[Season 4] Is Pantheon Jungle Viable? Diamond Gameplay

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[Season 4] Is Pantheon Jungle Viable? Diamond Gameplay League of Legends


Ned Atkinson says:

I take my stun at lvl 2 for jungle pantheon because of the passive reset
and i think just auto attacking does more damage than wasting your time
while using Heart seeker strike

Dr.Evil says:

Tried two games now after buying him. Could possibly not gone worse, got
flamed and blamed for just about everything between heaven and earth and
surrendered both games xD

SuiSanoo says:

Nice gameplay^^
Could you try to play Alistar jungle?^^

Nguyên w says:

for some reason i always love that 5 seconds intro

BLS. says:

Lol wasn’t that Janna that troll girl gamer.

Stefan Ganescu says:

I just played 2 games and i got 5-1 and 7-0. I died because of a tower dive
and no one got the gold. If you have ult + speed boots you can catch up to
everyone. If the lane you are ganking has a stun or slow you can basicly
kill anyone. Counter jungling works against most champions i have played

xCaptainHero 01 says:

Pantheon really is a weird pick for the jungle but he can make great ganks
around lvl 2 or 3 cause of his stun ability.

Chance Newell says:

Broken Anus: lel lucky i forg0t my ignite n0o0o0obz
feverdmushroom: over 500 stacks
MeanSmoker: Nice throw tho purple! Ha Ha!
Broken Anus: BUrn your pubes off and make u eet the ash lel
Broken Anus: g0ml n00bz
feverdmushroom: lel
Broken Anus: zcrubsz
feverdmushroom: le
feverdmushroom: lel
feverdmushroom: that would hurt
shabana: realy? i thought it was a gg over all
feverdmushroom: so do
Broken Anus: n0t as much as your rapist dad hurts u lel n00b rape babi
feverdmushroom: 🙁
feverdmushroom: how did you know?
Broken Anus: sorry panth :c
Broken Anus: sorry i hurts ur feels
Broken Anus: maybe i can make it up to you?
Nitsua Ninja: what are you even saying
feverdmushroom: *sniff* it ok
Broken Anus: just sux my dick
Broken Anus: lel
feverdmushroom: how?
Broken Anus: ask yer mum she d0es it all dai
feverdmushroom: i am on computer
Broken Anus: lel
feverdmushroom: does it come out of my mic
Broken Anus: n0 it cumz out yer screen
Broken Anus: just think hard enouf
feverdmushroom: oh cool
feverdmushroom: ok
Broken Anus: r u thinkin
feverdmushroom: happy thoughts
feverdmushroom: ya
feverdmushroom: real hard
Broken Anus: think hardR patheon
feverdmushroom: ok ok!
feverdmushroom: look it worked
feverdmushroom: what now?
Broken Anus: i can f33l it patheon
Broken Anus: its there
feverdmushroom: do it touch it
Broken Anus: patheon whatever you do
Broken Anus: dont hurt it
Broken Anus: its the only one i have
feverdmushroom: ?
Broken Anus: oh god patheon
Broken Anus: put down the knife
Broken Anus: pahntheone nooooo
feverdmushroom: but?
Broken Anus: no patheon
feverdmushroom: i want to
Broken Anus: OUCH
Broken Anus: NOOOO
Broken Anus: NOOOOOOO
feverdmushroom: yay!
feverdmushroom: i will mAKE IT
Broken Anus: 911 911
feverdmushroom: yayyyyyyyyyy!
Broken Anus: No0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o patheon
feverdmushroom: got it
Broken Anus: :c
feverdmushroom: 🙂
Broken Anus: patheon y u taek my p3n1s
feverdmushroom: why not?
feverdmushroom: it was there?
Broken Anus: its k patheon
feverdmushroom: in my room
Broken Anus: i have more in my fridge
Broken Anus: bai patheon
feverdmushroom: yay
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feverdmushroom: ya lel

Henrik Berg says:

My team throws almost every game. My team player goes to farm bot and we
can`t go bot too because we will lose baron. Then they pick him/her off and
the enemy and we lose baron and after baron the game(3 times in a row and
we were ahead). 

tee hee says:


eatcheesekobe says:

wheres the runes n masteries info in the info below the video fox… u
slacking man

harrys499 says:

A: Is Pabtheon jungle still good as before?
B: Yes, even better
A: This is madness!
B: This is Pantheon!

Cakeys says:

Why do you rank spear over heartseeker strike first? Heartseeker does more
damage overall in trades, and you aren’t laning so why rank spear when you
don’t exactly need harass?

Ivan Daničić says:

What if someone pings to go in and you see that is bad idea. So he goes in
and dies and blames me because I did not engage. What should I do or say to

LordKira says:

try tryndamere jungle

machete>bilgewater>as boots>botrk>yolo

Connor Smith says:

I think you have your answer…

MrRex236 says:

PEOPLE WHO WATCH THIS watch it with captions its so funny

Isah305 says:

Why didnt you put anypoints on armor and magic penetration (Devestating
strikes) ??

Jesse Pope says:

Definitely going to give Panth a try as I loved playing him top and I
normally main jungle as Vi. Problem is Vi gets banned like Blitzcrank used
to at low elo.

Al Ch says:

“sona’s rotting carcass hits me in the face and ruins the gank”
lmao that description

Alex Carr says:

Jungle Pantheon was always a option. Its a bit risky in the beginning but
one he is ready, that pounce and ult are really nice.

DeL1qVenT13 says:

is s4 on official? 😀 

x Abbadon says:

Anyone thought it was diamondprox playing before u watch his vids ? lol

Established Muffin says:

Shaco is an assasin and he’s one of the best junglers out there if the
player is good

Nmaster132 says:

Thank you fox I love this I just finished watching all my league and you
put up a new video thank you (hope you had a merry Christmas)

Patrik Sabel says:

great stuff

nastalgiclectue says:

I absolutely do not agree with giving mid blue when you’re playing a
snowball Jungler that needs sustain. You NEED it; they should be doing fine
in lane without it, if they’re any good.

ThePro1200 says:

very nice and detailed commentary! good job!

blackheart909 says:

Gragas did what now?

HighTimeLP says:

you say assassins are no good junglers but why do you said you like kha
jungle alot? 🙂
good video like always foxdrop

Bobby Brown says:

i heard you talk about talon when you were explaining the spirit of the
lizard elder. Its probably not very good, but does it work?

Random Op says:

The sona ults

NEETvDetective says:

im the type of nigga that pings from across the map

DoubleRainbowExp says:

I believe you just predicted a very common LCS pick.

vilius kuc says:

I think its not ur video cuz pantheon is red and its enemy collor so wtf u
liar! this is not his video cuz he is red thats enemy color

Shuaib Zahroof says:

At 7:50 ish why didn’t he just flash then stun lol

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