Made a new character….4 of them actually. Deleted Galaan, sadly, as he was not the correct race I needed for what I wanted out of him. **My apologies on the quality of the video – [More]
RIFT:Starfall Prophecy – It’s crunch time: can Trion Worlds deliver on their promise of a premium DLC? Can they bring back players? Can they resurrect the dead? Join me at 8pm GMT 16 November 2016 [More]
Conheça o jogo Ragnarok Online 2, neste vídeo apresento a criação dos personagens, explico as diferenças básicas dos atributos e detalho um pouco mais sobre as classes e jobs. Abraço a todos e fui! ________________________________________­_ [More]
DC Universe Online Gameplay PS4 Walkthrough Let’s Play Part 13 features the Attack Brainiac mission for our villain SnEaKy ChArMeR with xxSnEakyGxx! This DC Universe Online Walkthrough Gameplay Let’s Play series will include PS4 1080p [More]
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This series of guides is designed to help players become much better at SWTOR and other MMO’s in general. The series will start off with a set of basic beginner guides that will help shape [More]
VİDEO’ YU LÜTFEN YÜKSEK SESTE İZLEMEYİNİZ. [TR] Pantheon League of Legends Gameplay # AlicanKKO – Pant OP
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Back to the future the game Double Visions GamePlay gameplay also a walk through. Game Released 4/29/2011 First to upload this video to youtube. Sorry for late upload. Also sorry if they are not comming [More]
Star Wars The old Republic Gameplay german Swtor deutsch Gameplay Let’s Play Star Wars. Star Wars The old Republic oder einfach Swtor ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Über einen Daumen nach oben und ein Abo würde ich mich freuen. [More]
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[Let’s Play] Star Wars the Old Republic: Die Black Talon!(2) │#021│ │Emeröld│ ———————————————————————— ►Star Wars the Old Republic◄ MMORPG von EA™, Bioware™ und Lucasarts™ Publisher: EA™ Link zur Seite: ———————————————————————— ►Let’s Play: Star Wars [More]
Yay its an Adept soloing BDN Memorial Part One 😀 Adept looks so fun~ Please Note: I Do Not Own these Characters Source: Subscribe for more Interesting Videos~ and Share if you Liked it~ Twitter [More]
MORTAL ONLINE | neste vídeo mostrando um pouco do MORTAL ONLINE e suas mecânicas SANDBOX, domando cavalo, conhecendo um pouco o mapa e como extrair itens de carcaças no açougue. Participe de nosso grupo no [More]
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Albion Online BETA doing some Tier 5 Dungeons more to come. After BETA i will make more videos about albion online Link to Albion Online : ( this is an referral link ) Song [More]
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EverQuest Next: Landmark gameplay from SOE official livestream November 13. Landmark is more than just Minecraft: 15:11. Landmark is MMORPG created by player-base when EQN is MMORPG made by SOE.
Dreams and visions . . . Just those words alone will spark immediate controversy! But yet the Bible is full of spectacular accounts of God using this method of communication to send a clear message. [More]
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