MapleStory HYPER SKILLS Official Gameplay

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MapleStory HYPER SKILLS Official Gameplay

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Itay Rimmler says:

Lol… I remember I almost laid an egg every time someone used savage blow
or dragon buster 7 years ago… Of course I could have only dream about it
since the highest level I reached before I quit and returned to the game
after 2-3 years was level 29… And now look at this game…. Can someone
recommend about an old maple private server that actually works? You know,
if you are reading it already…

Dark Angel says:

em toda a porra do planeta menos no Brasil

JustForFPS says:

I like her voice

ProFrame Zaibatzu says:

FOUNDED LIKE A MUTHA FUKA dam can they play without maple cash stuff

Daniel Mashev says:


timmyteler says:


nizzar hassan says:

to many numbers………

Daniel Mashev says:

funny game:))

Daniel Mashev says:


MeFreeFrag says:

I like how you speak in here. It makes the whole maplestory fun and
interesting!! Keep up the good work!!

Joshua. CP says:

fourth lol

SirCommanderGame says:

Didn’t know you made maplestory videos!:O

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