Phantasy Star Online 2 – Mining Base Defense (Very Hard)

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Todays brand-new Emergency Quest: Tower Defense for 12 people. We managed to beat Dark Vibrace with two towers left. An amazing quest. I’m looking forward to play this quest again.

01:00 – Wave 1 Start
02:55 – Wave 2 Start (Warning: Enemy HP+20%)
04:56 – Wave 3 Start
07:04 – Wave 4 Start (Warning: Enemy HP+40% & S-ATK+40%)
09:59 – Wave 5 Start
13:27 – Final Wave Start (Dark Vibrace joins the party)
17:30 – Final Wave Clear
18:12 – The Drops

Note: I’m playing this on Very Hard cause i want my Gunner to get to Super Hard. =)

Player: Ceilana
Ship: 06 (JP) – sometimes on 02 (JP) as well `(^-^)
Team: Nightfall (

Yes, this game is free and everything you need to create an account, download and install the game like it is shown in this video is on this page (including guides):

“Phantasy Star Online 2” is copyright by ©Sega.


Tukasa Shoji says:

How far is the english translation now ? is it playable without any text
that is in japanese? or are there some Quest /gear/item text still in
japanese so you cant figuur out what the quest or item is?

Bucketninja says:

+Flyergo Im giving you a sub, because you give all that info we need to
play the game 😀 Oh and nice vid too!

yuuki cha says:

link to English patch used pls 

bigangus says:

grinding on this would suck

Patrick Bartash says:

are those creatures on your shoulder supposed to be the new MAGS?

DangoSings says:

Looks really fun~
I tried to download the japan version by going to the website but the
website couldn’t load…T_T
Guess i will just play PSO2 sea then XD
But i wanna play the japanese one since i heard it has a lot more stuff~

Donkey In A Box says:

flyergo what ship are you playing on…. im just starting and i want to
know what ship is the most english lang populated, i looked it up and alot
of people said ship 02 “but its full of crazy people” but those posts where
atleast 1-2 years ago

also my pso2 crashes after 3rd intro D: ;~;

キリアのグダグダチャンネル[KILEA0302] says:

Phantasy Star Online 2 で海外プレイヤーが増えるというのはなんだか嬉しいですね

DovaCreations says:

What class are you??

Ken Kaneki says:

How do you play it?

al keivin enciso says:

are you using mod like sweetFX and radeon pro??? the graphics so smooth

Paul Acosta says:

i cant play it just keeps saying server full

ViktorRotBR says:

Does PSOII already has a english version?

Blaze Uchiha says:

Hey I need help @flyergo the games not working when I try to launch it ???

TheHaloFan117Elite says:

WHYYYYYYY?! I WANT TO PLAY IT SO BADLY! T_T Anyone still play Phantasy Star
Universe?! Please tell me if you do!!!

cerealforthewhale says:

damn i always get so much lag when i play :O how is your computer specs?

Rinoa Kishko says:

i stopped playing this shortly after this mission was added, before trying
the mission.. was planning to try playing again today, so, watching this
while updating it. gotta say.. you make gunners look pretty badass.. and
make this mission look like a really good action movie.. the epic music
from the mission adds to it as well.. kinda wish force was as fastpaced and
actiony as this, maybe i wouldn’t have gotten bored after hitting 50.. x3

AegisRick says:

Not gonna lie. The music got me hella pumped for this game.

Nogard says:

All the good games stay on the other side of the freaking world while the

Julian Edi says:

Your game looks very smooth, do you use SweetFX or Nvidia Inspect? If you
do, can you tell me your setting? thanks in advance :)

Derrick Jones says:

I would really like to know why this game didn’t get released on consoles
and published in America and Europe. Doesn’t SEGA want our money?

NosRej D'Roux says:

PSO2 SEA Version will start this april 10th 2014 for CBT phase. . cant wait
to try this game

NekoSasoriKirei says:

wait a momment…this is for PC?!!!!!!!!!!! o.O

TheJohnny50000 says:

the website for this game must be broken. i have tried to download the game
for 3 hours but the game would not download. follow directions correctly
but it would not work. i went to the official website and it still would
not work. i am commenting in the hope someone from the development team
will see this and make the game USA friendly. from the looks of the
comments and videos i have seen of this game people in the USA like me are
really interested in this game. it is like a better version of Phantasy
Star Universe only with a different storyline. The devs need to check this
website to see the fans they never knew they had. Sorry for the long

krm398 says:

is this all there is? is it just instances or are there times for exploring
and stuff like that?

Jonas Brotherhood says:

Is that the eu version? 

cheeseamin92 says:

So this whole time i was playing beta?! I can’t believe i uninstalled it
today…Where can i download it again, please i need a working link

Dova Indigo says:

What class are you??

tntboom21 says:

the music is epic

Kunisaki Izumo says:

Being a ps vita user sucks of all things they had to block ps vita
connection to the server did they not think of the ps vita users who paid
the fking money for the bloody game

MrFurtzown says:

i downloaded the tweaker and followed the guide on arkslayer website… but
im getting an error everytime i try to create an account, right after
entering the email adress…
the same happen with whatever email i try to use :/ is there any fix? or
.com email are banned, idk?

Zack M. says:

Got to try this mode today :O Was so awsome. The loot was amazing and the
people even let me have a rare red star bow which was cool C: glad I’m on
Ship 6

Zeno says:

Almost done patching, i want to play this so badly!
And i have a Question, Is Force really good? Friends say its good but some
also say they are boring.

嫌音ヤク says:


Jabriel Woodall says:

This game looks incredibly epic!


Day 15: still waiting for it to download

outbreak201 says:

This would be my favorite game of all time if it came to western
regions….argghhh sega why do you hate us?

Im Jonin says:

I want to play this game so bad but i keep strugling with the launcher*~* 

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