Final Fantasy XIII – PC Gameplay

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So after four years Final Fantasy 13 surprisingly made it’s way onto PC.
It’s a generic console port that sadly has no graphic settings or whatsoever.
But on the plus side it’s really cheap, looks fine and it’s on Steam :P!
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rechyyy (clayman90) says:

Final Fantasy X is still the best <3 :D

NumbCorns says:

What so fun about FF…

PAYBACKaiw says:

I was wondering whether or not to get this because friends of mine said
this was the worst FF. 

Комиссар Владимир Ухов says:

Какое бля говно . Не окупилась у сониблядей их вонючая 4 плойка терь будут
своё старое говно на ПК портировать чтобы с лохов денег срубить. Какие
твари однако…

Slayze says:

Never heard of this game, but it looks cool

idengaming says:

This game is so linear, you can’t do ANYTHING its literally an on rails
shit jrpg game.

not a good one at all. period. you are even forced to play as this STUPID
girl who runs like a retard. 

UnbelievabIeMontages says:

Frozen ripoff

MrKillachristopher2 says:

60GB and 720p………

Zhan Nurov says:

что за хрень?О_о

Keaton Jones says:

can you play as a male character in this game lol

Mike Lozano says:

Im thinking on buying one of these , which one would you recommend and on
What console, don’t Have a PC 🙁 but i do Have a PS3 an Xbox 360 and.a Wii,
and so an Ipad :P

GmodGamer G says:

this game confuses me

Cmax says:

This a typical game played by kids that years later turn out to be gay.

SoNGY8888 says:

still cant believe this is a last gen game. Square Enix surely knows how to
suck every last drop of juice out of the consoles.

BamanBoi MCFW says:

I’ve never played FF but holy shit the combat looks boring. It’s like the
Pokemon combat but with good graphics.

Ahmad Faisal says:

wut???? ff13 on pc??? quick to the torrent mobile

TwitchyNoob says:

Can someone tell me which ff was it when they removed turn based fighting.

Wilson Kosasih says:

60GB for this?

Eonetic says:

Abysmal port i wonder what Square Enix was thinking when releasing this
shit -.-

Mike Lozano says:

Some years ago there was a demo forma new FF where a guy was using a pistol
or Gun, which one is that game?

_WHiP says:

Stop complaining about FF13.

What’s wrong with having changes in combat systems?

Why are you guys so afraid and hate of change?

kespertivezz says:

They basically added keyboard + mouse support and that’s it, like what a
day long work maybe? for 2 people? lazy ass moneygrabbing release…

soadmanutd says:

55 Gb for this?? mmm

farid rohman says:

wow so great graphic

sebotrp says:

So apparently whole trilogy will be available on PC. Hopefully someone will
make a mod for Lightning Returns that will remove/freeze the timer so i can
explore without worrying that i’m gonna run out of time and die. 

Kadz23 says:

Can someone please tell me what are the ups of 13? I’ve been playing for
weeks and trying to love it but just can’t.

Zizzyme Shrestha says:

what the fuck this looks so shity game play boooooooooooooooo and graphics
sucks fuck you

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