Ragnarok Online 2 Gameplay – First Look HD

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Ragnarok Online 2 is a 3D Anime MMORPG by Gravity co. The official sequel to the original 2D MMO, RO2 offers players the ability to play as 5 separate classes each with their own sub-class.The game features a crisp artstyle with interesting locations and well orchestrated music. Players are able to collect cards and titles to equip for additional stat bonuses.

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Every First Look is filled with informative gameplay showcasing each game’s character creation menu, a breakdown of individual classes, some early PvE and PvP content and other features. In the end the main goal of the video is to share our first impressions of the game.

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Venitas751 says:

one question can u zoom into ur character more during gameplay?

Toby Concepcion says:

reminds me of secret of the solstice :s

koujakrude says:

Is there an IP block for people in the US now? 

panterina nera says:

mi sto addormentando solo guardando il video figuriamoci a giocarci .”

Sabrina Adit says:

how can I work this game out? because I have a problem with it the whole

Logan J. says:

This game looks fun is it worth it

Wesley Loyd says:

I can’t wait to play this, im installing it on steam as i watch this :D

Grand Master Bushido Brown says:

Give Omer a job please, he’s in real estate or some shit now.

Harold jean-baptiste says:

Dis is my first mmorpg
.it LOOK cool, and it ish..

Adelaide Kingston says:

Is this worth playing? I played Ragnarok (the first, considering this is
the second) for a long time and I must say that despite its 2D pixel style
character, it has brilliant class, monster, system, city, et cetera. It
seems amazing that now it’s full 3D like another MMORPG, but I’m wondering
whether this actually worth playing. I’d like an opinion or two, especially
from people who played Ragnarok the first.

BigOChunk says:

+Sasha Tarchenko One simple fact you overlooked. The first Ragnarok MMO has
been released in Korea in 2002, Wow wasn’t even released until 2004 in NA.
So WOW must have copied Ragnarok now right? Yet, I haven’t heard a single
person saying WOW copied Ragnarok and why is that? I hate how so many
western people are biased towards Asian MMORPG and automatically say
they’re copies. Is it because you guys are jealous of their success and
afraid of competition? Don’t even pretend to be not biased, It’s pretty
obvious when you start calling an older game a copy of a newer one. Another
thing that pisses me off is that you guys aren’t very original with your
criticisms either, always repeating what others have said.

Allen Vaz says:

Just wanted to point out that your probably not the right person to review
the game because you really seem to know much about the first Ragnarok

Dariel Tellez says:

this is even better than WOW

Sasha Tarchenko says:

LOL! new WoW…

TheOneKaslay says:

I don’t know, for me the bare bones style (if you can call it that)
actually improves the game. And I’m not sure if the reviewer mentioned
this, but it is fully free to play, with membership essentially just being
a side thing. And for a completely free game, I can stomach some of it
problems and take a larger perspective of it. I don’t know, call me crazy,
but I think this is a good accessible game if you and your friends are
trying to find something new.

Skyrider Gaming says:

when ur a boy in custumization u look beast

FeCrusaderPiers says:

Yeah this game is kinda boring indeed just kill monsters to finish quest oh
yeah and crafting and stuff wish it wasn’t a click attack game it’s
basically just you pressing numbers and sitting there killing things.

Craig Smith says:

All MMORPGs follow the same formula for the most part so yea, I guess from
that stand point it’s a clone. Using that logic, however, every single
MMORPG is a clone. Hell, every video game or movie or T.V. show is a clone.
You and I are clones. Every invention ever created was a clone at one
point. Everything takes in and uses what’s around it or what came before it
to form itself. So, before we all bash this game as a clone, think about
what I just said.

Abe says:

I smell a hardcore fanboy o.o

vijaya mano says:

This is not a wow clone. sure this game is not what it used to be, but
calling it a wow clone is just false. If you can’t debate over it then how
can you call it a wow clone? it just means you can’t prove anything. the
only similarity to this andwow would have to be the perspective of both
games, but other than that they are completely different.

bringoutthebutch says:

arent you kids are bored of wow copies ? wow itself sucks. only good online
game i ve ever played was fallen earth

AIbertFish says:

looks like ROSE

lucy Thomas says:

so good! WTS cheap Zeny, Instant delivery. yy Ty website: everyonegame*com

bringoutthebutch says:

ok chosen xeno

Brandon Tran says:

Virtual sex on Ragnarok 2 is going to be waaaaaay better than the first

docomo550188 says:

i want my chibi cute character back…. give me back my original ragnarok
online T.T

Frostezoic says:

I love how you guys discuss about MMOs and MMORPG games, but can you guys
atleast tell what do you think about the game? I love mmobomb videos and I
always check in the comments to see people’s reviews about the game.

douakungfoua says:

Bad time to use irony.

coolio3231 says:

It was called Ragnarok Online 2: The Gate of the World

Cathal Braden says:

One would expect a game called “Ragnorak” have something to do with
Norse/Viking mythology… Clearly I was wrong.

Fa1ledMusic says:

looks awesome, gonna try it 🙂

Ani Knight says:

When someone says a game is like another, you should have the common sense
to realize that doesn’t mean THIS GAME HAS THE SLIGHTEST SIMILAR NUANCE.
What it means is that the game has few practical differences from the one
it’s being to compared to, which IS something that’s easy to avoid doing,
if you care enough to try, which most MMO developers don’t.

RvTaliQ says:

Oh 7 milion… Its like you said that wow has more fans than anime. Dont
make me laugh. Its not true and u know it -_-

Ray Chien says:

Lots of interface design and mechanics borrowed from WOW… But RO’s never
had a rich lore as much as WOW did. I don’t see if this has improved at all.

evadracona says:


MySwervin says:

People seriously expect amazing, ground breaking material in a free game??
Keep dreaming people

whytewulf2015 says:

What recording and Compressing Program do you use? Every time I upload a
video it looks foggy and pixilated even when it’s 1080p…….. I use Fraps
recording and compress it with Virtualdub 1.9.11(xvid Codec) am I doing
something wrong?

Doodle Doo says:

I remember when I played the original when I was younger and just spamming
slimes. Oh, that glitch where there coloring on clothes and hair
disappeared when you left the shop! Nostalgia!

Pharaoh says:

Maybe he was being sarcastic

JennNeko says:

This looks like a really nice anime mmo to play. I have heard that DBO is
going to be shutting it’s doors in Korea come end of September, and what
with FF14 not being available for digital download, this looks like a great
little distraction and a pretty quest-grind mmo.

Shredded Bear says:

But….. He got owned way harder

Zinarei says:

I dunno about this game, but the first Ragnarok Online had a lot of areas
named after that lore. Enemies too. It was a strange fusion of Japanese and
Norse mythology. Again, dunno about RO2.

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