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Mi primer Gameplay y video luego de un millon de años, porfavor no critiquen ps es mi primer video de este estilo, solo aceptare criticas constructivas :D, la practica hace al maestro!!! Mi Twitter:
My first PvP encounter Mounted Archer with shit bow + Bodkin Arrows vs Geared Melee dude! —- GOOD FIGHT! — Watch live at
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Ностальгическое возвращение в мою самую первую MMORPG. Здесь ещё нет Камаэлей и Артеас, Логово Антараса всё ещё заветная мечта многих героев, а большую часть карты скрывают туманы войны. Так давайте же вместе вспомним, как красиво [More]
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Tim started out in MMOs with EverQuest 1, which explains a lot. Join us as we go back to look at an old part of the game as it is today. for more Phantasy Star Online 2 reviews, gameplay videos, guides, screenshots, tips, news, and more. Yep…it’s been 5 years and I waited as long as I could for a potential Western release, but the [More]
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Runes of Magic Let’s Play von RalleDerRasende die tägliche Dosis RoM mit aktuellen Themen, heute: Mein FEM Praktikum ~Eckdaten Runes of Magic Runewaker Entertainment Gameforge ~Let’s Play MMORPG Runes of Magic Kommentiertes Gameplay Video [More]
Voici la première partie de ce jeux qui est excellent cependant , lorsque je mettais fraps en marche ( logiciel qui me permet de filmer) , les image par seconde descendaient d’ 1/3 , et [More]
First time sitting in a carrier. Took it for a spin around the block and got in a cool fight. — Watch live at
This is the start of my The Secret World Beta Gameplay stream, I played for many hours and recorded all of my game playing, I will be posting the whole thing a piece at a [More]
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Welcome back to another episode of Alpha Acces! Closed Beta has started! In this episode, I’ll be going over the new progression changes and some tips on how to get started if you’re brand new [More]
Crown Prince Noctis and company must fend off the armed forces of Niflheim as they launch an assault upon the Kingdom of Lucis. Subscribe to IGN’s channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming: [More]
Tastygraph runs around in Transylvania and kicks butt… until he gets his butt kicked 😛 That zone is HARD! (for me at least… )
Gameplay of the Champion class in the Lord of of the Rings Online (LOTRO) in 2016. The Champion is a main melee class. In LOTRO, Champions do large AoE damage, strong Single Target DPS, or [More]
Grinding like a boss! Music is not mine and i do not claim any rights.
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