Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Demo Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay TGS 2014

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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Demo Final Fantasy 15 Gameplay TGS 2014


TheWitchking123 says:

I have never played a Final fantasy game in my life and I own a PS3 and
soon a PS4. Should this be a good starting point or will I be completely
lost in the backstory?

EAchank says:

The battle system looks like a cross between FF12 and Crisis Core and
Dissidia with FF8 style n FF13 graphics but better obviously

Can’t wait to get a copy in my hands 2015!

tangbein says:

well rumors about the pre-rendering stuff finally got debunked. a little
worried about how limited we are when it comes to the sword teleportation
though. when it comes to teleporting to high places it seems like you can
only port to fixed places. while when you teleport to the ground you are
more free to choose where you want to teleport.

Mitch Orry says:

To anyone wondering whether the recent trailer was pre rendered…here you

themysteriousfigure0 says:

240p? What is this 2005?

Christopher P.K Morris says:

Pretty visuals can’t fix broken game design.. People said 13 looked
beautiful which it did but beneath the pretty mask was a very ugly playing
game, with next to nothing substance. This looks the same. They need to add
NPC’s , villages to explore.. yet final fantasy games are based on mind
numbing action nowadays

Sanchez says:

I loved FFXIII and can’t wait for this game.
Its funny that %50 that hate on XIII haven’t even played it. the rest are
old gamers that can’t adapt to change.
The new age of FF starts very soon!

Anthony Overton says:

Power of The Fourth Hokage

FURognar says:


cloudparter says:

So can you only control the main character (Noctis IIRC?) or can you switch
on the fly to your party members? Game looks great but if it’s just a hack
and slash with NPC teammates that’s pretty underwhelming. I wanna play as
the blonde dude with the guns.

kevin burrell says:

This FF is so different. I think FF really turning away from the true
series and how its meant to be. It’s way more westernized. Still, am
excited and cant wait to play 

DigitalChaosHD says:

240p video for such a gorgeous game, what happened?

Imz Deodex says:

240P? WTF IS THIS 2006? 

João Pedro Paiva says:


ThatChainmecha says:

This video has terrible quality

James97311 says:

Dat rain!

Jim Crone says:

Was a little surprised with how deep Noctis’ voice is. It’s good, though,
hopefully that isn’t lost in translation.

Fistribution says:


Bl4ckDoT says:

I need to see this in 1080p

OmegaReviews says:

Only 240p… What a joke. Please upload the real version of this demo!

Sherrie Brewster says:

The frog is cute

konaDRAW says:

I love you for uploading this…! xD
I caught the live stream at the last 2 minutes, so I didnt even get to see
the gameplay…>,> thank you!!

Rafael Cruz says:

the other dude looks like Cloud

Matt Zhirua says:

Um, so did they take out the Rolling noctis did? In the 2013 trailer?!!

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