Oculus Rift Unboxing + TF2 Gameplay

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Today the Oculus Rift headset arrived at Yogtowers!!

Here’s a look at tracking, virtual reality & the contents 🙂

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Magnar Stensland says:

4:21 “how do i do fists?” *facepalm*

Epicmeerkat99 says:

I wonder would amnesia work on this

Bren7080 says:

Playing pyro
“How do I use fists”

MeekMinecraft says:

gta 5 because it will just be amazing

Samuel Lubell says:

Omni+Oculas rift = heaven.

MrEpicMinecrafter12 says:

Oculus rift can Make u possibly throw up, or just get dizzy

obiwanscott says:

You have to be heavy 

minean says:

where do you get one?

Skarmory127 says:

Funny how fists and an axe deals the same amount of damage in TF2 XD

SnowWolAssassin says:

i have a question when you put oculus rift and play game do you see 2
screens or one cuz i want oculus rift

TechBoy84 _ says:

You can also make tf2 like oculus rift without Buying the Oculus Rift

B.L.U Scout says:

using Oculus Rift on tf2 seems pretty hard……

Serdar Koc says:


Kai thelion says:

I’d love mine craft to be virtual reality

AtomzicGamer101 says:

I want the developers of arma to make a game with the oculus.

MinecraftFanatic says:

OH MY GOD when he said it was 5 past 3 in my time it was 3:03

IronGolemSquad says:

only heavy has fists :3

Dylan Bowman says:

When your eyes go close to something they cross automaticly,and there are
two screens,thats how the oculus rift works

Robin van Baar says:

2:15 … That sounded… well… pretty wrong

Alfie Ingram says:

if I got a pound every time you said badboy

Shane Lee Manders says:

I’m looking for a way to get my OcsRft to work with Skyrim! Does anyone
know how I can get the double-screens for Skyrim, so I can play it with the
Oc Rift? Thanks people! =)

MrZephy says:

Now use pyrovision with the rainblower.

Nintendo Master says:

do u have to have a gaming pc

DeadPool says:

Martyn, you are a tf2 noob. :D

Victoria Laury says:

where did you get the oculus riftttttt i must know??

Jay games 12 says:

how did you get that when i go on the official website its in euros not
pound strange and on ebay you might not win the bid so you will pay but not
get it byy

HDToast says:

waves & says bye the wrong way! HAHAHA that’s hilarious! xD

ArcticBulletNation says:

Battlefield, cos it’s so intense and already have realistic mechanics

JackTheGamer says:

Where can u get the oculas rift

mclaren guevarra says:

+mclaren guevarra test

Jordon Pollock says:

Oculus is dead guys… Just got sold to Facebook for 2 billion… But at
least we got support for TF2 right?

Steven Wisniewski says:


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