Mortal Online First Look

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This First Look is more or less a basic overview of the early game of Mortal Online

Mortal Online is a first-person MMORPG in a fantasy setting.

Mortal Online is a next generation PC MMORPG both in terms of graphics and gameplay. There are no PvP zones, only an open realistic world where you are free to choose your own path. Experience true real-time combat where you decide every move your character makes and where your personal skill really matters.

Mortal Online is now completely free to play and is published by Star Vault.

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Dun Hilda says:

Sounds fun… Sound like it might be better that Archefail.

CanadianGuyReview says:

This game would be more than intersting if the quality wasnt of back then
in 2006

jman add says:

chop your head off sell it? wear your skin. Man you might as well play
other better games. This is way to satanic. 

Stinking Ooze says:

Right, i’m going Buffalo Bill!

sightinsight says:

dang that’s detailed, what you can do with players body.

Professor Montebon says:

Oh and around 8:58 That shot of the city reminded me of the old Devil May

Frederic Emmanuel says:

Is it free

Christopher Poulsen says:

First Person Hardcore Runescape?

alex taylor says:

This game doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves its very much pay to
play as the f2p aspect is like a sampler for the game and it doesn’t get
fun until you join a guild and find people to work together with and have
Pvp mock battles or real battles with anyone who says this game sucks isn’t
playing under the right circumstances such as paying for it and being in a
decent guild with about 2 to 3 characters

DroBoticzZ Ftw says:

What the fuck? When you create an account, it asks for your address…..

Professor Montebon says:

I’m in it for the Cannibalism. Watchout mmo world you have a new beast to

Iamgodof Humancollective says:

Star vault is run by crooks.

alex taylor says:

Noooo the springbok 

DiddyTheKong says:

is it possible to play this with a Xbox 360 controller?

flamefleir says:

What’s the song at 3:57? In-game music?

999sss1 says:

wow, can’t believe this super sadist game is made by swedish developers…
I feel, feel very bad now :(

ya man says:

That animal at the end was a blond actress.

Kaan Atbs says:

FULL NUDITY YEY ! actualy it’s pretty awkward to see a mage who cast a
spell with his dick lol

MrJaxxim says:

people dont understand a game im tired of seeing them rage about “its pay
to win” there is no pay to win its pay to play what game doesnt have a
heavy disadvantage for non paying players? dont support the game you get to
little fun out of it pay you’ll get fun out of it and the full experince.
if no one payed then you wouldnt be playing so stop your bitching you
little kids your just mad your too broke to pay for the game (which is 15$
a month thats half a allowence for kids and barely a dent and peoples pay
checks so i find it silly to get pissed over 15$……)

RedX says:

This is cool as hell, and I shall tell you why! When games are complicated
it gives everyone a chance to catch up and discover and have different
abilities then others. Downloading game now, stay tune for my review below!

iLand Boi says:

Check out my lets play’s for Mortal Online ;D

Mr Akshay says:

Such an underrated game

indskab says:

This game is so fucking complicated. I hate it.

Sam Sucks says:

Why do people hate this game so much? Too hard for you pathetic little

Richard Lydick says:

I tried this game and it sucks! It is bad enough you only get 1! Yes, 1
character slot so I hope you like it. You can pay $9 for each additional
character slot and god knows what else you’d have to pay for if you have to
pay for that. The game is has issues from the beginning just dealing w/ the
basics from moving, attacking, equipping, etc. I have played a lot of
MMORPG’s and at this moment this is at the bottom of my list by several
light years. This s not a good MMORPG. I have seen a few good reviews but I
should have known better since the vast majority were largely negative(like
this one).

Kevin Love says:

Please everyone be careful. The Gm’s in this game and some players are
hackers. My account was hacked and i was banned for showing everyone the
truth. you have been warned. Avoid this game or you may lose a lot of $$$$
like i did. Fuck you Mortal online with no vaseline and may you all rot in
the god damn pits and bowels from cunt fucking hell. If i could say what i
really wanted to i would be put in prison. I will do my best to show the
public what you Mortal online community are all about. this is war …. 🙂 

omgyeaXD says:

That thing at the end! xD

Belphegor XVII says:

3:08 Such freedom!

That Guy Alenori says:

Hey, you guys should revisit MO, they’ve had another Graphic overhaul and
added more stuff in game!

Chris Markwardt says:

This game gives players a lot of freedom, but that’s really the only
highlight of the game. It sounds and looks cool at first with all the
features, but the real gameplay is a lot of grinding. Whether you’re
hunting, mining, or whatever you’ll be doing it for hours and chances are
anything you earn will be soon stolen from you. The only way to play is to
join one of the giant guilds and basically be a soldier for them, which
isn’t much fun either since the combat isn’t all that great or balanced.

Bottom line, if you like absolute hardcore gameplay and PvP you might like
this game, otherwise any other game will be more fun.

Raphael Castro says:


Kagem Nightray says:

Similar to Sword Art Online but, the Customize sucks !, wish it would be
like the Customize like Age of Wushu ! 

Pixel Pariah says:

I played this game on launch. When it was 50 bucks and a monthly sub. I
quit playing when people started not wearing shoes so they could use
better/heavier armor on other parts of the body because no one ever hits
your feet. I just couldn’t play after that. Totally broke immersion for me.
A bunch of knights running around barefoot, it was ridiculous. Pretty fun
game though, I’m sure it’s much different now.

bob M says:

Mortal Online is an Amazing Game and dont let anyone tell you otherwise!!
The Only Problem is the community! Straight Idiots that get beat with
toaster’s every night by their dads. Besides 75% of assholes u will run
into the game is truly a good game. Oh yeah and its a Lil buggy! but they
will Fix all before Steam Release ! Welcome To Mortal Online ! 

TheApolloGameZ says:


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