Mortal Online Gameplay #2 – Taming A Mount & Getting Ganked!

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Zofc and I leave the safety of Trindem for the first time in forever to tame a horse and run into an adventure. A random asshole appears behind us while we ride in circles raising our proficiency and utterly rapes us both.

PvP in MO is hardcore to say the least. If you die, you lose everything! To learn more about the game go to and sign up for a free trial.


polle denol says:

Wheres part 3 man

TrollingPunckGaming says:

do more plz

polle denol says:

You guys made me laugh my ass off

sam newman says:

starter swords are noobied (or at least should be)you dont drop them when
you die.

Lestat2150 says:

No its active combat. No tab targeting whatsoever. A lot of ganking though
and you need to get used to the combat or you’ll lose every time.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

i lost my shit completely when you were riding that donkey naked hahahahaha
good vid, is this game worth playing? good combat? is it on-lock target

Lestat2150 says:

I want more video’s before I make a list. My friend you hear on these
videos hasn’t been able to play lately.

Sebastian Persson says:

Why are they still not in a list! GJ son!

Valtari says:

Dick on a donkey.

Gr4ck3L says:

This reminds me of UO, and looks like what UO2 would have been to be honest.

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