’t get all the strange grunting, Like when
he’s falling he should be screaming not grunting Very Awkwardly..

Ironbull Games says:

i really dont get the boss fights on the horse ,i don’t like it

Lexi Kenway says:

Ignore the pointless person called ‘Young3Buck’ who had totally said you
may not be good enough. I don’t know if you got the game yet. But I
recommend, to understand FF13-2, to play the first game; FF13. See it may
not have the same plot, or the same things. But there may be some confusing
measures. The ending to FF13 is mentioned by the main character; Lightning,
in this one. There’s the whole pillar falling down and why it’s special,
and you’d get those answers from playing FF13 Happy to help.

Storkii193 says:

Lighting returns is first.

Virtuozo Fozo says:

People pls answer me. Should i buy this game even though i’ve never played
final fantasy games before?

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