Final Fantasy XV New Gameplay Walkthrough | Open World Gameplay (PS4/Xbox One) 【FF15 HD】

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Tonight, Square Enix showed off some of the world where Final Fantasy XV takes place. It looks huge.

Exploration only, Night and day battles, Fishing mini-game and airships along with tech demo showcase which has character models, exploration and battle gameplay. This video shows how the Luminous engine works

If you like, you can can stop at gas stations and rest. When running in the field, your party members get tired and stop as would real people.

If you get too close to the creatures, you’ll have to fight them. There are other animals, like cats and birds, that are smaller. You can wander through the forest and climb hills and mountains. There are Chocobo you can ride. You can fish in the lake. You can walk or go anywhere you can see.

The number of active monsters increases at night, so it’s best to take cover at a place like the gas station.

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adkinsy85 says:

This game gonna kill every other rpg games just wow wow wow 

Dave Sion says:

Grand Theft Fantasy xV

tangbein says:

this game looks gorgeous, but I don’t get why they changed it so we can’t
control each party member anymore, only Noctis. I think one of the cool
things in previous final fantasies was how you could control in each and
every party member.

dgrandlp says:

Hiking Simulator XV 

ObliviousOathkeeper says:

How is this not like final fantasy! A crap ton of FF games give you a
massive open field to freely explore at some point, even the corridor movie
of FF13 had an open field in it!

CoolRex87 says:

Can’t wait for this game…but what is up with the brown color scheme? I
really hope they use a variety of different colors besides green and brown.

benimo6 says:

Funny thing is, earlier on in production of the game, they said you
wouldn’t be able to walk the mountains but just the plains! And look now

GestahlianChocobot says:

It looks brutally amazing, but let’s be clear: this isn’t Final Fantasy
anymore. At least not as we knew it, unfortunately.

Noobslayerbob says:

Yo dawg I heard you like graphics

crystarius says:

I don’t understand Japanese but I do know “neko” is cat and “dobutsu” is
animal so that’s all I heard the whole time ppffttt

Red Destroyer says:

It looks like the game is going to be fun but considering all the hype
surrounding this game… What are you people so excited about? Am not
trying to bash the game but all they have shown so far is a large world
with not much interaction. The little gameplay/interaction they have shown
is nothing amazing, by the time the game will be released the visuals might
not be as impressive as now also. Don’t forget the mediocrity that’s Final
Fantasy XIII which Square Enix produced, Final Fantasy XV’s large world
doesn’t prevent it from suffering the same type of mediocrity .

Just look what happened with Destiny, same type of hype was surrounding it
before release and we all know how that game turned out to be. Seems like
gamers will never learn their lessons…

Slave2thedrago says:




saren yim says:

this is probably the japanese version of gta

whitematt3321 says:

hope this game comes to PC

Trodorne says:

Okay, so this is my overall impression of the tech demo and not the overall
gameplay. As I have a few assumtions on how that is going to go down. These
points are based on opinion only.

-Back to open world again. Its about time Square Enix
-Live action combat. Thank god you did not try to throw in any kind of turn
-Great AI, Because in Live combat I need good AI might be seeing the return
of the gambit system.
-So far great design intergration of Fantasy and Modern.
-Monster designs look great and fluid.
-Seamless designs and graphics.

-Customization taking a huge hit character wise, Obviously cause they are
so focused on story they don’t want to allow character customization.
-Same Anime Character Arch-types, I have no idea why Jrpgs feel the need to
arch type everyone.
-Future PC/Steam purchase????? they maybe focusing on console to cut down
on piracy which I get. but means for PC gamers like me we would have to
wait some months. Hopefully have it coded for Linux Gamers as well.

Overall: From what we seen and know about the game. It will be a great game
in terms of gameplay and exploration which has been sorely missed in the
genre. The definitely had two main focuses. 1. exploring and kill ****, and
2. main story focusing on two characters with a few side characters acting
as buffers.

My biggest problem with this but this seems to be the trend now with most
casual gamers. cut down on character customization to focus on specific
character driven stories. Which is fine if you are into that. That part I
was hoping they would have added but it looks like no. but oh well. Second
biggest problem is going to be the same anime cookie cutter cut out
characters. The main character seems to take notes from Cloud and Squall
which is Quiet angsty cool guy routine. then you got the side kicks which
as stated are just comedy or emotional buffers.

The game looks amazing and with its graphics capabilities, music and
overall explorative action gameplay. the other parts could probably be
forgiven. So while im not jumping on the pre-order band wagon I would be in
line within the first 2 weeks of release. maybe they show more tech demo of
the combat mixed with exploration then I might be inclined to pre order.

crystarius says:


Achika Masaki says:

Looks nice, I hope its not too casual.

gilless says:

It’s really amazing, but it’s not like Final Fantasy anymore

Sebastian Scarr says:

i could say so many positive things, but i’m going to be a douche and
mention the terrible, terrible lag.

Yooper Sparkly says:

Grand Theft Fantasy XV: Revengeance—— i still gonna buy it…

Marko Stamenkovic says:

I hope you can go in hand to hand, without using weapons 😀
I mean if they are doing a western-styled open world action RPG, they
should make character costumization in terms of abilities and fighting
styles just as extensive. I dont wanna be stuck with preset skills that i
get at a set level once i reach it, i also dont want to just button mash my
way thru the game with a sword, its an RPG after all, not a hack&slash. If
i cant play it the way i want to, i wont enjoy the world that much, even if
its pretty and open like this.

Tony Key says:

This is not final fantasy what happened

LazyMuffin says:

This will look good on PC 

TheGintama86 says:

How much stamina does noctis have? Everyone else is dead from all that

fag mcdick says:

All i see is endless running.

Ömer Yilmaz says:

Final Fantasy was never about gameplay for me, its focus was clearly on the
story, The battle system is just a way to put the actions through, so the
plot develops, so its secondary for me, i dont care about this change, FF
needed a step like this, the most important issue is that we can identify
ourselves with the protagonist and that the whole atmosphere contributes
with its great soundtrack, graphics, characters to the story.

lets wait and see…

EnigMatiC says:

Wow FF has evolved so much, this actually looks really good knowing that
they scrapped there traditional turn-based combat system to a KH type
combat system. I really hope it turns out to be a positive turn, i grew up
with FF games and have played almost all of them. I loved the turn-based
combat so i hope it turns out to be good!

Gregory Alan Bailey says:

I will absolutely get a PS4 thanks to this game. This looks unreal. 

Christian Lampley says:

I kind of think they should go back to the turn gameplay mechanic, like
Final Fantasy 10.

Skyler Miller says:

My brain just exploded….

GATXShinGundam says:

Day/night cycle remind me of Dragon’s Dogma. I really hope they this game
will have moon phases as well. DD felt weird without moon.

dada bubz says:

Could this be the next ff7?!

DubbX767 says:

I’m concerned about the amount of content in this game… looking at the
fields I hope it won’t end up like Twilight Princess did.

Prem Rush says:

I want to ride one of those Buffaloes. 🙂 

sithalo says:

i want a monsterhunter game like this lol

Roddy Diaz says:

this game will be EPIC!!!!!

hithummah says:

those japs don’t know to have fun. if it was me, I would be hitting those
creatures with the car.

Danpoo1 says:

that field music is stuck in my head, this game looks great can’t wait 

JBAznboy92 says:

My body is ready to play this game!!! 😉 Hopefully there will be a bonus
edition that I will for sure get besides the $60 edition here in ‘Murica:3

Actual Venusaur says:

Running around fields confirmed, goty, 10/10.

Seriously though this gameplay trailer looked more like a tech demo, again.

Dr. Pheel says:

I’m just now starting to get into the series (downloaded Crisis Core,
thought it was really fun, and decided to check out X-1 and X-2 HD on the
Vita, and I love it) but I just have to say, HOLY HELL THAT LOOKS GOOD!

Leandro Nardi says:


DarkVisionDesign says:

Really epic, but the commentators are just -.-

佐久間みどり says:


Mr.Fantastico26 says:

I would love this game on PC. BTW to all you console users im not saying
that PC is better that consoles im just saying because i dont have the
consoles.Honestly the next gen consoles at full potential actually look
better than pc sometimes.

phil wellsbury says:

I hope this is just going to be the Overworld section like FF7/8 ect and
theres still some decent detailed cities and unique places ect.

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