Neverwinter: Trickster Rogue in Helm’s Hold (Gameplay)

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FSG Presents: Neverwinter Gameplay

Playing Neverwinter’s Trickster Rogue during the press Beta Event.

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GamersBrainStorming says:

Is this coming to console?

FibbleStarbuck says:

blizzard says they can’t give rogues good animations…. yet here is a game
with the very same class with good animations…. agh.

Shandre Brown says:

Think u might had gone insane near the ending there

Lethal Booze says:

I’m downloading this game on Steam. I hope I like it :)

Alexpack says:

I have a ranged attack at my right click :/ in this class why is that?

Ceazar Arroyo says:

The Control Wizard and Trickster rogue are the OP classes..
but anyways..
my lvl 60 friend DaDarkYue recommended me to use Duelists Flurry..
its kinda cool since you hit the enemy 10 times

101SunClan101 says:

Is Whisperknife or Master Infiltrator better?

Dark-Drake Jr says:

yo the rogue is the most over power class in pvp neverwinter 

demonxecutor says:

the trixter rogue is sometimes called the DM’s bane, when playing dnd, the
rogue is always the one who has someway of disappearing and never getting
hit ever, and it annoys the crap out of most dungeon masters lol. it is a
hilarious and rather ridiculous class to play

fahrenheit016 says:

Damn I really want to play but the game has already crashed twice when I
create my character> <

Lunar Manny says:

guys any idea abut this game ? +brut aq tell me what you think ? 

IQequalZero says:

Except he isnt, the area is level 30+ and hes 31. Leveling in the general
open areas is just pretty easy, like most MMOs.

Matt G says:

oh and this is months old.. stealth is limited, though trickster damage is
seriously Over powered.

Brandy says:

Wow I must confess you make some very trcanhent points.

IQequalZero says:

How does the dungeon gear being BoE have anything to do with P2W? Its
bought with ingame currency, which you cant buy with real money.

Sorrowdusk says:

Situational though. Guess it’s a LITTLE like being chain dunked by Darius.
But you have to let it happen.

Peter Tran says:

How does dungeon armors and weapons being BoE make the game p2w?

weticeboy says:

ya but he is lvl 31 and gloaming cut unlocks only at lvl 35 … and with
the mobs of ur lvl .. u cant 1 shot minions .. i have tried .. u need 2
shots to kill minions wid gloaming cut

Scott Valeri says:

bahahah TERA sucks balls.

pfunkle says:

Prepare the forums for thousands of complaint threads about how OP rogues
are 🙂

Ginger Ale says:

Actually if you activate your second daily ability and then stealth it
refills the meter for a set time allowing you to remain stealthed for a
while without having to engage enemies. You could just slip by them. I’ve
done it plenty of times. Now that added with his right At Will ability
makes the Trickster class extra OP.

thegoosendew says:

That Ending…

Sebastian Victor Micu says:

Man, Tera is one of the best MMORPG out there, and since february is free
to play. I’m lvl 41 and there are no restrictions!!! Freakin enjoyable.
Don’t play shit!

Michael Martin says:

What race are a human or orc and one more thing what server are u on?

Andrei Mihaly says:

yes you can potion and other stuff

Demoncutting lol says:

The only reason he was able to stay in stealth was because he killed the
weaklings, it wont work against stronger monsters.

neverfearchrisishere says:

Ah, the diablo 3 plan…………………

Prince Blake says:

This is OP as hell. In and out stealth 1. short cooldown 2. Broad daylight
3. Attacking doesn’t break stealth. 4. High DPS…….why pick another

florous alex says:

I wish i could play that game….when i try to log in it says that i need
to enable cookies but i have already enabled them…can u help me?

Beirut Lebanon says:

I’ve started a neverwinter chat group on the palringo app, search
neverwinter & join both the neverwinter & skyrim elderscrolls chat group ,
or create your own. thanks @maxroleplay

Payton Vermey says:

u dont get new right click abilities till after that by some amount

Vlaka says:

because it removes the challenge/need/desire to run through content if you
can just gear yourself out using nothing but your wallet.

Jack d says:

Is it for Mac?

Coldbodyz says:

Yea I was born the a disability called “Regular Person” It’s something I
deal with. 90% of children born have this disability.

DaFuseBomb says:

hack and slash

Sorrowdusk says:

5:40 RUH ROH? Balor or Pitfiend?

Sorrowdusk says:

Hush son. 1E/Geewunner in the house. Wut u know ’bout THAC0?

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