MapleStory 2 Online Alpha Adventures Part 3 World Bosses

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MapleStory 2 Adventures Part 3!
Chibi Raid Army vs World Bosses – Goodbye FPS!
Awesome boss mechanics. Ride, Hide, or Die!

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Comments Gaming Channel says:

@Jason Tran That would be latency issue since I am playing this game from
USA and the ping from here to South Korea is laggy T_T it’s still playable
though. I enjoyed the Alpha test a lot :)

orihalchon says:

Wow, some “veteran maplers” just doesn’t appreciate modernization, huh?

IAmSuchANerdLol says:

Does the action combat now require a tank role?

Or is it still just 1 healer (bishop) and everything else DPS?

UchihaUzumaki03 says:

MS 2? Never heard of it!, ill try downloading it!

Hypo CriticalZ says:

What is your Keyboard and Mouse?

jonas kongsro says:

Hey I was just wondering if you have any gameplay of X-Legends new game
Dragon slayer could you opload it

Asterisk says:

Omg didn’t realize those gray things were tombstones.

Steven Ventro says:

Steparu ._. I hate you again. Playing these awesome Alpha games Dx!

MasterGir360 says:

Have you tried getting/making a house? And do they sell you furniture for

iMarcusFenix says:

Wow, this is actually looking to be really good!

I just hope that the bosses get a difficulty change. They kinda just stand
there and take a beating. Kind of defeats the purpose of the word “boss”…

Shadowriffles says:

Maple Story teaching us the importance of kicking the crap out of a man
when he is already down.

anderson silva says:

i find it weird that you are able to climb walls with no ladder. So whats
the point of ladders?

Bigg Z says:

this looks terrible, absolutely no correlation to the original game, bound
to be a flop.

it looks like a shitty combination of runescape and minescraft. GG

ApoLo DjaiS says:

Steparu Hello) please tell me you liked the game? Whether it is worth it to
start playing?

김성수 says:

When I heard MapleStory 2 will come out, I thought it’ll be just boring
But Alpha test come out… and I played… I become more generous about
this game.

Casual, has possible that if producers try best, it could be quit good

David Chen says:

Can you change the camera angle? Like pan around to the other side while
fighting a boss to get a better view of where your character is located?

Kevin Chen says:

i noticed when you guys were doing the final beatdown on the Owl boss, some
loot dropped out but no one ran to pick it up. instead, they continued to
beat the thing… so I’m wondering: if loot is on a per person basis or is
it public?

LilMusicMeng says:

Did not expect that you could grab flying mobs.
Pretty epic how some of you gripped the boss

p a l i e u s says:

maplestory, henesys hunting ground I, tiger, suuushi, k>pq got ilbis 8 att
bwg got track, mesos plox, t>fame, xXdray86xX, maple island begginner lvl
15 with leather purse, getting razor blade instead of fruit knife,
maplestory cheat engine bypass v.32, vac hack, uber tubi xDD

TheXxSpyxX says:

I’m excited to be able to play ms2, maple game is about 8 years and can not
wait to play this, I’m jealous of you Steparu! just kidding: D

ff343355 says:

It looks so cool and i bet it was really laggy doe xD can’t wait for it,i’d
be amazed if they made it so it wouldn’t fps lag due to this.By the way the
inventory looks a lot like Elsword’s lol.

MCSam0902 says:

Do you get a lot of good items from raid bosses?

Xarai says:

nice to see that maplestory still sucks even with it’s “successor”
maplestory now looks like an uglier less fun runescape

Vlican says:

looks great! if only RO2 was as good a reboot as MapleStory2…

TessMafia says:

Everyone climbs the ladder, but you climb the wall xD

Glenn Lensen says:

How does the loot works for mobs/bosses? Everyone can just pick it up or
only you?

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