Final Fantasy XV – (PS4) Open World Gameplay

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New Final Fantasy 15 Open World Gameplay.
Platforms: Playstation 4 & Xbox One
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Genre: RPG
Release Date:


Yikez89 says:

prob gonna be boring ass jprg, hope square goes bankrupt

Lavaughn Mcrae says:

As a long-term player of FF titles I believe this game will return the
series to its former glory

Jack Thomas says:

Another example – Good graphics bad gameplay

Nate says:

I don’t get how people say this isn’t open world because it’s just many
fields to get a town or city…
Well yeah that’s every final fantasy but u don’t become a giant on the
world map and casually walk to another town with the odd random encounter.
I have loved ff since 4 excluding the shit stains which were 13 and 10.
And this game is the only reason I purchased a next gen console.

Griever Squall says:

FF XV : Forests of Boredom

Haider Ali says:

I can envision a FFVII remake using an open world system like this….but
the chances of that ever happening are non existant ….damn it SQUARE! you
bastards! lol

EpiKerCovers says:

Holy shit, the video is so compressed and the quality is shitty -_- Come on
Square, release a good looking video!

StudioSambodia says:

Good lord this looks so gorgeous,and that Yoko Shimomura music makes it
even better. The beautiful scenery makes up for the sausage fest.

savio even says:

Firstly, after a decade they release a video then on top of that they
screem like fucking retarded (in Japanese where most viewers don’t

Micheal Sands says:

is it just me or is the music of the open world FUCKING AMAZING 

Sed1er says:

Too bad they said you can’t go everywhere until the story demands it. More
linear games desguised as open world. I’ll wait for Bloodborne thank you
very much.

youngsexynerd1 says:

Well it wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy video (or article) without a festering
fuckpool of moronic dribble and baseless negativity, and dumb ass “so
called” final fantasy fans praising there favorite FF (witch is usually
4,6, or 7) and shit talking other popular or newer entries in the
franchise! yeeuuuppp, typical Final Fantasy “fans?” (trolls?)

Skill - Talent Me says:

For your own sanity and ability to actually appreciate what you’re seeing
in this trailer do not read the comments below. I’m starting to wonder if
it’s worth petitioning for comments to be disabled on all Final Fantasy
related videos, due to the sheer amount of SHIT that gets written on each

LordFeast58 says:

You know, I always wonder why not many games decided to make a very open
world scale like this, considering that MMO games could do it. Also, MMO
needed those online handling, mega servers, location, net codes and other
stuff, but it would be pretty amazing if a single player game decided to
implement those MMO scale and make better single player games from there.

I’m not saying that FF XV is very open scale considering that it still WIP,
but still.

TypicalKHKfanboy says:

I don’t know if it’s just me, but some of the objects seem a little bland
such as the gas station near the beginning.

Micael Morais says:

everithing looks very artificial i don´t like it, but looks a good game..

savio even says:

If this becomes a FLOP,I swear SE can stop making this series

Yarumasi says:

Tell me where I am wrong here:
K-POP group rolls up in a modern car, looks for exciting open world
adventure, is met with endless forests with literally 0 to do in them, no
actual combat threat becomes present (you can walk directly past everything
instead of being forced into fights and managing like older games). 9
minutes later a tech demo is finished and a new movie is made “Final
Fantasy XV”
Seriously the comments here are making me depressed, why can’t you guys
discuss criticism anymore? I’ve gone into every FF game since the first
with open views and acceptance for things but this game has almost no
redeeming factors so far besides the fact that it looks good. The gameplay
shown was just miserable, 9 minutes of walking through the woods aimlessly
and not one real encounter occurred, but I guess casual players didn’t’
like fighting in a Final Fantasy game (eck). The combat was basically a
hack-and-slash murder. And yes, before you comment saying “lol you just
hate change dude its not ur nostalgic games anymore move on”, I did move
on, I was the person who actually liked 12’s changes and somewhat 13 (after
a few hours), hell, I thought pre-remake 14 was fun once you looked past
the grinding aspect. But this just looks like an honest-to-god soulless
cash in to appeal to a modern japanese crowd. They have everything they
want: stylistic sexy male characters, really high end graphics, and hack
and slash fighting, all of which sell insane amounts in Japan. Can I blame
them? No, but they should have just made this a whole other franchise at
this point. There was a point in time where Final Fantasy was actually
about Crystals, Mist, and all sorts of themes that tied the series
together. Can you imagine telling someone that after seeing this as their
first Final Fantasy?
Thanks if you actually took the time to read honest criticism and didn’t
fire up an angry reply.

Neji Hyuga says:

@Haider Ali I believe SE is gonna use the FFVII remake as an ace, if SE
ever fucks up again like they did with FFXIII the FFVII remake will pull
them outta fire

deity 93 says:

lol the whole concept of this game is fucking stupid! bunch a dudes in
black leather and other such gothic apparel running around in a field….
and thats all this “open world” is.. a field. none of this was handcrafted,
they literally took a flora brush and went ham with it, i can make better
looking enviroments in far cry 2s map editor…

Cynical says:

They better add a sprint button if they gonna have a big world lol

Yoachan says:

needs more fantasy. the enviroment…. it looks nice, but when you’re away
from that crystal city, nothing feels fantasy other than the giant
animals…needs more.

Reinniel Candelario says:

Why cars not chocobo’s!!!!

bta1987 says:

Why can’t they just do things right? Why don’t we have any playable female
characters onboard? Fuck this shit! 

tiend15 says:

Wonderful video Raj! Looking forwarf to all the games in 2015!!!

phil wellsbury says:

Im a bit unimpressed! nooooo!!!

Its like theys sacrificed amazing beautiful artistic settings (like if you
took a scene from FF9 and made it 3D) and replaced it for repetitive, plain
fields, where the same tree, patch of grass and shrub as been dotted around
every few feet.

Open world games are all ok, but its dull running around huge fields full
of the same tree. Itll still be good cus its FF and story wise i think itll
be back on track, but after seeing the Venice style city, the openworlds

Linkfreak 404 says:


MrLancar says:

Seems to be a whole lot of empty landscapes in this game.

blackmanwithcomputer says:

Dude, upload the 1080 video in 60fps. That scenery deserves it. 

Plipo Gamez says:

The music is uninspired and annoying and the characters appear to be what
many Japanese developers regard as cool and therefore, not in the least bit
interesting. However, I do like the look of the world and it appears care
was taken with the animation. I hope the characters are not as generic as
they appear and I hope there is an intriguing story with engaging plot

JT Ha says:

God I wish this was in HD. It would look so much better, but the game looks

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