Guild Wars 2 – Guardian PvP Gameplay

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A first look at some PvP action in this Guardian gameplay smashing, in ArenaNET’s upcoming MMO Guild Wars 2.


mrsun9775 says:

I like it. But dont understand why are you playing with zoom.

Paul King says:

srsly graphic looks like complete shit to me and pvp is a fkn mess there. i
doubt it even worth to play this game cuz always best mmo games aspect was
pvp only

buledragon172 says:

GW2 is not for everyone

Malkoto4exal4e says:

free to play ?

Joe George says:

Everyone could heal, he didn’t need a healer.

stockholmarna says:


MorsVelGloria says:

Hey guys, check out our videos and let us know what you think!

akamaster09 says:

now answer the other 2 questions lol… unless u dont know the answer…

Auriel Doplegenger says:

this is the game of the year ? XD hahaahah is so shit

akamaster09 says:

nahh im more of a warrior type of dude… like to just jump into the battle
and attack everyone lol.

akamaster09 says:

so basically its not really worth making one now?

akamaster09 says:

1 is this class just that op 2 this dude is just good at the game 3 he had
a healer with him?

culpr4te says:

Uh… no. Having an opinion is a total NO-NO, MAN.

Ginmaru says:

guardians got nerfed. they can be beaten by thief fast if they know what
they are doing

Casper D says:

I dont like this >.< looks way too weird, and the sounds are so messed up.

SadBoys4Lyfe says:

I like it, it’s not like WoW how you can die within a second and no

MrMattyCF says:

Holy shit, your English is so bad.

Christopher A. says:

fuck idk why i got halo 4 and black ops 2 they totaly suck compared to
this. But i cant compare because they are fps and GW2 is mmo :/

Ian Tolentino says:

It’s not your game then. It’s one of the best mmorpg rated for graphics and
gameplay for the year 2012 by both critics and general players. I like it,
thanks for trying it though, opinions are opinions.

Blazingwheel says:

Observe: the mouse clicker.

culpr4te says:


Triskill183 says:

Take a chill pill walrus rolf


says the virgin

Errdil says:

This video is really old. Guardian was considered overpowered by a lot of
people, it got nerfed early in the beta.

otto brännström says:


MrPhillyBlunts says:

if your hating on the game based off this video then your retarded. This is
from beta, which was months before the actual game released, and the guy
playing is a fuckin noob. GW2 FTW, fuck wow

lorwe largo says:

this game is awesome! as shit

WincestGuild says:

It’s not your point of view, itss complete bullshit. Your ”point of view”
is just you being biased. And / or a wanking little kid who does not know
his or her facts at all.

Andronie Alexandru says:

WTF is this game in 2012 ? Lol who play this game lol? i cant pay for this
lol just try SWTOR

Raansu says:

Lets be honest here. I love swtor but even I can admit that swtor plays
exactly like WoW with some minor differences.

Jackson King says:

Hi BodyGuard4Niki, from your experience, is it easy to make in game gold to
trade for gem late game? I just started playing yesterday and am
considering expanding my bank inventory size. Thanks!!

Preston Wood says:


cheezcruncher says:

Tbh this looks like uttershit. I want to be excited for this game but I
don’t see anything in this video that makes me want to play this. This
looks like a prequel to guild wars 1 instead of an sequel.

kallejjk says:

Theres just wayyy to much stuff going on in gw 2 looks cool but really

DTVgaming says:

What pvp gamemode are you playing

welkinds evp says:


Adeltas WayFT says:

oh in the past 4 months i did, played as a thief uninstalled it 2 days
after. It’s way overrated.

WarLordTR7 says:

is it true that guardian wit hstaff is like shit?

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