RuneScape 3: Exploring Prifddinas – Lost City of the Elves and MAX Guild [HD Gameplay]

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After 10 years it’s finally here! The Elf City!

In this video I’m exploring the Lost City of the Elves (Prifddinas) on release day. (With a visit to the MAX Guild)

Watch exploration of Part 2 of the city:
Rewatch the introduction cutscene of the city:

MC Skin:
Gaming Channel:

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riskinhos says:

what are the requirements to get in?

codafett says:

This is such a fucking ripoff of Lothlorien that it’s not even funny.

Simon Tapia Molander says:

You never showed the new mining rocks 🙁 

RuDyy Hernandez says:


Rasmus Hallenberg says:

nice video!

Dylanimus - RuneScape Channel says:

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