Assassin Build – Thief (GW2 Gameplay / Commentary)

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Hey guys Presenting my Thief – Assassin Build S/D gameplay and commentary and also including some tip and trick that might be usefull to beginner. Do notice am not perfect with Thief but i try my best to explain what you need to know about the build and thief in general.

GW2 ID: Angil.4562



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Paul Evans says:

I would think the more you practice the more knowledge you would get. To me
it just comes hand and hand but hey idk. */(._.)*

ThePantalonians says:

but… but…. but… I love my condi teef 🙁 hehe check out my channel
feel free to message me any suggestions you have on my condi teef gameplay
seeing as though you have played it for so long! Subbed.

Giorgan maca says:

Gr8 vid I like the points you make and you seem to be an experienced thief
I would like to see a tips and tricks video with beginner and advanced tips

goshawkrst says:

There is any vid on youtube showing and explaining hoy to decently play a
thief ? I mean, to understand how they work both defensevly and ofense ?
Have no clue on thief and this videos kinda makes me give it a try. Nice
work Afro, hope to see more videos on both thief and warrior. Grate
gameplay, comments on vid find them very useful , and also grate editing.
Kind regards ! 

LikeMyMusic says:

How come your health is so high? Because of the trinkets etc.? Because your
gear is just berserker.

Fábio Alves says:

im a noob thief and i often get frustrated because i am making the errors
you mention here. And its true, practice makes perfect, but knowledge is
key, because i kept practicing but as i know very little of the game, i
wouldnt get better (like i know how to do my combo, but dont know when to
go in and out etc). This helped me alot men! Thanks and keep the good work

Ryan Chevalier says:

What head piece are you rocking?

Tseikk The Foul says:

Sigil of energy is not only THE BEST survivability sigil in the game, but
(what i think you forgot to mention) it also synergizes VERY well with your
acrobatics trait, since once you use the dodge you’ll gain even more
endurance back 😉

Thieves with sigil of energy can, if needed, dodge 4 times in a row! It’s
extremely important with a build like this that has barely any toughness.

Also respect for not playing the p-d meta everyone (including me, because i
like to win without effort) is playing.

Patrick n says:

Dude u really suck bad with thief 😀 only thing u do is chasing some newbs
running away from u. U use roll for initoative to spam more #3 which is
just retarded. Just try playin sd thief in tpvp and say it’s a low skill
cap class. Dude u main warrior, i mean…wtf? There’s no other class having
such a low skill cap like warrior. But hey, ur just another youtube pro who
gains fame from ppl who dont know how to play there class. Just like yishis
and co. I saw ur vid and i just laughed my ass off dude 😀 

I Play Guild Wars II says:

Awesome ! Subbed !

ryyyAv says:

Nice video:) you play spvp/tpvp too ? 

Delaney Guy says:

Gonna try out this build soon.

Love your videos.. and your accent!

0biggaj0 says:

I can’t figure out, how do you immobilize them. I am trying to learn thief
so kinda new at this :S. around 10:00

Get Rekt says:

Can u do both? Montages and out number fights r amazing!

T Blackman says:

i was wondering where Afro good build and vid man and the intro was koo

T Rodts says:

Nice one Afro, enjoyed it! Do you have a FB page or twitter? Easier to spot
a new vid if you have a page :D

Feras Boulala says:

Here are my thoughts on it. First, please do not keep your wvw stacks and
bloodlust when showing off the stats. 2900 power is impressive but as a
glassy thief you will die alot so you wont be keeping the stacks
permanently. Secondly, although the build looks solid, there is something
you forgot: CONDITION REMOVAL. Shadowstep aside you litterally have
nothing. As you said [and I respect you for the knowledge you share with a
touch of wisdom], as a thief you decide of where and when to fight. If you
dont want to engage on a condi build you have the ability to but with this
condi fest going on, it means ignoring half the people out there. That
being said, I think 20606 or 20066 are the best atm. You can even think a
bit out of the box by going for 20336 for both condi removal, stealth
duration (thief’s pu lool), might on dodge and infinite dodge. That is all
I had to say. Ty for the content. I would be very pleased (and I am
speaking for alot of people) if you’d release more s/d thief videos.


bro..wahts the name of the gloves ??

Sub X says:

I always enjoy your videos Afro. Great advice and great gameplay :)

Luke Towne says:

Nicely done! I really appreciate the fact that im not the only one who
plays “Outside the Box” Sub’d

Elmouski E says:

Cool build brah. :)

parrzz says:

afro ik ben geband net in de week dat ik tegen je moet ;( 

Andi Brenner says:


FOXHOUND715 says:

its cool build :D.What are you using mouse?

Lexium S. says:

Nice Video Afro! Hope too see more future content from you keep up the good
work man! And awesome intro as usual :)


hey afro..was w8ing for your upload…
its quite late though…but i watch your gameplay regularly (for music to
be honest) 😛
you are really a smart player :)

goshawkrst says:

Thanks Afro . Keep up the good work , both Warrior and Thief ! Kind regards

Afro Gaming Entertainment says:

Always feel free to rate en share as it is mush appreciated 1LOVE

BEEAST on Pc says:

Nice vid! What are your pc specs? keep the 60fps cideos coming :P

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