Guild Wars Nightfall Gameplay (HD)

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Guild Wars Gameplay in HD (widescreen) by Cousigames


Riley Smith says:

Hi everybody, I haven’t watched this video yet (I’m going to soon) but I’m
wondering if I should get the Guild Wars Trilogy from Gamestop. I’ve never
played or watched any videos about this game before but it seems good. I’m
also wondering if it would be appropriate because I’m only 11. Getting to
my point I’m wondering if I should get it and if so should I get 1 of the
guild wars or should I get the trilogy?

homonavn says:

I just realised something… When i bought my old pc 4 years ago, a key to
this game came with it… Found out 2 days ago, installed it and… I
fucking love it 😮 One of my favorite MMo games 🙂 Nice vid btw

mantis1mike says:

i have guild wars nightfall as an old game from my brother and i wanted to
know if it was worth installing my brother is not a reliable source of
information so im asking all of you. should i install this game? i dont
have to pay because he got it years ago.

TheKennylight says:

yay! en norsk fyr! 😀

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