Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII Walkthrough Part 1 – The Savior’s Descent (Gameplay Let’s Play)

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Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 Walkthrough Part 1 – The Saviour’s Descent Gameplay Let’s Play Commentary

NEW Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 Gameplay Walkthrough on PS3 and XBOX 360 in high definition HD. This Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13 will also include a Review, all Missions and the Ending.

Developer: Square Enix & Tri-Ace
Release: 02/10/2014
Genre: Japanese Role Playing Game JRPG
Platform: Playstation 3 & XBOX 360
Publisher: Square Enix

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Tetra Ninja says:

Been a very long time since I played a JRPG on the channel. If you want to
see more show the video some love. Thanks!

oliver dhiya says:


Full Moon Lover says:

I clicked on this vid without checking who posted it
so glad it’s you since I just got done watching your XIII-2 let’s play +Tetra

MitsuhideTheVagrant says:

Me after the opening cinematic: “So…Lightning is Jesus?”

DrCreed1313 says:

I heard there was a Cloud suit is that true? If it is I’m gonna get this
game no doubt about

MitsuhideTheVagrant says:

The religious theming is pissing me off, it’s really stupid and waaaaaay
too heavy handed. I hope that the uses of the words “God” and “savior”
were a bad decision by the stupid translation team rather than the actual
point of the development team. Seriously, I think that’s what’s gonna
annoy me the most about this game’s story.

Quei pazzoidi says:

zaltys in the demo was f*king beast 

Tylor Morrison says:

Well the menu doesn’t have the original relaxing music won great art so I’m
not playing this game, the story lines gonna suck 

Jahit89 says:

Not going to buy this game so I’m here to watch the walkthrough. Not giving
Square any more of my money until they make a good FF. That being said, I’m
not sure about this one yet. 

James Fullard says:

Everything they talk about in this I have no clue what happened priot to
this so this is all jibberish 🙁 Is this a stand alone game?

Tinamarie Perez says:

I love this game…I got it the day it came out…I pre order it…I love
playing that game cause I have the FFVII DLC and FFX & FFX-2 DLC

awilmoth521 says:

What the fu- what is this? FF meets Star Trek and Matrix? What the hell did
they do to this game? Souls = Cieth WONDERFUL we get to do BORING ASS
missions once again, like that wasn’t dreadful enough in the first game no
thanks square enix I think I’ll avoid buying this!

pplzdude says:

I’m really hoping that Tetra does the final dungeon, first time on this
I’ll be sorely disappointed if he just goes through this game without doing
the awesome extra dungeon towards the end.

WhiteKoneko says:

I love this game!! Awesome story and I love a main female character that
doesn’t take shit from anybody and can dish out the damage to her enemies.
I love that you can customize her outfits too and the graphics, as always
are sweet as honey to my eyes. I personally don’t mind the big time Good vs
Evil here in the finale of XIII.

jasper Bacon says:

Alright.. We can all admit Japan beats us at everything Action based xD
Godzilla vs KingKong. FFXIII vs God of war. Goku vs Superman. Japan just
wins so hard.

Draco Black says:

that girl looks so much like Serah it’s scary

Thao 3 says:

the girl Lumina, I think is a Demon of Chaos, but for some reason she looks
alot like Serah??? 

GenericKHFan says:

But if even God can’t stop the chaos, at least, the God in the FF 13
Universe, then he isn’t all-powerful is he?

Kidzin says:

Can’t stop laughing while listening to this games plot, so silly

Anime Lover says:

sooo this final fantasy can play coop with other players?

alliantdevil says:

Just to clarify, its mainly the plot of the XIII series that I can’t stand.
The actual game mechanics in each title aren’t terrible and do have some
redeeming qualities.

Ryan Steele says:

I’m a bit confused about this game I have only just started it but I
haven’t completed the 1st 1 ( stuck on barthandelus in oerba chapter 11)
and haven’t played the 2nd. Should I continue the 1st 1?.

TheHishOoo says:

After you beat the game, do they give you a chance to free roam without
that annoying time limit ?? (Plz reply with no spoilers)

Alpha Werewolf says:

Oh i see 13 days as in xii

shinju112 says:

I really don’t like this jesus thing. ._.

dragonvian pollard says:

Is this the newest final fantasy game 

Nicole Larracas says:

R u gonna do a walkthrough on FF 15? PLS!!!’

Midou Denia says:

this is my favourite final fantasy

Michael Broos says:

man I swear, this game getting much better!! I saw the trailers of FF XV
and that game is one god damn killer!!!

alliantdevil says:

I have no idea how you’re playing this game. I couldn’t make it through the
convoluted plot of 13-2 and this looks far, far, far more obtuse and
ridiculous. All I can do is shake my head and wonder what the fuck the
people at Sqenix are smoking. At this point my hope is they go bankrupt or
are purchased and some semi-competent studio can buy the rights to Final
Fantasy so we can have at least a half decent product again.

J Massey says:

My god this is horrible! How has there been 13 games like this? Why when
running down a corridor and come across an enemy do you fight it in a
totally different location? Just because?….

And that music? The 80’s called and wants it back…

gammaglobulin78 says:

slow down and speak right, we want to like you

MrAngelofflames says:

can you explain level up/stat system please. that has ruined jrpg’s i’ve
played in the past

Grim Reaper says:

Thanks dude for making this walkthrough. I really like Final Fantasy XIII
sequel. PC users like me can’t even experience original single player Final
Fantasy titles, because it wasn’t made for PC, except for the online ones.
The rest are rereleased version. I think the single player one never gonna
come to PC I guess.

Anyway if there is star for rating in youtube I’ll give you 10 stars :)

Car Talk says:

I remember when people were smart enough to play strategies : / . Now it is
all mash mash mash, click click click, action action action. And we wonder
why kids struggle. Either way great job Tetra, love your work.

lennyhome says:

“She” looks like a dude. In fact every FFXIII looks like a dude who looks
like a dude who took female hormones for the best part of his life.

Horrible People says:

!st cutscene, already better than 13-2

autumrose1 says:

I hope we see Noel sometime in this new game

arceus1100 says:

this game and me are not compatible 13 and 13-2 were lovely to play, but
this, FUCK it I Give up now, by day 8 i completely failed cause of getting
lost so much even though i got up to all 3 bosses but couldnt kill any of
them so i was at all the ends but it was too hard at that point. I dont
like a time limit i wanna be able to put 170+ hours and just see
progression of character but instead were doing quests. For anyone who
enjoys this, I want to but i cant, so have fun:( :)

Chris Stafford says:

This game still makes me sad. They took all the final fantasy out of final
fantasy after 10. Its all the same games with a unique shit covering pasted
over it again and again. I watched 4:28 of this hoping it might be
different. Not impressed. All the strategy, all of the things that made
this series so amazing for the first 10 games is gone. Same ideas being
shittified over and fucking over

Benjamin Jose Paz says:

If hope were in man form, Lightning wouldn’t be able to hold herself back.


Lol,the battle system represents America.You can move freely,but to an
extent. xD
I’m very high right now…

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