LOTRO – Hunter Gameplay – Eregion – Part 2 [Lord of the Rings Online Gameplay]

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Part two of ‘Eregion’ Hunter gameplay in Lord of the Rings Online (LOTRO).
This series is where I start Eregion on my Hunter, and play through all the quests, up until Moria. Each part being a few minutes long – and of a set of quests in an area.

Here is a link to the playlist with all the videos: http://goo.gl/E07v3d

I will continue doing this through Moria, each zone I do.
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Rebphoenix says:

Don’t Hunters have pets?

theraiden115 says:

Kind of reminds me of TESIV Oblivion the way it looks, I am gonna download
it today.

eric rivera says:

are you using mods? and if so what are they.

Louey7 says:

Errr, not in LOTRO 🙂

Casckett Jisbon says:

Nice gameplay, I like how you speed it up, I would be SO bored watching
without speed up, LOL!

Louey7 says:

Honestly Precision is only good if you have bad tank IMO in group play,
otherwise it doesn’t do much (improves crit which is ‘chance’, whereas
strength is guaranteed to increase overall damage because it is damage%)

Louey7 says:

Thanks… Yup half orcs are pretty fun 😀

abdullah zayyat says:

How does your game look this good? Mine looks horrible in comparison, what
r ur specs?

Louey7 says:

I’m just using a UI skin (BGM Blue), I’ll put a link in the description so
you can see it

Gloochify says:

You should really be playing in precision stance Imo

Louey7 says:

It does, you can go all the way from very low to ultra high.

Louey7 says:

I kill much faster in strength, and actually Precision has almost no uses
for me 🙂

Josip Butorac says:

My clas is guardian men we can met some times

Louey7 says:

CPU: Intel Core i7 @ 2.2GHz RAM: 8 GB (DDR3 I think?) Graphics card:
Nividia GeForce GT 540M (V. 306.97) I run on ultra high setting with a few
things (especially DX11 shadows/water stuff) turned down. On my laptop
before this one (this is a Dell XPS something), I had to run on low
graphics (but I could at least turn textures up) and it didn’t look nearly
as good… That stuff doesn’t bother me too much though 🙂

Louey7 says:

Hehe… I would be too, that is why I did it! Glad you like though 🙂

Louey7 says:

Sorry if I didn’t answer this earlier,… I just noticed it looked like I
didn’t 🙁 If you still need to know, I set static tooltips on delay in
options. It was either under UI, general, or something like that. You could
scroll (left to right) how long of a delay you wanted.

Luharn says:

why u don’t use any legendary skill???

Linus Scheuer-Larsen says:

You are evil you kill a wolfhound you Can tame Them with meat

Louey7 says:

I don’t have any 😀 I should by Moria though, I don’t really think it is
worth grinding them out… Especially since I am completely fine without any

Louey7 says:

I already have those, and still don’t think it is worth grinding when I do
just fine without them 🙂

UnGrumpy says:

I don even get how theyre similar lol

Shelby PuppyDog says:

I never have but do you think I should try to get legendary traits as soon
as i get the book?

Megan Galdiner says:

I liked this one, fun half-orcs 😛

Louey7 says:

What server are you on? 🙂

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