Final Fantasy XV Battle Gameplay First Look – E3 2013

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Crown Prince Noctis and company must fend off the armed forces of Niflheim as they launch an assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis.

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Final Fantasy XV Battle Gameplay First Look – E3 2013


Chanin Charoenwongs says:

ระบบเกมยังไงก็ช่าง แค่นั่งดูฉากต่อสู้ก็ฟินแล้ว (นั่งดูอาจจะสนุก

(ที่แน่ ๆ …… ไม่ได้เล่น)

Engel Angel says:

*Final Fantasy XV Battle Gameplay First Look – E3 2013* sem data definida
para lançamento.

Muito phoda os gráficos.. Mas pra mim o melhor ainda foi o Final Fantasy
VIII o IX tbm achei legal.. 🙂 

arne3177 says:

Will this be like for example devil may cry instead of standing still and
waiting to attack like pokemon? I am new to this series

Anudeep K says:

Only cloud is allowed to have such a Bug sword NOT FAIR!

Devon Bolsch says:

This is going to be my first Final Fantasy game so I need some assistance
here from the true FF fans. I know this game isn’t out yet, but does anyone
know whether or not you have to play the previous FF games in order to
understand this one? Answers are very much appreciated. :)

lutschmeineumel says:

Hmm the black haired dude kinda reminds me of Sasuke.

Covert Commando says:

Screw this price of crap, LoZ is the best

Regency Ginger says:

i have never been a fan of final fantasy actually i hated most of the ones
i played but this one looks really cool and fun 

SeptemberCorp says:

What the…? T__T
Square-Enix has destroyed the work of Hironobu Sakaguchi.

Whats next? Final Fantasy Modern Warfare with first person shooter? I’m

Kirigaya Kouzuki says:

what’s the name of that guy with yellow hair?

Dhawk says:

Please it comes out for the pc…

13Kr4zYAzN13 says:

Really hoping the battle gameplay from the new trailer is just “level 1”
stuff, because it would be a pity to not be able to play this :/

WolfieRabz says:

I want this game to have an 80 + hours of story gameplay and like 250-300
hours of optionnal side quests, exploring and collectibles ! I want this
game to be awesome and very long !

assassinman0066 says:

People are saying this series is dead. My option it may not be the best but
it does look awesome. 

MatsOleBakke says:

Is this gonna be a mmorpg on ps4??

kagsgirl says:

This shit makes no sense error is dead on xiii-2 why is she coming back
it’s like the creators are using the same bs script but changing characters
and selling it back to us for higher profit etros dead caius said so 

xXChainLightingXx says:

Yuck, XV looks like a wannabe to the already horrid DmC remake.

Michel Cheung says:

I just noticed this… The 3 of them reminded me of Zack, Cloud amd Angeal
from FF XII

王宇乐 says:

Have waited for 8 years. But the actual gameplay is still the old concept.
Also the PS4 version just gives me the same quality with the proposed one
of years ago, no better than the uncharted 3 of 2011!

AkiShadow says:

Natsu ( Blond hair guy )

Corey Cressey says:

This looks cool, don’t get me wrong, but when are we gonna get an ACTUAL
turn based FF game?

Big Za says:

This is the final fantasy I’ve been waiting for

ExplorerDude98 says:

At 2:29 you can say That was sasukes Amaterasu, Haha or not,i like the show
naruto ..

エリック Maack says:

God I cant wait

Flashingflash says:

My reaction while watching this video:
“Holy shit good vibe going on, huge monsters, a lot of combat..wait what’s
that? That’s a sword? Holy shit that’s big..Ok I guess, I mean look at the
phyx and the graphics, not bad, not bad at a-..wait are they grabbing that
gigantic Minotaur sword and using it? Oh looks like they are, this game is

oldskoolZz1975 says:

For anyone that cares. Prompto’s voice is the same voice actor as natsu
from fairy tail!

ShiroKreuz says:

I don’t get why they changed Noctis’ design though, the leathery looking
outfit he had before was much cooler than this weird “scene-kid” design he
has now.

Imz Deodex says:


Bailey Marston says:

If this game ends up sucking then im fucking done with square enix (except
for kingdom hearts hehe)

Mukitul Islam Bhuiyan says:

plz bring it on pc
i would love to play it

jahdyn703 says:

It’s comming out next year write

xHawkLTX says:

At one point there was a fairly big hype for this game and I was a in it as
well. But now…only remembered this game after seeing an ad for in one
site. From all the release dates already given etc. I say there is next to
no chance that it’s coming in 2015, 2017-2018..maybe then….

Rayzor Genesis says:

Alway did like this game but never played it… but this one i’m surely
going to buy n play…..just Amazing

Topher Kiervin says:

Can people please get over FF7… It was an amazing game, leave it beeee.
It’s over. 

Sensei P says:

This is like DMC. Old school FF was at least different.

Belias says:

i could totally imagine FF VII HD Remake with the same Combat System as
FFXV… i’m all for oldschool, but THIS Combat System is the Icing on the

Grypha says:

As soon as I heard that Tetsuya Nomura was directing this game I had to
look up some gameplay… Was not disappointed. 

010les says:

Would it kill them to use the old turnbased battles with these type of
graphics ?

This is not final fantasy this looks like prototype 

Glenn Persiano says:

this final fantasy, will it have online features say; you can join the open
world with your friends and play together etc? i dont like ff that much,
but only because of the way the combat was, but now that they changed it to
KH style, I rly wanna play this.

El Reino de Andor says:

Famitsu is ready to give this game a 9.7

Evan Peters says:

@ 3:15 Was that Leviathan?

John Kile says:

All these crybabies holding onto their nostalgia boners. Get over it.
You’re no better than cod fanboys. I can’t believe the ignorance of these
idiots constantly belittling a game that they haven’t even played that
doesn’t even have that much game play out. We haven’t even gotten to see
what the world map looks like, the cast of characters, or even better very
much of the story. Dear god, turn based was so great. God, I just
absolutely loved trying to solve a puzzle and constantly being thrown in a
battle with enemies I could kill in 1 hit. Man, it sure was hard scanning a
boss and sitting in the menu developing a strategy. “oh, its weak against
thunder. oh, it can be poisoned.” Gee, I wonder what I should do. Half of
which you don’t even need to do. Take FF7 for instance. That game was easy
as they come. Even if you didn’t grind it was so easy. And don’t get me
started on ff10. The only reason that game was even popular was because of
the monster arena. 10 might as well be geared with mystic quest on terms of
difficulty. And the only difficult thing about 10 was fighting the top tier
monster arena bosses. Which boiled down to literally quick hitting for
99,999 and maxing your defenses while whoring auto phoenix. And don’t get
me started on the god awful voice acting. HA HA HA HA. Sure, ff7 was great.
But are we living in a delusional world where you can honestly say that the
writing was good? The writing was atrocious. And all this babbling about
these “emo characters.” Dear God take a look at Cloud, Squall, Tidus, Vaan,
ect. FF1 didn’t even work. Half of the spells literally weren’t programmed
correctly and didn’t even work. So quite honestly, stfu. Each successor in
the series introduces something new and does something right. For all you
know it could combine all of those elements. Gameplay looks solid from the
“3 minutes” ive seen if they utilize it well. I’ll be for sure buying it.
So in theory, go cry more in your basements replaying ff7 for the 80th

Angelo Giurelli says:

Kingdom Hearts battle System Meets FF finally i have waited so long :)

MaximusTheElite says:

That was the gameplay -.-

Sezer Arslan says:

As we can see, they screwed up with the charakters. I mean why did they
choose emos? Let us hope they did a good job with the story, the gameplay
however looks good. It can’t be worse than FF XIII.

Gary BSD says:

its like final fantasy “theme” with Dark souls fighting system

curtis skaper says:

Will this be released on Xbox 360 

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