Final Fantasy XV Gameplay TGS 2014 – Final Fantasy 15

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Final Fantasy XV Gameplay TGS 2014 – Final Fantasy 15


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UncleBiscuits79 says:

00:20 – Oh COME ON!!!!! HOW GAY ARE THESE GUYS????????? The second I saw
that first character I just let out a huge sigh and just shook my head in

de'pool wilson says:

These characters look like stylish fags.

Edgar Chavez says:

Graphics look great, but after the disaster that was Final Fantasy XIII,
I’m just not sure square has it in them anymore…

Lester Losinada says:

there is no female playable character??

Harry Nguyen says:

Im sick of japanese games they all just look so cheesy

Garreth dulguN says:

DAM it looks great.

Andrew W says:

Anyone know what the logo symbolizes this time? It looks like a woman with
a crystal or possibly some type of halo around her head. Is it Etro? Or
some other important character that we don’t know about yet?

Garrus Vakarian says:

no female party members shown … pre ordered cancelled

damo169 says:

sigh battle system looks shit again go back to the original 

Kagata says:

I kind of wish that the protagonist just had like a signature single weapon
than multiple ones. I feel like he’ll stand out if he had more that way 

Andy Tharenar says:

Japan y u do dis

Chris Doan says:

hope they give us some playable female characters T^T that’s been a key
ingredient to past FF series. Yuffie, Aeris, Tifa, Rinoa, Quistis, Selphie,
Garnet, Eiko, Yuna, Lulu, Rikku, Paine, Lightning, Vanille, Fang…
Gameplay trailer is looking great but story-wise, looks like a “guys night
out” or “epic summer vacation” kinda adventure 

chincrise says:

graphics aside, fuck this noise.

Chompyburguer says:

SausageFest XV

Rory Smith says:

i remember when final fantasy was the trend setters of rpgs….so sad to
see where they are.

Doogeruoy Sihtdaer says:

Looks badass. Can’t wait.

GameMirage says:

Finally Final back to its best form. Bring it Epic!!

SomniumStrife says:

anybody else wonder when that car’s gonna run out of gas….

Guamish says:

kinda wish they would just remake final fantasy 7 with these new graphics,
but same ff7 chars and same story.

camryds says:

ugh — the last final fantasy in the series and it’s something like this!?
fantasy + techno =/ unhappy…

zombiedeutsch says:

games looks like 720p

WaaoW CatLike says:

slash n bash… RIP FF

zacover says:

why the characters are soooo gay?

Francozilla says:

I’ll be amazed if Final Fantasy XV can earn HALF the revenue of GTA V upon
it’s release. This will either be the resurrection or “waterloo” of the
Final Fantasy saga. 

Janoosen says:

I’m really looking forward to this game, but I’m still a bit concerned
regarding the combat. I sincerely hope Tabata will let those of us who
wants more of a challenge out of the combat to get it, i.e we can do things
manually if we want to. Not everyone are incapable of reacting super fast
with button presses (I am very capable of such). If things are basically
fully automatic (single button presses and hold for auto guard/evade and
attack) except a few things then I’ll get bored of the combat very fast.

I know we’ll have to wait for more info on the game before we can deduce
how the combat’s going to be but I still can’t help but be worried. It’s
fine to casualize for those who wants to play it more casually, but leave
the challenge in for those who want it. Just saying.

Gun Grave says:

The combat seems like they’re using an improved combat system from FF12
which honestly worked quite well and is far more immersive when compared to
the typical enemy runs at you then cue loading screen before doing tons of
turn based combat.

Martin Vamp says:

I still don’t feel the combat is polished especially for an FF-game. The
whole real-time combat thing looks more like something for a DMC or Ninja
Gaiden game and not an RPG of this caliber.

AdoreYouInAshXI says:

Man. I miss old Final Fantasy. 

Hongchieh Chen says:

they look so gay…
why there is no playable female character

Boozer the Artist says:

characters look to stupid and gay I don’t think ill play this. Not trying
to have a repeat of 13. I officially gave up final fantasy with that
game. I played 14 to and didn’t like it enough to sub.

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